Israeli Attack on Iran in Spring

Panetta: Israel to attack Iran this spring 'In April, May or June'

CSM: Speaking at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center's annual conference, Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak compared the current standoff with Iran to the "fateful" period before the 1967 Arab-Israeli War, when Israel launched a preemptive strike against Egypt. At the same conference, Israel’s military intelligence chief, Aviv Kochavi said that Iran had enough nuclear material to make four bombs, and could construct a missile within three years. Strategic Affairs Minister Moshe Yaalon warned that "an unconventional country can’t be allowed to have a nonconventional weapon" and that "a nuclear Iran would be the nightmare of the West." >>>


G. Rahmanian

Crime & Punishment!

by G. Rahmanian on

Iranians who are arrested buying dollars in the black market will be hanged publicly. This is at a time when US$12 billion have disappeared without a trace.

The moral of it all: The bigger the crime, the easier to escape punishment!

iraj khan

Straight from the handbook's instructions

by iraj khan on

for Israeli lobby members.

As follows:

1. Discredit/dehumanize the opponents of Israel's policies, call them anti-semite for example. 

2. Distract them from the main subject, in this case Israeli aggressions against Iranians

3. Call them antisemites and Threaten them with comments such as 'I know who you are' and 'I know where you work'.  

The subject of this blog is Israel's Aggression Against Iranian people for trying to start a war between United States and Iran. 

And meanwhile IC pages is peppered with ads in 'Support of Israel'. 


Who cares what your name is?

by Simorgh5555 on

I apologise but I have such contempt for your first name that it is like calling a Jew Adolph. I apolise if I do not spew when I hear the name Mohammed or however its spelt. I am familiar with the Iranian heritage website and its affiliations with NIAC. Not impressed with your credentials or your facial hair. You should start by changin your name and then people can take you seriously as an Iranian


Wow! the built up hatred, anger and frustration...!

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

 understandable, must be really frustrating for the Islamist Regime  cyber warriers and all the BBC cameramen,  since only a few dozen pimps, prostitutes, transients and elderly with dementia and promise of a free wopper meal (supersized of course...) seems  to turned up in NYC's time square for the much heralded demo to carry the picture of the dead scum of the bassiji so called "scientist", and bitch about his murder by his own side... 

Never mind, next time use card board demonstartors :)

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


خوب بابا یک دفعه بیائید بیرون بگید از یهود بدتون میاد


دیگه چرا اینهمه ادا و اطوار؟ هی‌ خودتون رو خسته میکنید صفحه صفحه چرندیات مینیوسید و چاخان بارمون میکنید که نمیدونم صهیونیست این و صهیونیست اون.  خودتون رو راحت کنید بگید من از یهود بدم میاد.  بگید که ۳۳ سال است که براتون کنفرانس ضدّ یهود گرفتند و آخوندهای مسلمان گفتند که یهود از نسل خوک و میمون است و ما تحت تاثیر این تبلیغات قرار گرفتیم.  بخدا آگر راستش را بگید بیشتر براتون احترام قائل هستیم تا اینکه هی‌ چاخان بنوسید و گوز رو به شقیقه ربط بدهید که تمام بدبختیهای ایران به دلیل اسرائیل است.  

اصلا از چی‌  میترسید که راستش رو نمیگید؟  چون پاسپورت آمریکایی دارید و در دانشگاه بالتیمور تدریس میکنید؟  بی‌ خیال.  ما قول میدیم به کسی‌ چیزی نگیم.  شما فقط خودتون رو راحت کنید و یک بلاگ دست جمعی ضدّ یهود بنویسید و ما رو راحت کنید.  هر چی‌ هم دلتون خواست فحش و بد و بیراه به یهودا بدهید.  بهشون بگید خوک، میمون، هر چی‌ دلتون خواست.  یا الله.  هر چی‌ زودتر.  بجنبید. 

Mohammad Ala

Cannot spell, cannot read, cannot check the facts...

by Mohammad Ala on

Simorgh5555, you have mis-spelled my name twice and did not bother to look at the website which I listed where the places which you mentioned are listed on top.  I said RECENT thieveries.  You cannot spell, you cannot read and you are too lazy to check facts.

I have used my real name and picture since 1996 when IC came together and had fewer cowards at that time.  I have done more than one person’s share of dealing with our problems and trying to solve them.

Thanks JD, you know what I said.  If one goes to Manochehri, he or she would witness how thieveries are taking place and where our artifacts are going.

