Get a freakin' life, people!

Don't be hating "Shahs of Sunset"


Get a freakin' life, people!
by Cyrus B

Ever since Bravo premiered their new reality series, 'Shahs of Sunset', chronicling the lives of a few uppety Bevery Hills Iranians, there has been a torrent of negativity and backlash from within the Iranian community toward the show.  Most of the criticism has been directed at Bravo and Ryan Seacrest for 'exploiting' and 'stereotyping' the Iranian-American community.  Gina Nahai essentially called the show a vapid wasteland filled with characters who are 'unattractive, unsophisticated, unproductive, and stupid.'  Other commentators (from atop their high horses) wine and moan that the show doesn't represent Iranian-Americans fairly and in fact paints a racist and grossly exaggerated portrayal of our community.
Get a freakin' life, people!
The problem with Iranians is, number one, that we are a very critical bunch.  We're very quick to criticize one another and point out inadequacies and deficiencies.  Secondly, we are so image conscious (and, frankly, pompous) that we think that a reality show about our community must necessarily feature doctors, lawyers, and Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.  After all, we're one of the most highly educated and successful groups in the US.
What all these haters don't seem to understand is that Shahs of Sunset is NOT a show about the Iranian-American community.  It is not a documentary chronicling our history and our struggles/successes in America.  The show doesn't claim to be, nor should it be, representative of the Iranian-American community.  The shows' stars come out and say that.  What Shahs of Sunset is is simply a show about some rich kids who grew up in BH and who go around West LA partying and flaunting their money.  That, ladies and gentleman, is what network executives have determined is entertainment.  That's all the show is.  Mindless entertainment.  Anyone who's every been to or lived in LA knows that there is a very visible subset of our community who lives and acts more or less exactly like the characters on the show.
Americans are and always have been fascinated with wealth, and they love to see wealth being paraded around on TV.  In its premier, Shahs of Sunset scored some very high ratings-almost 1.1 million people tuned in to the first episode.  Frankly, I say it's about time that someone put Iranians on TV.  Who cares if these characters are vain and spoiled?  No one's going to watch a show featuring boring down-to-earth people with no personalities.  They want to see people with larger-than-life personalities driving expensive cars and drinking expensive alcohol.  That may be shallow, but entertainment is supposed to be shallow.  If I want intellectual stimulation, I'll read Kant.
Finally, anything that shifts the association of Iran and Iranians away from terrorism is a very welcome thing in my book.  If some white guy in Georgia who's never been exposed to "Eye-ranians" tunes in to the show and realizes that Iranians are not bearded fanatics but rather highly successful, educated people, then that is a good thing.  Thanks to the IRI, there is too much negativity in the world directed at our people and our country of origin.  Shahs of Sunset is a refreshing rebuttal to all of that and shows the rest of America that not only do we exist, but that we're livin' large baby.  Personally, I love the show.  And come Sunday night, I'll be tuning in, popcorn ready.



Great Public Relations Boost

by deev on

The show is a great PR boost for the Iranians as the article mentions, just look at what Colbert had to say about it, fast forward to 6:30 mark...



Dear Mr. ILoveIran,First

by Arthimis on

Dear Mr. ILoveIran,

First Of all, as an Iranian, I only partially agree with your comment here about the fact that "SOS" doesn't represent all good, educated and successfull Iranians in The U.S. , Of course not! That subject is not a seller here or anywhere these days! In fact it is the most boring to most Americans (and most world viewers ) who only find an escape in watching a reality TV show such as this one that is only threived and fueled by superficiality and controversy to sell ...  Also I find the other part of your comment quite offensive to our Persian Jewish Ham-Meehans ! Please remember that Persian Jews have at least 1,100 years more history in Persia (Iran) than all Muslim Iranians who mostly were converted by Force (rather than by choice) some 1,400 years ago by Arabs from that God Forsaken Peninsula (Saudi Arabia)!!! So Please........... And this is coming from an ex-Muslim like myself here by the way!

Second, I completely Agree with the Author who wrote this blog here! If there is one little Positive thing on this Superficial show (Shahs Of Sunset) is the fact that it can help Iranian community's image in the U.S. look very different than the typical ugly image of Terrorist Islamic Republic's (responsible for crimes against humanity, beating , imprisoning, torturing and killing innocent Iranians in the past 33 long and dark years of Iranian and human history...) So be it...

If it helps us Iranian Americans & Iranians assimilate with the rest of Superficial Americans and look more similar to them, Perfect, Job well done !! LOL :D) "Khahi Nashavi Rosvaa, Ham Rangeh Jamaat Shoo" :D))

Sir, This show is in fact a PERFECT "Counterbalance" ...

Third, Allow me to quote No.2 Rule of a very simple and spriritual book by Don Miguel Ruiz called: "The Four Agreements" :

2. Don’t Take Anything Personally

Nothing others say or do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering."



SoS IS subtly representing us

by bahmani on

That's the beauty of a false stereotype. You can always deny that is your intention.

The crime of the show is the nuance of the perfect crime. Of course these aren't representative Iranians. Few are that rich, and the ones that are, don't act and flaunt their wealth this way.

Unlike Jersey Shore, or the Kardashians, these people don't actually exist. neither in LA, nor the Iranian community on average, taken as a whole, or taken asahole.

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Israelis of Beverly Hills

by ILoveIran on

"What all these haters don't seem to understand is that Shahs of Sunset is NOT a show about the Iranian-American community."

Great: Now that it's clear hopefully they won't mind changing the name of the show to the "Israelis of Beverly Hills" and stop using Iranians as reference points for their unflattering portrayals.  Imagine if the Germans made a TV show called the "Jews of Frankfurt" that depicted the members of the Jewish community as egocentric, dysfunctional, substance-abusing, materialistic, and narcissists.  Trust me: They know exactly what they have done, and the timing isn't a coincidence.  And it's not like there are many other positive portrayals of Iranians on mainstream TV to counterbalance this program.    




Cyrus B , guess you learned one thing

by Manam_Babak on

If your article didn't sell, sex does.


جاوید شاه سان ست!


My problem with this show is that the women in the show are all average looking and nothing to get excited about. West LA has some very decent looking Iranians that could have added to the show's appeal.

My other problem with the show is the "boob job". I don't believe that women should have boob jobs, unless it is for medical reasons.

Otherwise, I Love LA!

Hafez for Beginners


by Hafez for Beginners on

I agree: That being negative in the community is a curse. I did want to add to your observation that even though it's better to be portrayed as spoiled and shallow vs. terrorists - that it still feels like a very lonely choice.

And isn't it telling that our Oscar and Cannes Palme D'Or winners come out of a "dictatorship" while "freedom" is producing shallow, popcorn worthy fluff? 

Is this the kind of "freedom" we're asking people in the Middle East to give up their lives for, spill blood and treasure over? Something to think about. Freedom without culture is a toxically dangerous reality - and these "reality" shows are proof. America needs to better inspire the world. 


I can't wait to see some hot and steamy....

by fanoos on

sex in the SoS!