Racism against Turks in Iran

Documentary on Iranian Azerbaijanis who have escaped to Turkey

"Our documentary film's issue is Azerbaijani Turks in Iran who had to escape from Iran and temporary live in Turkey under United Nations refugee status who are out of having education in their own language (mother tongue) as their basic rights which is issued in Iranian constitution (basic law) and sustain to be assimilated and also because of supporting their fundamental (basic) rights as human or citizens of Iran, they and their families were threatened , arrested, tortured and kept out of their social rights as Iranian citizens. We try to show that Iranian Islamic government oppresses non - Persian ethnics and nations not only whit Islamic pressure but also whit racial cruelly politics and discrimination."


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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

 این همه ادعا از ایرانی بودن و این همه حرف از ایران و پرسیا و منم زدن اما دریغ از نبشتاری به پارسی از اینها... باز خدا دیوانه و ابرمرد را حفظ کند که احترام به مطلب گذاشتند.


Reminder to this guy and all that actually agree with him!

by Benyamin on

According to this guy "one nationality, one language and one culture" from the beginning of 19th century!!!

So I dare asking: who were in charge of Iran then?  what language did they speak? did anyone force them to speak one language? were they an absolute minority?

Answer to all those questions are clear but this gentleman conviniently omitted all that and crying foul!!!

It was "shah Abbas the great" that declared "Persian=Farsi" as the only language and "shiisim" as the only religion for all Iranians! It was him who did it because he was disccusted by the Turks at the time since the Turks were so "Fascist" that couldn`t even tolorate their own people of different religion!!!

Shah Abbas did a fantastic job of understanding minorities and the proofs are still exist in number of Iranian musiums.

I advice this guy to do two things, one read more and second travel more within Iran and Turkey.

By the way, the Ottoman empire used "persian" language as the "official" language and the language of correspondance within its own government and foreign countries up to the end of 18th century!!! I ask why, but then again "fars people" must have made them to do so, right?

In Turkey there almost 40% of the entire population are Kurds which cant speak Kurdish or write or watch any show in Kurdish no even the people in charge of those provinces that are of Kurdish majority can`t even speak in kurdish to their own people!

I did my military service in Tabriz and I actually found Tabriz much richer than other iranian cities and provinces and this is where that Iranian Azarbayjan is poorer in minerals and other valuable commodities like oil or metals! how is it that they ended up being richer?

The last point is that ever since the Late great "Reza shah" the Azaries have been a big part of Iranian government and even right now we have "Khameneii" which is clearly an Azari in power and everyone knows that everything is indeed in his hands and control. I ask you other than the USA which just as of late have its first visible minority to become president name one country that actually had/have let the minority to become president amongst all democratic and none democratic governments to rule?

So please most of the things this man is claiming as "discriminations" are just minor compare to any other country around Iran, the fact is that Iranians are anything but racist twards each other and making fun of Azaries is not an Iranian culture but an imported one from Russia during the Iran-Russia war in 19th centuries!



Music knits us closer together

by Favela on

It is sad, but we know the idea of racial and cultural pride can have an ugly flipside, and that is a sense of superiority. This concert and album concept, with Kayhan Kalhor and Erdal Erzincan, turkish baglama-player is a good start at healing this seemingly age-old racism. 



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What would you do...

by Savalan on

What do you think you would do if instead of Iran you lived in a country called "Azerbaijan" and even though your mother spoke Persian you were forced to speak Turkish in schools, and every day at school you were forced to say " I am proud to be a Turk!" And, any one who tried to speak up for the Persians were killed or imprisoned? Would you come here and say "Turks and Persians are brothers, there is no racism in Azerbaijan?"

I doubt it. Most Persian ex-pats living in America, thousands of miles away from their homeland, try so hard to teach the Persian culture and their language to their children. Why? If we are all human, why not accept assimilation and be Americans? It's because part of what makes us human is our culture and language. To make it illegal is barbaric and racist. That's what the Iranian state is.


This is one reason to have a King

by Joubin on

The Iranian Peoples [& Our Shared Vatan]


Think Clearly, Speak Straight, and Act Decisively.  Only then will you be an Iranian.