Jeesh Daram

سوری خانم

Jeesh Daram

بله من چون دیدم آنها لغات را عوض کردند، خودم داوطلبانه رفتم و دو سه جای دیگر را که **مالی کرده بودم تبدیل کردم به  "زردآلو انک".  فکر میکنم خواننده متوجه شود که منظور چیست و ضمنا رعایت بهداشت در معابر عمومی نیز شده است.  سپاس

iraj khan

Disturbed by 'Support Israel' ads on IC while reading

by iraj khan on

the reports about

imminent attack against Iran by Israel.

Is this a bad dream?

Am I on a site that is called 'Iranian'?

How much an ad in 'support of Israel' pays? 

I'm just saying,




by Souri on

dear JD,

After reading your comment below, I went back to look at my first comment, to see if they have also deleted that one or not!

I was delighted to see that the "censur-chi" only removed the bad word in that  title but left the rest, intake!

Now it is read like this : Israel hich nemitavanad bokhorad ;-(

Do you think that will make any sense?

Or better saying that : Even us , in this site, hich nemitavanim bokhorim ?

LOL, just having a little bit fun. Nothing serious.

Good Sunday, guys.

Jeesh Daram

اسرائیل هیچ زردآلو انکی نمیتواند بخورد

Jeesh Daram

با سپاس از جناب آقای محمد علا از بر ملا کردن دزدیهای اسرائیل و دست داشتن آنها در بتاراج بردن سر مایه های ملی ما.  بعد از انگلیس و فرانسه، هیچ کشوری باندازه اسرائیل از ایران "جنس" ندزدیده است و این چهل سال است که ادامه دارد.  اکثر آن صرافی های خیابان فردوسی کارشان صدور گنجینه های ایران به خارج بود. حتی از درها و پنجره های مشبک و مزین به شیشه کاریهای قدیمی نگذشتند و تمام آنها را تکه تکه خریدند و به یغما بردند (زمان پهلوی) و آنوقت فرح خانم میرفت و پیکاسو میخرید و در انباره موزه ها میچپاند!  همانطور که شما نوشتید از الان هم دندان تیز کرده اند و برای مشتریان نیویورک، پاریس، تل آویو دارند لیست تهیه میکنند که در شورش ها و آشوبهای آینده چگونه موزها را خالی کنند.


چون ایرانیان وبسایت عنوان نوشته قبلی مرا که اسرائیل هیچ  *** نمیتواند بخورد را به درستی سانسور کرد و آنهم از نظر بهداشت عمومی لارم بود،  لذا این بار چنین عرض میکنم که اسرائیل هیچ " زردآلو انکی" هم نمیتواند بخورد و خواننده گان میدانند زردآلو انک یک میوه است و غیر قابل سانسور 


Mohammad Ali so why the statement about Israel

by Simorgh5555 on

Why is it that you are concerned about so many Iranian artifacts in Israel but not the Louvre or British Museum? Why is Israel.singlee out again? Compare how much Iranian treasure has been looted by the French and British and how much has been paid for legitimitaley by Jewish buyers. Why specifically single out Israel? You fall the same trap again. Yoi should grow up and blame the real people who smuggle Iranian national property: out own worthless compatriots. Those Bazaris and Sarafs who smuggled our treasure deserve to be punished.

Mohammad Ala

Stolen Iranian artifacts

by Mohammad Ala on

I agree that Iranians have had hands in transfer of stolen Iranian artifacts.  I created a section in for this purpose and offer rewards for exposing the thieves.  Many of the stolen artifacts were purchased by Sarafee’s in Isfahan and Tehran and transferred by hook or crook to other countries.

Please grow up and keep personal questions out of your comments and learn how to write “real” people’s names.  I am the first to blame our own people for destruction of Iran.  Thanks.



Which "Spring"? 2007? 2008? 2009? 2010? 2011? Or 2012?

by AMIR1973 on

It seems that every "Spring" (or Summer, Fall or Winter), the Little Satan or the Great Satan is about to attack the Islamist terrorist tyranny. Ignoring the fact that the terrorist regime seems to be itching for such an attack (by its constant declarations of seeking Israel's destruction and its support for Arab terrorists who bomb Israeli restaurants and buses), this prediction never stops being made. It's also a perfect opportunity for the Palestine Martyrs Cyber-Brigade and the pathological Joooo-Haters on IC and elsewhere to distract attention from a regime that has killed tens of thousands of Iranians directly (through executions) and hundreds of thousands indirectly (through the war that Khomeini imposed on Iranians) to a country (Israel) that has not occupied one millimeter of Iranian land or proven to have killed a single innocent Iranian civilian.


Roozbeh jaan, it's very simple

by Reality-Bites on

The more there is talk about Israel, the less there is talk about what is happening inside Iran.


How do you think these coins were smuggled out?

by Simorgh5555 on

Here is a link for you......


