Iranians Beheaded in Saudi Arabia

Foreign Ministry reaction

The Independent: Simmering tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia are threatening to erupt into a full-blown diplomatic showdown after Saudi authorities executed at least four Iranians for drug trafficking. In the latest in a series of spats between the two Persian Gulf neighbours, at loggerheads over Iran’s suspect nuclear programme, Tehran publicly accused Riyadh of “inhumane actions” in carrying out the executions and warned of “repercussions” >>>


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question to our on line akhoond zadehs.

by mousa67 on

are these four beheaded shias officialy "shashid" now? do they get free pass to shia heaven & all the sexual gratifications denied to them throught their miserable life as devout shias, leading them to become drunk junkies?

thanks in advance for the answer demo joon.


Thought believes that Islamic Republic got to go

by Thought on

There is no room in logical world for people who voluntarily stay behind thoughts and logic.

All Mullahs are guilty of crimes against logic and thoughts.

If we were going to speak in the larger scale we can also include other religions as well.

Mardom Mazloom

Dr. Mohandes

by Mardom Mazloom on

Arash Kamangir

Saudis provoke and IR is helpless

by Arash Kamangir on

Saudis are showing their authority and power to IR by chopping baseejis's heads. I have no sympathy for all those who go to mecca to go round an astroid like a fool and the fact that they have drugs with them show how the fanatic shia pilgrims misuse drugs to do the haj rituals!

Dr. Mohandes

Marvelous comments.

by Dr. Mohandes on

Mehrdad jan

Your conscientious effort in following the news of those crimes is noted and much appreciated.

Faramarjjhh jhhoon

Ay goofti. dadash ye fasshh bede benin in donyayey nalooti dashhe kieh...dash onyaroo koshhesh?


Very well said. You hit the nail right on the head sir. bravo.


I can see that the mosadegh vs Shah game still going on...what inning are we in now? 100000000000000000th? 

Mardom Mazloom


by Mardom Mazloom on

The guy says that: "The satanic regime should have the exclusivity in murdering and hanging iranians and other human beings, as they have already started to do with afghanis in their jails!"


ببری مال مسلمان وچو مالت ببرند بانگ بر آری که مسلمانی نیست


If these people were intending to distribute drugs in Saudi Arabia, then they got the same punishment that they would have gotten in Iran. If they had it for personal use and got executed, still they are not different from thousands that got unjust execution sentences in Iran. Access to due legeal process my ass, how many excution victims in Iran have access to due process. 

رو که نیست، سنگ پای قزوینه



by P_J on

With all due respect, I must tell you, out of wanting good for all Iranians, that you are a M O R O N!

You are one of those bloggers that I always ignore.   You and most of your Shahollahis brethren are nothing but an EMPTY SUIT!

This time your IMBECILIC statement was hard to ignore or swallow even by me! Those words must have come from a severely disturbed, skewed mind.

This type of thinking usually stems from or is a result of a DELUSIONAL mind or  damaged skull!  They were more moronic EVEN considering you…who probably has hardly ever made an intelligent statement?

I believe that if RP, the “CLOWN” Prince, your IDLE and financier, was smart enough, he would have cut hustlers like you and those other VILLAGE IDIOTS, off the payroll that comes from the embezzled Pahlavi loot, and give himself some badly needed credibility.


Good riddance

by asadabad on

They were probably shiite terrorists anyway and if that is the case, Saudi Arabia should be applauded!!  




Arab Islam, at it again

by IranFirst on


What is new ? IRI, Saudi,Al-Qaida,...... and the rest of savages all kill for their blood thirsty Allah all the time, following their terrorist handbook (Quran) and the examples set by that child molester, MO


حجاج تریاکی!




ژون تو میخوام یک ریگی  بژنم به اون ژیتون رژیم و بعدش هم اگه حالشو داشتم سنگ حژر الاشود رو ببوشم! 


Dr. Mondess aziz: I will accredit this to ….

by Bavafa on

your good judicious refereeing then owing it o Germany’s win over Holland.


And as you mentioned, how can the crimes of IRI escape me when I see it, as a minimum, on the front pages of IC about  the brave Iranians as “prisoner of the day”.  I make sure to stop by each day to express my admiration and support for those brave Iranians and condemn IRI for its brutal practices.




'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

نیکو باشد که دوستان شرطِ قضیه را اعلام کنند تا ما نیز از جریان با خبر شویم.

-ما مخالفِ اعدام هستیم ؟ (چه مقّصر باشد و چه نباشد،سیاسی باشد و یا جنايی)

-ما مخالفِ اعدام در ایران هستیم ؟

-ما مخالفِ اعدامِ ایرانیان در خارج از ایران هستیم ؟

-ما دوست داریم طرف در ایران اعدام شود ؟

-ما کّلاً با همه چیز مخالفیم بی‌ آنکه خود دانیم ؟ (کَماکان از ریشه یابی‌ خبری نیست و حرفها کِلیشه‌ای !)

