Would US back Israeli attack on Iran?

Leon Panetta: "A conflict that we would regret"

Amid speculation that Israel could be preparing a pre-emptive strike against Iranian nuclear facilities, some have wondered whether Washington would also support military action by its ally. But Leon Panetta, the US defense secretary, has said that attacking Iran would be "a conflict that we would regret", only serving to delay Iran's abilities to develop nuclear weapons, making the US a target for Iranian retribution and having dire economic consequences for the US and Europe. Al Jazeera's Patty Culhane reports from Washington.


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Dear Abarmard, You are

by Arthimis on

Dear Abarmard,

You are very logical & make a lot of sense , Thank you for your kind and educated thoughts and response... However, I still would like to believe in my own scenario even if it's unlikely to happen!

Russia and China (Especially Russia) have Billions of $ of historical ties in past 30 years with Syria. Russia doesn't want to give up its solid station (Syrian port). Russian navy has perfect access to Mediterranean Sea against Nato ... Russia sold 5-6 Billion $ of arms to Asad since 2006 and sold his Air Force some 155 Mig fighter jets!!! 

Russia has the similar (if not Billions of more $) interest and business with Islamic Republic, so it makes perfect sense that they don't give a damn how many more innocent Syrian and Iranian civilians may get killed as the direct result of their respective puppet governments and their criminal actions against their own people...

But The International community lead by the U.S. and its allies are working relentlessly to STOP the killings in Syria and defeat Asad! It's the RIGHT thing to do in the eyes of billions around the world...

Note: We can also debate over the true intentions of the U.S. and allies in saving Syrians and eventually Iranians... Of course above all, they have their own economical interests in mind to defeat Russia & China in the region in toppling Asad's regime...

So back to our own Iranian interest in all these terrible chess games between the super powers! By now everyone knows, once (& if) Asad's Syria fall, so will the Islamic Republic in Iran. The KEY is for Iranians inside & outside to seize this unique moment and opportunity to our own advantage after the Asad's fall!! We Iranians must unite and by bringing a new government that knows how to deal with the outside world powers diplomatically and very cautiously to prove is that Iran is no longer any threat to her own people and anyone else outside Iran... The new government must use of the help of patriot and good forces who served the previous regime and only prosecute the main figures who ordered and carried out crimes against humanity... (That's another debate...)

Islamic Republic as a criminal regime and entity has killed, imprisoned and tortured Iranians for too long. It has ZERO credibility among Iranians and the world as a whole...

It's time for them to go (to be removed by Iranian people who also include clean/er & key members of Sepah & Iranian Armed Forces...) before this regime lead by current leadership/s cause the biggest tragedy in history on Iran and Iranian people in confronting the U.S. and Israel directly and forcing them to attack Iran and kill God knows how many of our innocent people!!!

Free Iran and Iranians. 


Arash Kamangir

by Abarmard on

Firstly I am not sure if majority of Iranians want the US to get involved so they can revolt against the regime.

Assuming that's true, it's an insane idea and very dangerous. Assuming war's objective is to weaken the central government, which I believe it's not necessarily so. However, let's assume it is and the system will become weak. The issue to consider here is whether arm rebels and separatists will gain access to weapons.

Is it possible that Kurdish nationalism will rise? Is it possible that this will trickle down to Azari nationalism? Or Khuzestani and Baluchi?

It's important enough to consider these possibilities. Certainly a weak system can't control the cascade events that may follow. We do hope for the best but there are many externalities in play that we should at least be aware of.

I believe that a few Iranians in the West have lost their sense of nationalism to hate with this system. It's good to fight against those who you don't like but within a range, with red lines as limits, and objective of independence and freedom.
Secondly, once a person admits that a foreign army can attack so a "group" of people will take the weak government, the chances of realizing your objective becomes very dim indeed. If revolution takes place with respect, honor, and ideology that resonates with Iranian society then there is really no need for wishing a foreign military bombing your country to reach your objective. If you don't have the necessary pieces to get a revolution going, then you don't have the right to wish for a war so you get what you think is right, because certainly the majority of people don't.

To wish what has happened in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Libya for Iran is simply insane. Iranian society is far more developed than those nations. Hopefully the point is clear.


