Khomeini Orders Severe Action Against "Conspirators"

Speech soon after 1979 revolution:

Demands suppression of "plotters in Kurdestan and elsewhere", closure of newspapers and arresting journalists who are against "the direction of the nation":


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Arash Kamangir

Khomeini was Zahhak of our time

by Arash Kamangir on

Great Ferdowsi defines the dictotars as Zahhak( some sort of Devil) with snakes grown on his shoulders who have to be fed the brains of the the young people of Iranzamin. Surely khomeini robbed enough young lives from Iranians to feed the monsters in him.

tehran e Azad


by tehran e Azad on

If you had half a brain , Even if you didn't know this person , by listening to him for 2 minutes you can tell that he is a lunatic psycho path !!!so why did so many people follow him in 1979 to this darkness?

The reason is because unforetunately 80% plus of Iranians are nothing but a whole bunch of barberic animals stuck in the middle ages that can not tell the difference between good and bad.

  We have about 20% humans living amongst 80% wild animals.


The most EVIL and

by Arthimis on

The most EVIL and Psycho-Path of all... I'm seriously undecided if all those who supported and brought him to power desrerve to even live , Yes I said it!!! This EVIL cancer Islamic Republic Of Thugs and inhuman creatures must be removed and eliminated at all costs ...

Free Syria and Free Iran next!! Time is against these EVIL regimes... 


where's a sniper with a

by shushtari on

50 CALIBER barret when you need one!!!

this 'heyvoon' should have been eliminated a long time ago, in 1963, when he tried to foment a revolution then.

by letting him live, millions lost their lives, and 3 million iranians were displaced!!!


Dr. Mohandes

Slogan of the day

by Dr. Mohandes on

Alla ho akbar.

Moghava Rahbar!!! 


زنده باد امام مقوایی!




لعنت بر امام این ریختی و رژیم مقوایی!


GOD's Conspiracy?

by Demo on

And is that GOD's hand @ work to make the same 'Orderer' as worthless as an image on a 'cardboard' or is such a conspiracy? No doubt that is a tiny sign of the Alimighty justice as 'Con' is humans' exclusive like a 'con men,' 'conspirator,' 'neo-cons,' etc.