You think some Jew boy smuggled it out of Iran. These coins are on sale in Los Angeles because the IR Terrorists have smuggled it out. The reason it gets into the hands of Israel is because their buyers, some of them Jews, no a good thing when they see it. Blame the traitors who stole it out of the country in the first place.

Unlike Iranians who treat their heritage as if it were a toy!


Did you know that one of the columns in Persepolis is used as for people to put their shoes on in their prayer room.

The same column was also brought to the British Museum where there is a cordon surrounding it. 



by divaneh on

I have made my argument and I am not a big fan of circles.


Mohammed Ala Pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase!

by Simorgh5555 on

"Many recent stolen Iranian artifacts are kept in Israel."



The trouble is the Islamic Republic has been doing it for years!


Simorgh aziz….

by Bavafa on

Can you try to picture beyond that joyous moment when a few hundred or few thousand IRI regime members/supports along with some non-members are killed in any attack?  What do you expect to happen then?

  Also Please keep in mind that many of us who hate tyranny and dictatorship also despise injustice and apartheid system.  Those are for the most part synonymous.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Divaneh -Iranian national interest did you say????

by Simorgh5555 on

 Since when was it in Iran's national interest to sell Lebanon and Syria oil at rock bottom prices? Since when was it in Iran's operations to build schools and hospitals in Lebanon just to spite Israel? Since when was it in Iran's national interest to fund Hezbollah and Hamas in its suicide bombing missions? Since when was in Iran's national interest to interfere in a never ending conflict between Jews and Arabs over a worthless tiny strip of land off the coast of the Mediterranean? 

Do you see Turkey, Indonesia or Malaysia doing these things? Do you see any other Arab countries risking their national security and pushing their country to the verge of armed nuclear conflict for Palestine?  

My logic is clear. With respect it seems to me that you have clearly not read my comments. Not wanting military action against Iran is perfectly respectable-I can understand the reasons wwhy not. What I do not accept is the villification of Israel for wanting to launch military action to which some commentators condemn using harsh terms such as 'goh khordam?'

Do you remember this anti-Iranian racist poster?


Do you remember how much hurt it caused people?

Now imagine how Israelis feel when you burn their flag on a regular basis in government sponsored demonstrations and chanting slogans such as "Death to Israe"- not down with Israel...No mistranslation. DEATH. How would you feel?

If our feelings become hurt its OK. Israel should act the perfect gentleman and continue to be the passive recipient of hostilities from the Terrorist Regime occupying Iran. 

Regardless of the rights and wrongs of the Pal/Israeli conflict it had nothing to do with Iran and certainly not worth interfering for at the cost of our own national security and squandering millions of dollars.  



Dont you ever get tired of screaming "Israel" and "jews"??

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Why dont any of you who have been for years now screamiung like maniacs, 24/7, about a "possible attack on Iran by Israel", dont  write a blog or  condemn the killing and jailing of our compatriots , Fars, and arab, going on right now, by the Fascist islamist regime, in Khuzestaan?

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Thank you Divaneh jaan..

by Bavafa on

I can always count on you to bring some sanity to this insantiy on IC.

For some many of us, it could not be any more clearer that any military attack on Iran translates to war and war with Iran benefits only military industrial complex and the IRI.  The Iranian people will be the biggest loser in this ugly game, followed by Israeli citizen and then American people.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Oon Yaroo

Simorgh555, where are the 100's of 10^9 $s stolen Iranian money?

by Oon Yaroo on

Are they in Israel or the Swiss and Canadian bank accounts of the criminal IRR thieves!?

Disclaimer: I am NOT a pro-or-anti Israel.
I just like to mind my own business!

Mohammad Ala

Personal questions

by Mohammad Ala on

Members need to grow up and stop asking personal questions. 

Many recent stolen Iranian artifacts are kept in Israel.  Yes, arm dealers have made huge profits and are itching to start another war.


Don't spin it Simurgh

by divaneh on

Stop confusing things. Iranian people are not the same as IRI, and nor the interests of Israeli people coincide with the narrow interests of a hawkish group. You must know this. Not wanting death and destruction for Iranians (and a longer life for IRI) does not equate with being anti-Semitic. Where do you get your logic from? Now one last time. Iranians are not anti Israeli and not anti Aarab, and they don't want a war. That is not the solution to the problems that IRI has caused them

Soosan Khanoom

Simorge I like you too :)

by Soosan Khanoom on

But do not blame it on the IRI or the Chinese ... it's all those damn good looking Russians fault .. 