Dr. Mohandes

Knocking this one outta the ballpark

by Dr. Mohandes on

amirparvizforsomethinggoodandcool khan e aziz

You really scored big on this one brother. So i guess shah jan was so popular that even aliens would have heard and known about ...

HG and Bavafa

Guys! come on now. You each have a good point but let me be the refree and based on the good feeling that i have based on germany's win over holland and raise bavafa's hand as the winner here. Hg jan, the dude has a point. I think at this juncture, he is specifying the "kam lotfi" that the western media shows towards the crimes of All e sooghoot family. Very much doubt that the crimes of our own boys have escaped mr. mehrdad khan gol and golab.



من میگم انف تو نگو انف


دیگ و سه پایه دعوایشان شد و هر دو را انداختند توی کوره آهنگری.  آمین.


Hundreds of Iranians hung by filthy IRI in Iran

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Now Saudi's are at it!

Would this have been possible during the time of the peaceful late Shah?

Look at what Anti-Monarchists gave us Iranians, without any regrets or a sense of Shame.  

How embarrasing that some Iranians still don't get why the Iranian people no longer wish to listen to anti-monarchists? 

Anti-monarchists posses a kind of unique ignorance built upon lying to ones self, not unlike what we see in our mullahs in Iran today.  Most Iranian people can see both mullahs and anti-monarchists label themselves clearly, when they spout out the propaganda of days gone by regarding the late shah and his team, dictator, torturer, corrupt, excessive repression.  If an alien was looking down at humanity it would think you are talking about either the UK, the USA or France, who love extremism for Iran, never the late shahs team.


deeg be deeg mige root siyah

by Cost-of-Progress on

By the way, the saudi landing card does state in bold red letters  "death for drug traffickers". Question is who would traffic drugs into saudi when there are lots of other "safe" markets for the trade?


در اعدام حرفی نیست !


ایشان بایستی اضافه میکرد که : " ما در صرف عمل اعدام با دولت سعودی همراه هستیم و خودمان با توجه به میزان جمعیت مدتهاست در دنیا رتبه اولیم و تنها کدورتمان از برادران سعودی بر سر اینست که اگر اعدامی ایرانی داشتید چرا ما را خبر نکردید یا اگر حسن نیت اسلامی داشتید چرا آنها را به ما برنگرداندید که خودمان اعدامشان کنیم. ما گرچه همواره عزادار آل علی هستیم ولی هنوز از همان کلام الله که ۱۵ قرن پیش به ما دادید پیروی میکنیم ".   


HG: Perhaps if more of our dear members...

by Bavafa on

Would be more judicious in their observation, they would not have needed reminders from few of us to look at all sides and judge each accourding to their actions/inactions.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


hamsade ghadimi

bavafa jan, not really.  i

by hamsade ghadimi on

bavafa jan, not really.  i can't take credit for it.  any casual observer can spot what you're doing: always put a u.s. or israeli spin on any crime an islamist commits.  you know 'two sides of the same coin' argument. :)


"religion of peace" in action.

by mousa67 on

shias suffocate to death, sunnis chop heads off.

if any consolation, the four drug dealing iranians were most probably members of the terrorist islamist republic's  "revolutionary guards" who control & operate drug trade all over iran & middle east. in which case they deserved what they got.


IRR/IRI dointhe same to innocent IRANIANS

by Azarbanoo on

& hanging them in public for world to see.  What is difference is they are barbaric in SA 7 these are our barbaric ruling IRAN for past 34 years.  Shame on both which have no sense of Humanity.


HG: Just the fact....

by Bavafa on

You recognize the barbaric act of Saudis , is a step in a correct direction.


There are folks on this side that cannot bring themselves to utter the word of Saudi Arabia in a got forbid negative context, one can only assume as a result of allegiance not for the excellent rule/role they play in our world.

  As for catching my ‘bol’ greftan, that should make you a ‘phenom’ of a whole different league of its own. Congrats

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


hamsade ghadimi

truly an inhumance act by

by hamsade ghadimi on

truly an inhumance act by saudi arabia.  now, iri would have acted more humanely with drug traffickers, like this: //

bavafa, you caught another 'bol' against u.s.  you must've been a phenom in 'vasati.'



We all know and hear about the often times barbaric practices ..

by Bavafa on

of IRI and treatment of its own citizens.

What is hardly ever spoken of in the US, the barbaric practices of Saudis which arguable by comparison pales to IRI  which highlights yet another act of hypocrisy by the West and its allies.

If just and fairness was the guiding rule for our world, Saudis and Israelis would have been sanctioned far ahead or at least along side of IRI.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Islamist Rapists

by Fred on

State murder is wrong. the messianic Islamist Rapists are world's leader in state murder. 

When it comes to savegery, the savages in Arabia can't even shine the shoes of the messianic warmongering Islamist Rapists.