Jason's Journeys: Persepolis

Australian TV's travel series

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by yolanda on

Hi DM,

The Persepolis supervisor seems to be a movie director type of character. He has the power to open the gate, but he did not open the gate for the tourists immediately.....instead, he came up with a "script", he asked the desperate tourists to gather enough people; look angry & demand to open the gate. The poor tourists did exactly according to the supervisor's script: going "Iranian" on their demand......and then the dude opened the gate! Unbelievable!

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

No that is not quite true...

It is just that people like to play mind games on one another and get a rise of each other. You'd see it on display every god damn day and in every little and most insignificant of occasions. but that was good to know.


Arash Kamangir

Mecca of Iranians

by Arash Kamangir on

Takhte Jamshid is the Mecca for real Iranians. After IR's era it will be turned officially in to a Mecca for Iranians



by yolanda on

Very interesting travel series! I watched them all: Shiraz, Esfahan, Yazd, Persepolis, Golestan Palace, Khaju bridge, Azadi tower, Grand Baazar!

The Australian dude went to Persepolis, but the gate was closed. The Iranian supervisor of Persepolis said to the Australian reporter if you can get enough people & be angry to open it, I will open the gate for you....so the Australian reporter gathered 50 people and screamed for 30 minutes, finally the Iranian Persepolis gatekeeper opened the gate for the tourists. It really cracked me up!

Apparently in Iran, if you are not angry, you won't get what you want!