Khamenei: Massive Participation in Elections

Wave of arrests in run up to parliamentary elections

Amnesty International: Amnesty International is concerned that an ongoing wave of arrests of media workers and bloggers is intended to limit freedom of expression in the run up to parliamentary elections in Iran scheduled for 2 March 2012. The arrests indicate that the Iranian authorities are once again choosing to restrict freedom of expression and association in an apparent attempt to disrupt public discourse and potential criticism of the authorities’ record in various spheres including human rights and economic performance in advance of the start of the election campaign >>>


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gitdoun ver.2.0

by Abarmard on

You said: "i think there will be a turnout to vote. perhaps near a 1million mark ?? ( which is nothing considering there is around 72 million iranians )"

Just to keep in mind:

72, or 75 million people are not all over 18. Please make a note of it. However, your point is well understood.

PS. for previous version of gitdoun



Kam Kam Darend too shalvareshoon mirinan!

by Ferdowsi on

Just came back from a journey to Iran, where I learned a lot such as:

1. Khamenei is one of the richest guys. I saw acres and acres of prime real estate that belongs to him. Never mind all the other idioits who are seating in the front rows.

 2. This damn regime would do anything, even killing his own people in order to stay alive. Large numebr of those youths who were protesting 3 years ago now they are hooked on SHISHEH (new word that I learned!)

Yes, shisheh has been spread amongst the youths like a wild fire. How? the regime lowered the price from 180,  3 years ago to only 7 today, which is really free. They got people hooked to shisheh so they don't bother with the regime. And the rest are busy working 2-3 jobs to feed the family cannot offord to protest.

Goldust is back (for now!)

gitdoun ver.2.0

there will be a turnout

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i think there will be a turnout to vote. perhaps near a 1million mark ?? ( which is nothing considering there is around 72 million iranians ) but for the most part it will be people from my dad's generation. people in their 50's and 60's. of course there will be exceptions. expect a couple thousand brainwashed college students to be out voting. but i don't think people will be turning out in masses like before. whatever popular support the regime had before has largely been evaporated. but don't let that stop an Akhund from fabricating voter turnout !! irib and other state news media will most likely report 90% voter turnout.  hahahahaha.... in their dreams !!!


Outadated rhetoric!

by Arj on

He came to power when half the population were illiterate, and he still speaks for the illeterate population which is an endangered species now -- less than 10% and dwindelling!


We will crush you soon...

by Siavash300 on

Your time is up monster. We will finalize you soon. That is promise. Soon everyone will know it.



by Benyamin on

He should know! he was the one in charge of stealing votes and trickery when he said "kolahi ke sare 88tiha oomad"!!!

I guess that was a confession right



by Benyamin on

He should know! he was the one in charge of stealing votes and trickery when he said "kolahi ke sare 88tiha oomad"!!!

I guess that was a confession right


"Sharp shooter"

by پندارنیک on

To do what? what evidence does anyone have to suggest that the regime will collapse upon his death?................


Where is a good sharp

by Arthimis on

Where is a good sharp shooter when you need one so bad !!!??? 


Enough is enough

by karoon1 on

33 years of Lies, Deception, Treason, Dictatorship, Terrorist Actions, Hate, Stealing and Killing of Iranians. The end is near.


The Correction Proof?

by Demo on

"o ye who believe! when the call is proclaimed to prayer on Friday (the day of assembly), hasten earnestly to the remembrance of GOD, and leave off (worldly) business: that is best for you if ye but knew!" (Verse 9, Chapter 62, Quran)

There are absolutely, positively no mentions of any such '-ism' in Quran. In fact, any approaches with such inventions have been strongly prohibited in that book. Per verse 3 of the Chapter 5 of the same mentioned book, all matters of related with Islam had been completed @ the time of the prophet. Any of the additions/assertions/corrections/cults/deletions/divisions/'mazhabs'/inventions/'-isms'/ and etc. compiled afterwards are therefore total hearsays & are devoid of any 'authenthicities' values whatsosever.

And just beause today is Friday, the 'Khotbah' is that whether one sincerely believes that Quran is the book of GOD or sincerely believes it is not, he/she becomes a sincere believer in either ways !!! So better study it before making any corrections in the future & always remeber that with GOD rests the ultimate judgment whether you believe him or believe him not!!! 


Correction Demo

by Abarmard on

Just a reminder:

When you say "Friday prayer is about congregation prayer to praise GOD & to speak only & only about him & his blessings. None of the discussed subjects have anything to do with such prayers." you are not correct.