Boney M - Rasputin



Divaneh and Sousan

by Simorgh5555 on

You wish to oppose a war on Iran, fine. However, it is the tone by which you condemn Israel without even wishing to extend the slightest bit of empathy or probing the reasons as to why it feels that it needs to go down the path of military action.

Examie the tone of the comments left here: Israel goh mikhore for threatening war with Iran but Seyed Geda Ali Khamenei does not eat goh for actually admitting that it has and will continue to aid and assist Israel's enemy including lunatics in Hamas and Hezbollah, who are the vilest most smelliest evil scum on the planet. 

Even if you hate Israel- even if you hate Jews for friggin sakes, no Iranian, in their right mind would approve of squandring millions of petrodollars and risking a nuclear standoff for 'Palestine'- a country which is not even a 1/60th of the land mass in Iran. No Iranian would approve of speding money on terrorists or building schools and hospitals in lebanon when Iran is in dire straits and has been since the revolution started.

 If the people here were real Iranians you would actually be trying to cheer on your country to wage a war on Russia to reclaim Georgia and Azarbaijan and seek reparation for all the shit it has done to us- not kissing their backside. 

Israel or Jews collectively as a people have never harmed us which is why they should cast the first stone!  

P.S. Sosan Khanom, I kinda like you but it seems that when you went to Iran you have undergone a Chinese style 're-education'. Are you forced to say any of these things for the IR?



Naneh man gharibam bazi?

by divaneh on

Arash Kamangir, you threw your arrow and people didn't like it. So now what are all these fake tears and accusations that you throw at people? You are not talking to the average American bombarded by media here. Most people here know that the Israel government is heavily influenced by billionaires who are dreaming of making more billions out of selling more arms and contracts to the US army. The war on Iran can be even more lucrative than the war on Iraq. I wouldn't be surprised if you were working for one of those death merchants.

If you are worried for the people of Israel, then reset assured that Akhonds are as materialistic as it gets. They won't be apocalyptic. If you are worried for Iranians, then majority don't seem to like your solution.

Soosan Khanoom

Attention anti-Semitic losers

by Soosan Khanoom on


How do you even dare opening your mouth against Israel's  preemptive strikes against Iran?  You undignified self hating iranians.    I hope the God of Israel, his excellency the one and only BiBi Taboo,  does not get mad at you otherwise any charming prince among you will be turned back to a frog !!! 






Arash Kamangir

Simorgh:right on!

by Arash Kamangir on

I fully agree with you and I am glad to read/ hear from you and others like you who still have managed to keep their dignity and pride while living in exile. I have met many nationalities who live like us in exile but I have not seen anybody  like most Iraninans who have lost their dignity so much! This is caused by extreme IR repression.



by Simorgh5555 on

If I can disagree slightly here although I agree that the tone of comments in response to the news article smacks of anti-semetism. Israel is not under an imminent threat of destruction from the IR; Barak and Meir Dagan have confirmed this is the case. The IR does however support terrorism which seeks the aim of destablising Israel and thus leading to its destruction. This is beyond doubt. 

Israel must concentrate on destroying the IR and not on the nuclear issue. Hopefully commonsense will prevail and the Israeli leadership will change track and concentrate on regime change.  

The only people who are under an existential threat are Iranians and its national identity separate from Islam. Its people who are being imprisoned and murdered on a genocidal scale. 

In terms of anti-semetism I fully agree with you. Listen to the tone of the comments. It's Israel which must stop making threats to Iran  while not once making a single criticism or comment condemning their spiritual leader and mass murderer Ali Khamenei for funding and supporting terrorists organisations which shoots missiles into houses and blow up buses in Israel. 

Israel goh mikhore  for threatening Iran but Khamenei does not eat goh for jeopardising Iran's national security and wasting millions of dollars for a tiny Arab land called Palestine. 

Notice that they never accuse the USA a country which had dstroyed their airline, supported Saddam Hussein, removed their 'democratic government' of Moussadeq and installed a 'puppet dictatator' called the Shah of goh khordan - these people actually live and pay taxes in a country which they blame for their own shortcommings and self-imposed misery.

They are anti-semetic  becuase they see the entire world through the confict of Israel-Palestine and do not once stop to condemn their evil Spiritual Leader for supproting genocide in Sudan or arse licking of their Russian friends who have stolen our land and raped and killed our people throughout history!

These people lead sad sad sad lives twisted by their hypocricy and JEW HATE  passed down from father to son and mother to daughter.

Heed this: It will be a JEWISH rocket which lands on the Basij and Sepah and hopefully on your spiritual leader killing his vile life in an instant. Know that it will be a JEW  who will dismantle your evil regime and liberate the Iranian people.

God bless Iran. God bless Israel our natural allies.