Tooji Keshtgar: Eurovision 2012

Will represent Norway in European song contest

Newsinenglish: A young man whose family came to Norway as refugees from Iran, won an overwhelming victory at the annual Norwegian national song contest Melodi Grand Prix on Saturday night. Tooji Keshtkar will now represent Norway at the Eurovision Song Contest in May. The singer, who performs simply as “Tooji,” won 155,480 votes in five minutes during the nationally televised program broadcast live from the Oslo Spectrum Arena. That trounced his nearest rival, Nora Foss Al-Jabri, who attracted just 90,046 votes but had been the contest jury’s favorite >>>


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Aafareen Tooji!!! Best

by Arthimis on

Aafareen Tooji!!! Best wishes ... :-)


Tooji, The Persian Viking

by Faramarz on

Best of luck to Tooji, the Persian Viking, melting the frozen fjords of Norway!