"Dollar" Blocked on Iran SMS

TV presenter Reza Rashidpour tests phones

AP — Iran's central bank deputy governor said Monday that trading foreign currency outside of banks and licensed currency exchange operations was now banned, marking the government's latest attempt to stem an outflow of foreign currency amid worries over the state of the economy. The latest U.S. sanctions targeting Iran's central bank have further stoked Iranians' concerns about an economy already grappling with double-digit inflation and the weight of earlier U.S., European and United Nations sanctions >>>


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G. Rahmanian

I was under the false impression!

by G. Rahmanian on

I was under the false impression sanctions had no effect on IR. What went wrong, all of a sudden?


ما آخرش نفهمیدیم.........


توی اون مملکت آزادی هس یا نه؟