U.S. military moves in Persian Gulf

Concern that tensions with Iran could intensify

ANI: The Pentagon is reportedly building a missile-defense radar station at a secret site in Qatar and organizing its biggest-ever minesweeping exercises in the Persian Gulf, in anticipation of a possible flare-up with Iran, American officials have revealed. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Pentagon's moves reflect concern that tensions with Iran could intensify as the full weight of sanctions targeting that country's oil exports takes hold this summer >>>


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DM aziz: As doost har che resad nikoost :) ......

by Bavafa on

 Khalvar ya shalvar, flag away :)


I am not so much under any illusion or expectation of  NO casualties, even though even one is too many but the question would be if Iranians don’t gain any [real] and lasting freedom, then any of those causalities would be in vain.

 What do we think it is going to happen if Iraq decides not to sell any oil any more or wants a different currency other than $ for their oil.  Or perhaps if they ask US to close all their military bases in Iraq, do we think the regime will last or will there be another regime change planned for them?!?!??!

US made a lot of invenstment there and it is not going to be for free or for the sake of Iraqis.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Dr. Mohandes

Not a bad idea Bavafa jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

it absolutely nauseates me to even think that we somehow and for any reason would need to sink that low in order to accomplish anything, but considering a minor version of what happened in those countries, minues of course the heavy casualties, of all kinda (as improbable as it maybe) would not be such a bad idea.

Besides, whether this gets done by our own people or some foreign interference, there WILL Be casualties, whether we want it or not. The only issue remaining is how bad it is gonna be. Unfortunately no change can be brought about without making any sacrifices...

Goorboone sheklet...Mosht nemooneye khalvar ast dige chie? I thought it was "shalvar" and i said to myself...ahhh no... here is another potentially flag-worthy comment LOL. :))





Russia is back dooring U.S

by Shirzadegan on


دکتر مهندس عزیز: مشت نمونی خلوار است


Unfortunately you are correct, there is little to no support in a culture that everyone is after for his/her own with little care for those have been brave enough to stand against this tyranny.

 Yet for the long run, I doubt Iranians want a change that typically has been brought to the third world countries, especially those rich with natural resources.  Perhaps we need to sink really to the bottom in order to wake up or alternatively accept we deserve no better as Iraq or Afghanistan. 


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Dr. Mohandes

Bavafa jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

We can say we need iranian support for things to change until the cows come home and yet nothing substantive will materialize. we know this too darn well. so why don't we just quit playing with words and using various kinds of metaphors and so on and so forth and focus on what really matters which is THE CHANGE we all desire. 

But really how are we going to get that support? should i start out from my own block right here in tehran, conducting surveys and asking people to sign my petition? and you will do the same in the states? I mean How are we going to plan doing this since it is so practical and best possible option. 


If this this game of cat & mouse continues…

by Bavafa on

The sure losers will be Iranian people as they will pay with the lives and livelihoods and will never taste that freedom that they inspire to have.


The second losers in this game would be the US military personal who either have to pay with their lives or live with the legacy of an invader.


The expression of “regime change to avoid war” is like saying to rape for the sake of virginity or those fundamentalist who kill a doctor for providing abortion services.  It fits the [in]sanity of the religious fundamentalist all over.

  Iranians need to support Iranians to gain control of their own lives if there is ever going to be freedom and democracy in Iran.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Dr. Mohandes

IG guard jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Umm...Ok. now. what am supposed to do with all the information you have provided me now. i don't recall signing up for the "free speech". did it come with the all inclusive package?!

Sure. If you knew what balancing really meant LOL.

I never said anything to disagree with you about this millitary-industrial complex but do keep in mind that IRI has been running its own joint in this arena. There is no way you can deny that.

 That's why they call the Republicans oil-suckers! Now they should also call them junkyard salesmen.

I am sorry but just how did you come to that rather eloquent and hands down true, single, irrefutable conclusion once again? please refresh my mind here. did i miss anything?  If you are just plain ol' pissed at them reuplicans there are other ways you can show it, because democrats also happen to follow the same set of policies these guys do.

All that being said, TV buisness nashod and did not do it for you, farsh forooshi is always one way to make ends meet aziz.