Dear Arthimis

by Abarmard on

I do not think that Syria is a done deal. Russia has its only base in that country and it will not lose it. The guarantee that they will keep the base is not strong enough for the Russians to give up on Syrian government. For that matter the NATO's intervention is not likely.

As far as continuation of arming the rebels, it will go on. The bloodshed will continue as no system on this planet will allow arm (rebel) groups to exist. The reason Russia is not trusting NATO is that Western coalition forces are pushing Assad to stop fighting but they are not asking the rebels to return their weapons. That's a problem in the eyes of those who have their own agenda in mind.

There are a lot of unsatisfied Syrians but now the events have changed the scenario. Once armed, like most countries including Iran, people will sit quietly and confused as the rebels and military massacre each other and the citizens. In this situation most people don’t know who is doing most of the killings. Rebels can come to homes and hide, as they have, and possibly could kill the household and blame it on government. This can go both ways of course. The problem gets worse as time passes. To control the issue the armed rebels must be vanished or disarmed, so either the revolution can take its natural course or reforms take place. In either case, fighting will not solve anything and at most will divide the nation in to countries.

Russia may agree to a divided Syria as long as Russia can keep its base and strategic foot print in that region. In this case the only loser is Syria alone. To many, Assad may be a better option than the alternatives.

Iranians must learn from this situation and be very careful not to fall for tricks that allow groups to form who are in direct contact with foreign governments to gain funds and guns. In that situation Iran will be divided.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Israel vs IRI

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


There is nothing Israel may do without US permission and involvement.

  • They need to fly over US controlled air.
  • The USA will pick up their move on its systems as soon as they do anything.
  • America will get the blame anyway not matter what.

Therefore anything they do will have to be approved by America. Besides the whole idea of hitting IRI sites is stupid. The only sensible approach is regime change and the Americans know this. Israel is ranting for now.

The real action will come at after Syria is done and Assad is gone. Then IRI will go and no need for attacking with "bunker buster".

Arash Kamangir

depends on Iran's Reaction!

by Arash Kamangir on

U.S will provide Bunker busting bombs and other Weapons and If Iran wants to attack places such as UAE and Saudi Arabia then U.S will get directly involved. Any intervention from U.S is welcomed as people have had enough of IR and Islam.


Breaking News! First

by Arthimis on

Breaking News!

First Asad, Next You Know who... :))) Cheers...




Arthimis - Thanks

by iamfine on

We all are looking for a better Iran. Just look around and you will see Iranians in this country (US) had contributed greatly in the academic, business, medicin, and research. I am optimistic that something good will come out of this turmoil - we deserve it

maziar 58

sera che sera

by maziar 58 on

what it will have to be

it will be.

unless unlikely the mollahs go to ..............



Thank you iamfine! I'm

by Arthimis on

Thank you iamfine!

I'm obviously no fortune teller, but following the News (every single day...) , it seems that Americans are trying very hard to stop Israel from going alone in a reckless military attack with horrific consequences for all sides... That would totally ruin their previous calculated plans in dealing with I.R. and their eventaul removal!! Americans and allies are now concentrating hard to beat the other Biggest Evil Two : Russia & China in the region by Toppling Asad's regime which consequently will lead to demise of Islamic Republic & their own gain and interests in the region against Russia & China as well... 

The Economic sanctions on Iranian people is very sad and unfortunate, but it has all been caused directly by I.R. ... It surely is better than direct military attack and blood shed against our beloved country and people... The U.S. and its allies plan on I.R. is working and will answer very soon ... I hope for Iran and Iranians and wish FREEDOM , prosperity and happiness for them, but none of that comes easy and free , like in real life ...



by iamfine on

Not bad - interesting logical approach. Like to see if it will work or not. But one thing for sure, we don't want to go back to square 1 and start all over under a MEK type leader who will take order from the west



by iamfine on

It seems you are the only one make sense here. Imposing sanctions will heart our brothers and sisters back home. We are sitting here and don't have a clue about the pressure that our hamvatans are under


U.S. has intelligent plans

by Arthimis on

U.S. has intelligent plans this time around Ladies and Gentlemen, (unlike during the Bush era...)

In next few weeks, U.S. and allies will start their direct confrontation by force against Asad's criminal regime.

