Khamenei Visits Quake Stricken Azarbaijan

Extends condolences

Press TV: The Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has visited the quake-stricken regions in Iran's northwestern province of East Azarbaijan. During the Thursday visit, Ayatollah Khamenei extended his condolences to those who had lost their loved ones in Saturday's twin earthquakes. The Leader said the Iranian nation sympathizes with the inhabitants of the quake-stricken regions >>>


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First Amendment


by First Amendment on

Didn't the Prophet say: Be fearful of three things; a mad man, a jezebel, and a broken wall?................Kudos to him for not fearing aftershocks.......


چرا خانه های گلی


چنين گفت رهبر به اسفنديار- كه پول هاى دزديده را پس بيار 


بدو گفت اسفنديار يغور 

برو رهبر بى حيا ... نخور

برو اى فقيه قبيح لاغ

وگر نه كنم هر دو دستت چلاق 


تو دانى كه دزدان اين گردنه

از ان شما و از ان منه


به جان عزيز دلم مجتبى

كنم نصف ايران به اسم شما 

امام زمان و امام زاده ها

بود نيمش از تو ونيمش ز ما 

به خاشاك و خس باد كافى بود

محور غم كه اين هم اضافى بود


Believe in a democracy that leaders and representatives are controlled by members at all times.


Would it not be cheaper to

by Khebedin on

Would it not be cheaper to build these areas before the earthquake?, do they have to wait until such poorly built buildings become grave of the residents and then try to do save some and build the area?. Do theIranian authorities know what they have done to Tehran?. Did hey plan to turn Tehran to a " Ready for disaster" city?. How many more people we need to loose in Iran to wake us up to stop building constructions which are not suited to these areas? 



by yolanda on

I wish it was the other way around: the ambulances stay in Iran & Khamenei gets shipped to Syria!

Dr. Mohandes

Everytime i look at this image

by Dr. Mohandes on

I am reminded of Dolly parton and once i am past thinking ofthose luscious yummies, this song comes to my mind:

Better not cry

better not pout. I am telling you why. Santa clause is coming to towwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwn. 

I hate to see some of the zede enghelabis here taking their frustrations and anger out that one who is innocent.

Shame shame. Faramarz... knows he is one of them.

But if you guys look deep enough and poder a tad bit longer, here he is presenting the case for starting the "DIVING TEAM" so we can land more medals next olympics.

Maaaan. WHat is the matter with you peoplezzz???

Omadan ye kare khoob konan ha....hey bezanid to sare mal. na bezanid dige!



by jmyt17 on


He is a piece of junk like rest of IRI, send Iranian money to Syria and support stupid Felstainian, but not to care about Iranian people.Akhoond va Rhabare Ahmag after Assad next is you and your dirty Islamic regime.Tic-Tok-Tic-Tac 



Free Ambulances for Syria, but little/no Earthquake Help (Video)

by IranFirst on

آمبولانس های اهدایی خامنه ای به اسد بعد از زلزله



Express launching pads!

by Arj on

So, all the folks in the rest of the country need to do in order to be propelled into the developed world, is to wait, or even pray, for eartquakes!!!



by Demo on


Mardom Mazloom

دلیل اصلی دیر رسیدن رهبر به مناطق زلزله زده :

Mardom Mazloom


How can anybody tell he actually went there?

by عموجان on

This could be outside Tehran,

I.R. are master of deception 


راست میگه...


"سکوی پرش" برای سفر احمدی‌نژاد ترسوی بدبخت دزد و آدمکش به عربستان سودی برای التماس از شاه وهابیون که به داد "برادران!!!" دزد و آدمکش شیعه اش در جمهوری اسلامی برسه

"سکوی پرش" توده‌ های چاقوی اسلامی  به استخوان رسیده مردم برای شورش بر ضّد رژیم منفور، فاسد، دزد و آدمکش اسلامی.

"سکوی پرش" خودش و  فاک و فامیل و دار و دسته دزد و آدمکشش برای فرار به مسکو...


I love this Name for Him "Olagh e Cholagh"

by Azarbanoo on

Shame on him & his supporters who are using Ignorants for their dirty schemes.


Olagheh Cholagh

by mahmoudghaffari on

finally reallized it is best for one of the morons of the Islamic Hierarchy to go visit the place. 


این حادثه میتواند "سکوی پرش" شود!



That's what you expect from a Rahbar who has been watching the Olympics!


توحش وحوش


وجود خانه های خشتی در کشور زلزله خیز و بسیار ثروتمند ایران جز بدلیل بی کفایتی و دست کجی وحوش حاکم نمیباشد. شرم برخدایگان امام معصوم علی اقا رهبر، و دیگر وحوش حاکم