Archbishop Desmond Tutu's Message of Solidarity with the Iranian People

On the anniversary of 2009 uprising

United4Iran: In June 2009, millions of Iranians took to the streets to demand democracy and human rights. On the anniversary of this uprising, Archbishop Desmond Tutu sends a message of hope and solidarity to the Iranian people. Archbishop Tutu is a Nobel Peace Laureate and an avid human rights defender worldwide. He is widely described as ‘South Africa’s moral conscience >>>


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Arash Kamangir

Let us not loose hope

by Arash Kamangir on

It is so shameful for mullahs that not even one of them ever sent a similar message to that of Archbishop tutu. Indeed the darkest hours are those shortly before sunrise. Let un not loose hope as this is the message Tutu is giving us.


Tomorrow is indeed ours!

by PArviz on

World needs more people like Archbishop Desmond Tutu. Thank you for your invaluable support, the people of Iran greatly appreciate your encouraging words.

Tomorrow is indeed ours!


Down with the ENTIRE Islamic Republic!


Archbishop Tutu was correct....

by Bavafa on

When he spoke against the inhumane treatment of Palestinians by Israelis and he is correct when he talks about the inhumane treatment of Iranians Thank you for your support of Iranian people  

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Archbishop! You are a GREAT man!

by P_J on

Thank you!

Babak K.

Thank you Sir for standing

by Babak K. on

Thank you Sir for standing beside us in these hard days.  We will never and I know, I will never forget your support in our struggle for freedom and justice.  Who said we are Be-Kass?


Thank You Rev. TuTu

by masoudA on

From the bottom of my heart -

however, our case is a bit more difficult than South Africa......In South Africa you continously had the USA on your side in your struggle against the British....In Iran we do not have the USA totally on our side in our struggle against the British-Russian coalition!!


Tout à l'heure to You Too, Mr. TuTu!

by Faramarz on


"Set the Children of Iran Free."

"Use Your Freedom to Demand Theirs."

Did you hear that NIAC and its supporters?


Great Spiritual Man is Mr. TUTU.

by Azarbanoo on

Thanks for your word of encouragement to IRANIANS.