- Evil Satanic Republic (the occupirs of Iran) will lose it's ONLY evil similar type regime ally in the region, The Asad's Syria! Syrian people will be FREE at last...

- That will send huge waves to Iran like a "Domino effect" ! Iranian people are already fed up & feeling the heavy sanctions and the evil regime will not be able to stand and sustain these crippling pressures.

- On the other side, Evil I.R. mercenaries (Hezbolah) have not been paid their pay checks for a while from their bosses in Iran... They'll be cut off massively with the fall of Asad regime and thus I.R. will be further isolated... Iranian people will be able to protest knowing the foreign Hezbolah and Syrian mecenaries are not going to be there to kill them!! Basijis will lose the battle on the streets alone...

- Evil Islamic Republic will collapse from within. Iranian people will come out in millions... To stop the massive blood shed and preserve self existence, one fraction of "Sepah Pasdaran" will rise, side with Iranian people and will take control of the situation! They will make truce with major Iranian people's opposition and the also the outside world by forming an interim government (like in Egypt...) and promise of a FREE NATIONAL ELECTION IN MAKING ...

-All the EVIL Islamic Republic officials will escape to Sudan and North Korea (last frontiers...) stealing Billions of more Iranian $$$$ outside.

The Interime regime lead by Sepah will promise of a Free Election to Iranian people!!! (like in Egypt...)

This will be Obama's biggest foreign policy win and legacy which subsequently will win him a re-election... 

To be Continued... 

Mark my words here & remember when I wrote this today, I will refer back to these lines when IRAN & IRANIANS BECOME FREE THIS SUMMER!!! (wink, wink) :))))))))))

Free Syria, Free Iran !!

Oon Yaroo

No! Instead America is going to support a bunch

by Oon Yaroo on

of rag-head akhoonds and their thug supporters!? Oh sure!


AIPAC is representative of the Americans!!! They own Congress!

by Ferdowsi on

When they print money, they control the government too. Don't be naive!

long live Iran

They should just dream of occupying Iran.

by long live Iran on

This is a dream which will never come true.

Long Live Iran for EVER 

iraj khan

The Real

by iraj khan on

aim of Israel regarding an attack on Iran:

"Consider this revealing “thought” as expressed recently in Alert, the voice of AIPAC to its membership:

“Some Americans believe if the Israelis strike Iran, the U.S. will pay the political costs anyway, so it would be better for the Americans to do the job and do it properly. Their clock is a bit different from the one the Israelis hear. Because of their vastly superior firepower, the Americans could strike Iran later, more devastatingly and more sustainably.”

How just is it for AIPAC’s mouthpiece to declare that America should “devastate” Iran because it has “vastly more firepower” than Israel and could “do a better job” and “do it properly,” as though this were a clean-up “job” of a waste dump and not an illegal invasion of a member country of the United Nations that has done nothing under international law to threaten the U.S. much less attack it, while the Israeli government and its IDF look on happily content that it is American boys and girls suffering the consequences of the unwarranted attacks and not Jewish boys and girls?

Has it come to this, that unnamed Israeli spokespeople, voicing AIPAC’s policies, determine what nation the U.S. should invade without consultation with the representatives of the American people?"

By William A. Cook



by Abarmard on

Well who can argue their sound logic for supporting tight sanctions:

-The price of goods and services goes up

-those in the line of poverty will become absolute poor

-price of food increases

-more people go hungry

-they get angry

-they overthrow

What actually will happen:

-Prices go up

-more poor

-less time to think politics

-less money to go on strike

-many join the baseej and sepah to gain more benefits

-things continues the same but now people have less.

For thirty years I have been against the sanctions and some of my friends for sanctions. It doesn't resonate to them that people matter, the end justifies the means, but what end?

Only if they were in Iran and were worried about their own kids or families, then they would understand. Since that is not their position, they don't understand what sanctions mean. No matter what we argue here, they assume that if they suffer, the regime will go, everything will be fine for them too. Not thinking that if you have a baby, you are thinking about that baby in days and months period and not years. Or if you are sick, you don't have years. They just don't understand. Nothing to be done here. Let things get worse as we watch hopelessly and they watch with joy.




Alot of closet war mongers


I dont know about US about we certainly have a lot of closet war advocates (read: air tight sanctions supporters) in our midst.