Dont hinge your hopes on "US Military".....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 US Military, like any other Soverign state's, has one key role to play: Defend the borders and interests of the United States of America. Dont believe me? Just look at what is happening in syria......

Also the Fascist  islamist regime will never "collapse upon itself", or just give up through "peaceful" demonstrations or "civil disobedience!!!!" as some claim!

Iran can only gain it's freedom from the clutches of the corrupt, murderous, thieving islamist regime  through the efforts and blood of Iranians. Yes, it'll be a very bloody affair, but There is simply no other way. Let us not forget that there are lots of blood being shed everyday already, but it is our blood, not regime's......


Immortal Guard

Don't worry about my TV.

by Immortal Guard on

The English-language RT and PressTV are doing a great job balancing the coverage provided by CNN and FoxNews.

The great thing about the Internet is that it has broken the monopoly of traditional TV broadcasters. It is a forum where people can share ideas.

Plus the US military is a Red Square not a Blue Square.

But the previous comment made it clear. They are robbing Qatar, Bahrain and UAE selling them lots of junk to keep the military-industrial complex going. Here is an example:


That's why they call the Republicans oil-suckers! Now they should also call them junkyard salesmen.


This bad kid (IRR) has to be put in its place!


Air, sea, and land blockade backed up with military force and last but not the least soldiers on the ground is the only solution to the IRR problem.

CAPT Shlomo predicts some actions before the end of the year.

Mohammad Ala

Persian Gulf vs. $$$

by Mohammad Ala on

Mind you, the General's in the West do NOT use Persian Gulf. This is for those who think West has the best interest (Oil) of Iran in their pocket ($$). Secondly, all the money spent in the area comes from Bahrain, Qatar, and UAE . . .West is using fear tactic to pocket money and sell obsolete equipment(s).

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Hey IG... I hear the competition with fox and CNN is heating up, is that why you have been going on a rampage recently tying up a bunch of totally non-related matters and items, trying to pass them off as comment / analysis?

 Kheili tond miri javoon. nari to diffall yohooyee. i just painted it.

Immortal Guard

A surgical attack will only provide an excuse...

by Immortal Guard on

A surgical attack will only provide an excuse for Iran to exit the NPT and proceed with making its first official nuclear bomb.

A fleeting surgical attack on Iran might be a prerequisite for the Zionists to start injecting money into the ill US economy once Obama is elected for its second term. But that will hurt them in the long run rather than help them.

I would recommend that the Zionists strengthen their nerves and cope with the rollercoaster nuclear negotiations than to provoke a surgical attack on Iran.

Fox news is a very verbally aggressive news channel. They are a bunch of sensationalist, psychotic and paranoid newscasters.


preparation for surgical attacks

by mahmoudghaffari on

The US is preparing for a show down with the Islamic Regime the end result is the annihilation of the Islamic regime inside of a month.  If the Theocracy in Iran dares to stare the US might in the eye, and blinks, it will have all of its military, Basij and IRGC sites destroyed.  The regime stongmen, of which there are a few thousand will dress in "chadors" (an Islamic Medieval female garb) and start running into every which direction to flee the country. 

The US naval might in the region has deprived the Islamic brass of a goodnight's sleep.  We will win over these cockroaches in no time if we decide to shower them with our bombs.

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

Why is it laughable?

1) Fox news is the most widely watched news channel in the States by a huge margin. 

2) If we assume that what you say is true,And the only thing that US has going for itself is it's military, then Iran should definitely take them seriously , because They can attack and destroy everything in their path if they wanted!




That is laughable the least!!!

by Benyamin on

The Americans at "FOX" are flattering themselves!

The only way that American dollar is worth any value right now is not because of their economy since they have been busy printing, but because of their military might. 

Meaning, they have succefully created an unsafe environment in the world so much that people think(psychologically) that USD is the only safe currency otherwise the real value of the doller is much less!

Fox news is dreaming of a war because that is the only way it can be taken a bit sertiously even inside the US


Regime change to avoid war

by Fred on

Before it is too late and the weaponized nuke acquiring, Messianic Islamist Rapists impose another war on the hapless Iranians, the sane world has to adopt the official policy of regime change.

To end this national as well as international nightmare, Iranian people are ready to do the heavy lifting; they need the logistical support and ever tightening of the regime’s source of funding.