Armin Roya: Boy Singer

Performing at children's festival in Mahshahr


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Thank god it's not a girl singing

by maghshoosh on

Watching the boy singer, the kids in the audience and the image of the late Imam sternly gazing at them raises several pertinent questions.  Starting at what age would a girl's voice be considered too provocative for singing in the presence of boys or men?  I'd guess that would be at the age when they'd be required to wear the veil.  Is that at 9 years of age?  What about the girls in the audience who may be above this threshold age, but are accompanying with the singing?  What kind of punishment would be deemed appropriate for the transgressing girls that would keep the late Imam's soul at peace and his turban from falling off the portrait?


آخی نازی ....


He must be the Iranian version of Justin Bieber! :-)

Good for him & those who despite ALL hardships find some moments of happiness with this talented youngster...

In your face IRI!  

Mohammad Ala

خیلی خوب است . . .

Mohammad Ala

من خوشحال میشم که بچه ها خوشحال باشند.