He is right but...

by choghok on

He says no lie. But he is now in a country that is more racism in that way. Assimilating Kurds in Turkey is a known fact. Kurds in Turkey live in harsher situation.


Unfortunatly the situation in middle east is to step on minorities rights as much as you can. Wether ethnic, religious, sexual or whatever. 



by Simorgh5555 on

The University of Portsmouth has alrewdy carried out a comprehensive historical genetics diagnosis of Iranian people and discovered that all Iranians regardless of their bacjground share a common gene. There is very little which divides Kurds, Fars or Azari Turks.
You can intepret the analysis in any way you like but being Iranian and embrwcing our pre-Islamic hertiage has nothing to do with being of the same genetic make up of the Achaemenids or ancient Persians. There is barely any population in Euope which can claim to be pure French, German , Scots or English and the purity of any race can be dismissed by genetists and we Iranians are no exception; not even our Zoroastrians in Parsi who refuse to accept converts can argue this case either.
My Iranian nationality and desire to purify Persian is to preserve our ancient language which descends more than a millenium. i do itout of respect for our three thousand years history which this regime tries to destroy.



by BacheShirazi on

Let all the different ethnic groups learn the language the want to . But you can't have a functioning country if 60 percent of people speak Persian and the other 40 percent speak multiple languages.Then even the minorities will not be able to communicate with each other. Iran has so many ethnic groups that we need one language for communication. Persian should absolutely be taught to every single child in Iran, if minorities wish to teach their child their own language then that's fine, but it must be along side Persian.



by MRX1 on

No doubt that there are tons of problems in omatestan specialy since mullah's coudeta of 1979, but racism? you have to be joking. I had no idea we have different races over there and aparthied is being practiced by one race toward another. The only people that are truly being discriminated  are women, no questions asked.

Personaly I have no issue what so ever with any one trying to learn and speak any language or dialect but untill universal translator is invented (like the one's in star track)  we need to be speaking to one another with one language otherwise I don't feel like carrying dehkhoda dictionery where ever I go!



by iranvatan on

That is what happens when Iran is controlled and ruled by Fascists who have promoted hate and hatred amongst various factions and ethnicity.

 Of course they are opportunists out there that take advantage of this situation to cause more ethnic tension.

 We Iranians don't understand it but the situation is very grim and dnagerous. If we don't stand up now and unite we are very close to lose our country.

 The guy in the picture is just an idiot like the Neo Nazis and Skin heads. 

There is no such a thging as Persian. We are all Iranians and if you think otherwise then you can leave the coutry like this guy did and live in Turkey.

He laims he is been subject to racism and discrimination. I agree with him but we all have been subject to racism and discrimination by these fascist dictatorship.

This guy like many others don't mind that if Iran is turned to Yugoslavia so we must be very carefull.



by darius on


I am willing to pay for your DNA test and find out %of your persianality(made up word)?Would you be willing to do it?



Red Wine


by Red Wine on

سیمرغْ ...

از این شوخی‌‌ها نکن جَوان،سعی‌ کن مطلبی بگویی که کاربُرد داشته باشد،چون اهلِ فَن نیستی‌،هستی‌ ؟!  از اَدب و ادبیاتِ ایران زمین تو چه خبر داری ؟ درس و مکتبِ پارسی چه خوانده‌ای ؟ کجایِ کارِ سر رِشته داری ؟ ... اوّل اینها را نشان بده تا دیگران تو را جدّی گیرند.

با سپاس از توّجهِ جنابعالی .


The Persian language must be

by Simorgh5555 on

The Persian language must be purified from all non-Persian words irrespectivr of English, Arabic or Turkish. Persian is such a rich and diverse language that there are Parsi equivalents for almost every word we take for granted. If people wish to speak Turkish at home or be taught privately languages associated to their regional culture then they should be entitled to exercise that right to. However, Persian as thr main official language must be purified as we have been shat on enough times from Arab Invaders, tartars, russians and other hostile people on our land.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

در سالِ ۱۳۹۰ شمسی‌ هستیم و واقعاً چقدر زشت و احمقانه است که کسی‌ از ما (ما،یعنی‌ ایرانیان،یعنی‌ از بلوچستان تا به آذربایجان،یعنی‌ همه ایران) به دیگر هم میهنِ خود توهین کند.