Shia Islam is a political religion. In essence two religions, Judaism and Islam have to do with this world and the other but Christianity only deals with after life. Judaism is more this world, Islam is suppose to be both this and the other. In Islam, and grown Shiaism, the political and social matters of this world is a part of religion and needs to be addressed. Friday prayer is used to rally people in the path of God by awareness of social and political realities. Theoretically, Friday prayer is not just to praise God, as Christianity is.

Just a short reminder. You may study this further if you like.



The Major Flaws!

by Demo on

Just focus on the show-case/show-down set up around him and take notes of the followings:

1. Friday prayer is about congregation prayer to praise GOD & to speak only & only about him & his blessings. None of the discussed subjects have anything to do with such prayers.

2. The written phrase on the platfrom facing people about the 'Velayat' is a straight 'blasphemy.' He is equating himself with a Prophet of GOD!

3. What is the purpose of the flag, the regime's emblem, &  the dead man's portray around him?

The real crisis is about the sabotaging the 'faith' by a bunch of criminals. The rest is of no value even to pay attention to. The same is true with all the comments below. 


More importantly

by Abarmard on

Kim Kardashian said once:

Im so mature now. Im a grown-up version of myself.



by afshinazad on

Do we really need more reason than this to get united?

If we haven't united yet, it is our own shortcoming and that's why this murderer could come and insult you and me and ignore all problems that our people facing today and never mind that our national Resources are for sale.

who are we and what we want?

Bahram G

What's the problem, people?

by Bahram G on

This is Islamic democracy. Allah's viceroy picks the candidates and the donkeys bray them (vote them) in. The rest of you non-donkeys should mind your own business and let the faghih (vaghih) run the country as he sees fit.


Oppression is an amazing..

by masoudA on

phenomen.......If Sed Ali sounds ridiculous and shameless to are not alone.   But he is not addressing you and me...he is addressing the Blind Omat who is only worried about the next handout....and the millions of freightened and oppressed Iranians, many of whom will participate in the next election, only because they are oppressed and scared.   You will have to actually live under oppression to know what and how it is. 


what crisis?

by مآمور on

there is no crisis in Iran-nothing that would be out of control-what we see here is media propaganda. how long have we been hearing these kind of bs from israel? right after Iraq invasion 2003. israel is a dog, it barks(makes tv ad) but has no teeth(with the first iranian missile hitting israel, there is going to be a mass odysse) to bite

we will not get intimidated by bunch of clowns

we wont suicide out of the fear of being killed

we. omega wearing men and women of Iran, will presist until we will prevail

god willing

I wear an Omega watch


I am not a good political pundit, but...

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I do wonder, if we are going to see a scenario in which through Rafi and seyed khandaan Khaatemei mediation, we will see Karoubi/Mousavi  brought back at the last moment as part of the grand bargain with USA/Israel (aka drinking poison) for regime to give up on it's nuke bomb dreams in return for the rest of the world to turn a blind eye to the gradual process of pakistanisation of Iran?

Oh, as for the "electins"; shut up and wash your mouth. can you not hear them daily   telling us that we Iranians are not politicaly and socialy mature enough for democracy? 300 years more of islamic republic and we might be given a chance for election, if we are mature enough then..

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."

Esfand Aashena

2009 = massive participation vs 2012 = massive boobs!

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred


Massive Fraud

by Faramarz on

Both in participation and results.


My Home Land IRAN

by jmyt17 on

Dear Iranian People

There is a place in the center of East and West is known as Persia (IRAN).They have to go we have to kick them out of our home land  these barbarian MULLAH , time is moving fast, 33 years passed,We know that we are Iranian let’s get together and have a one voice, not looking for a position or desk with a big title, One spirit, VoiceAnd Vision.Khamenei look for a place to hide like a RAT.

Dr. Mohandes

This is gonna be a

by Dr. Mohandes on

MAssive one alright! but i would venture a guess that some would wantto drop the "m"!!


Esfand Aashena

We'll see how "massive" the participation will be vs 2009.

by Esfand Aashena on

Everything is sacred


کدوم بحران........





حاج آقا، بترسید از روزی که ناگزیر شوید از: "من نیز صدای (بحران) شما را شنیدم"


How time changes

by Fred on

Unlike the last time when the useful idiots and the “reformist” faction of the Islamist Rapist Republic (IRR) were attacking those who were against playing the “election” game, now that their usefulness has ended, the same crowd is asking people to boycott the “election show”.

And none of them has the decency to admit to their very costly mistake.