Is Iran's show of force a real threat?

Sanctions intensified

Al Jazeera: This week saw a three-day Iranian military exercise in the Persian Gulf, in which the country's long and short range missile technology was on display. The show of force came at the same time as a new European Union (EU) ban on the import of Iranian crude came into effect. Sanctions are being intensified as the EU together with the US continue to press demands that Iran give total international access to its nuclear technology programme - demands that Tehran sees as a direct attack on the country's national sovereignty.


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Arash Kamangir

IRR need to stop making a full out of himself

by Arash Kamangir on

These monthly manouvers are only showing how frightened the mullah regime has become. IR never ever dares to close the strait of hormouz. They should not forget the stand off with US marines back in 1988!!


The question says a lot.

by CIM on

"by Anonymous Observer on 

*  Free speech

*  And because the multitude of organizations that purport to speak on behalf of Iranians outside of the country have foreign backers and special interest groups driving them that are not genuinely interested in Iran, but their own interests. 


Manufactured in Israel

by Rastgoo on

The Iran nuclear issue has been manufactured by Israel to:

1.  Beat Iran into submission the same way Israel has beat the Palestinians into submission.  This is a core belief that the Muslims are inferior and should be subdued......

2.  Take the attention away from its land grab policies in the occupied territories.  Has anyone heard of a Israel-Palestinian peace process recently?

Israel controls the US foreign policy in the ME through AIPAC and other Pro-Israel groups including the Apocalyptic Christian Evangelicals control the US Congress and by extension the US executive branch including Obama.  Obama is coming up for re-election and needs the Jewish and Evangelical votes.  If the situation with Iran drags longer than November and if Obama is re-elected there is a good chance for a diplomatic solution.  If Obama loses there will be war.

If there is war it will be bad for Iran and the whole world.  The IRI will not collapse and would beat back any invading force through guerilla warfare.  Iran will become a dismembered failed state.  Just the way our friends in Israel like it.  

Immortal Guard

Israel is exerting its maximum pressure!

by Immortal Guard on

Israel is exerting its maximum pressure everywhere. It is putting the majority Christian population of the United States under economic pressure and is also turning the heat up on Iran through sanctions hoping that somehow a conflict gets ignited whose beneficiary will be Israel.

I doubt, given the past 32 year history of the Islamic Republic, that it will be successful in the end. Iran's role is to keep Israel tense and under pressure in that region.

Anonymous Observer

Why do they even bring in anyone from Iran on these shows?

by Anonymous Observer on

Everyone knows that no one in Iran can risk his life-literally--by uttering a single word that deviates from the official IR line.  So, they bring these guys on for us to just hear IR's BS propaganda.  Yes, Iran is the best, it's strong, it will destroy everything, it will liberate "Qods," Israel will be destroyed, blah, blah, blah...

Why don't they just print out one of the posts from Fars News and read it as the official Iranian position and the move on to substantive discussions?  Or better yet, they can log onto and read one of Mohammad Alireza's articles as the official IR position. 


89% of Iranians against islamic regime's warmongering.....

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

According to the results of  a poll conducted inside Iran by the islamist regime itself last week,

89% of Iranians opposed the closure of Straits of Hormuz

63% asked immediate halting of regime's "nuclear programe".

Vast majority of Iranians inside Iran are against the islamist regime's warmongering.

Only a few hundrerd loud mouth "cyber individuals" support the warmongering policies of the Fascist Islamist regime.

Who are these "cyber individuals? Who funds them?   

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Zibakalam didnot do a good job at the closing!

by Benyamin on

The last question was a punchy one and Zibakalam "kam ovord"

Mohammad Ala

There are NO law and logic in dealing with nuclear issues.

by Mohammad Ala on

NPT should deal with the issue of nuclear Iran.  Actually, Western countries should let NPT to deal with ALL the countries that have or are suspected to have nuclear programs.

Interesting to hear Mrs. Bennis say that USA and Western countries cheered Iran – Iraq war and Iraq now is in shambles.  During the war, Mr. Kissinger said that they wanted both sides to fight to become weak and the USA and UK benefit(ed) from this war.

As one of the guests mentioned: there are NO law and logic in dealing with Iran’s nuclear issue.


Squeals of a Trapped Wild Hog!

by Faramarz on



Squeal Baby, Squeal!


The net of it is that there is party going on in the civilized world and the Regime is not invited!

Get used to it.