باید مجازاتِ قدیم (فلک کردن در میدان) بارِ دیگر باب شود تا دیگر کسی‌ به خود اجازه بی‌ احترامی به قومِ دیگر ندهد.

کسانی‌ که نتوانند،آذری،خوزستانی،شمالی‌، لر و بلوچ و ... را تحمل نکند و اتحادِ ایرانیان به خطر اندازد،جایی‌ در آینده ایران زمین ندارد،ایران و ایرانی احتیاجی به آفتِ اجتماع ندارد.

زنده باد تمامِ ایران،گفتیم از قبل...از بلوچستان تا به آذربایجان.


divide & conquer

by bambi on


The same way that English is the official language in many countries, Persian is the official language in Iran. 



Dear Prof Ala

by Simorgh5555 on

You know the several organisations which you claim to be a member of? Well I went to Iranian Heritage, Iranian Alliance and the other two websites and they appear to have the exact menu screens and layout asif it were developed by the same software programmer. I respectfully put it to you,Sir, that all these organisations are administered by the same people contrary to the inference you wish to draw to embelish your profile. Even the NIAC advertisements are the same.
Other than that I agree that it is perfectly harmless to poke fun at each other's ethnicities but there is a difference between harmless stereotypes and virrulent animosity against a particular group or nation.

Mohammad Ala

Bogus people say:... report them, deport them, harass them.

by Mohammad Ala on

If I had posted something like this video, IC lynch group (Mehrban, Vildmouse, Fred, Simorgh, and Amir1973) would come and demand that this racist video to be removed. 

This is anti-Iranian non-sense. Isn't this anti-semitic? 


Mohammad Ala

IC Lynch group... remove it... deport him... report him... lynch

by Mohammad Ala on

SK, Iranian Turks also joke about themselves and others.  Iranians have joked about each other and lately people are joking about Lur’s.


If I had posted something like this video, IC lynch group (Mehrban, Vildmouse, Fred, Simorgh, and Amir1973) would come and demand that this racist video to be removed.  This is anti-Iranian non-sense and it comes from demagogy people.

 I tried to upload a picture from a football match in Tabriz, I cannot post it (maybe I should blame it on slow Internet).



These days the iranian.com motto should be

by Abarmard on

ما برای فصل کردن آمدیم ​ نی برای وصل کردن آمدیم

Soosan Khanoom

Dear Mohammad

by Soosan Khanoom on

May be Fred is Turk and is offended by all those jokes that have been told throughout the ages by non-turks ... 

I won't be surprized if Rashti people start an uprising .... they have even more rights to do so than Turks ..


Mohammad Ala

Propaganda at its best.

by Mohammad Ala on

It is permissible at IC to say things against Iran and Iranians.  This is not called anti-Semitic.  Nice.  Very nice.

If this person was in the USA, IC members (e.g., Vildmouse, Amir1973, Simorgh) would say… report him, deport him, find out where he works, call his place of employment, post his personal information, lynch him.

Anything against Iran and Iranians is not anti-Semitism.  See what anti-Iran expert, Fred has said about this.  

Four types of Turki is spoken inside of Iran.  This person’s Turki is similar to Turkish Turki.  When you call, for example Tabriz operator (from Tehran) you would hear… beyoroz harane isti-souz? (b farmaied kojaro mekhastid?).

There are separatists who are paid agents and apologist to foreign regimes in Turkey and Azerbaijan.  They have to go over dead body of Iranian Turks to get anything from Iran.  This is an example.


The whole truth

by Fred on

The Head Rapist Khamenei hails from Azarbaijan and is a Azari speaker with Azari parents. . So are his relative, Mir-Hussein Mousavi Khamene and many many other high officials of the Islamist Rapist Republic ( IRR).