A Short Lesson in Modern Iranian History

Directed, filmed and edited by Remmelt Lukkien

"Tapping into the collective memory of the Iranian people, an old man and a young man tell about Reza Khan Shah, the founder of the Pahlavi dynasty, and his replacement by the western powers with his son Mohammad Reza. They are stopped by an angry man symbolizing the Iranian authorities. Filmed on location in Iran."


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History according to the youngest war veteran ever

by maghshoosh on

The guy who elbows his version of history into the video starts by claiming, around min 5:30, that he's 30 years old and served in the Iran-Iraq war for 2-3 years.  Since the video was made around 2011, he would have been around 7 years old when the war ended in 88.  Since he served for 2 or 3 years (he's not too sure himself), he would have been no older than 4 or 5 years old when he went to the front.  That sets the credibility of whatever else he has to say, which is just a repitition of the official version of history shown on Iranian TV.  He claims, at min 8:40, that Reza Shah bombarded the Parliament, whereas that was Mohammad Ali Shah.  And for some reason, around min 7:43 the video shows a photo of the hanged Fazlollah Nouri, who was hanged by the constitutionalists.

The former 5 year old soldier and his assistant keep crowding the older guy and brandishing Khomeini's photo, since the correctest version of history belongs to whoever shouts the loudest and worships an idol.


The Brits have David

by Khebedin on

The Brits have David Starkey, and this was our David Starkey. Can you see why we differ?. Amazingly we demand to be where the Brits are without comparing our assets.


Funny how among society, the truth is never vanquished.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

it may be twisted and defeated temporariily by the lie, yet it is the truth that triumphs, not even the khomeini and religious forces hold out indefinetly using lies.  Both The Father and The Son, were put in power by Iranians, through acts passed by Irans Parliament, thats all you need to say to the Brits, who's official version of history they teach, is intended to manufacture treachurous by saying the father came in by a coup! BS, the son was also sworn in as allied troops advanced on the capital, which is why after the father never came back alive (likely murdered considering his hosts and their historic reputation), the late shah kicked out the UK using the USA's political backing, the UK tried to claw its way back in by controlliing a populist/nationalist movement with Mossadegh, which the late shah fortunately for Iranians managed to win US support to defend the constitution of Iran so the Brits were then forced to betray their own employee Mossadegh so they would not be entirely on the losing side.  Years later when the USA was seeking to betray the late shah, the brits acting as they have historically, got even with the USA for helping kick them out of Iran entirely, by putting forward Khomeini.  The Khomeini Who's first act was to betray the same USA that brought khomeini to power by agreing with the UK's choice after deceiving the Iranian people that the late shah was a dictator, a crook, a torturer, a megalomaniac in order to manufacture a solid opposition against a so-called monster, etc For an Iranian Patriot this is a very important subject explained here: 



Ali P.

Wisdom v. stupidity

by Ali P. on

The young man was a moron, but the old man seemed to know his history. I didn't hear any inaccurate historical fact from him.

Did anyone?


دلیل دیگر که چرا ایرانیان......