Escalating Talk of a Israeli Attack on Iran

Interview with Haaretz journalist Gideon Levy

Democracy Now: Could Israel launch an attack on Iran before the U.S. election in November? On Friday, Israel’s largest-selling daily newspaper, Yedioth Ahronoth, published an article suggesting an Israeli attack could be imminent >>>


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Not Israeli style to talk about an attack, if it is to be so

by deepMagenta on

In my view, in the grand scheme of things, the Middle East is to be
controlled by future pro-western countries such as Iran, Turkey, and
Israel none of which is Arab.
Specially Iranian nation and Israelis
are natural and historic allies. There are many common interests between
Iranians and Israelis. They also have many common friends and common
enemies. An attack by Israel will plant the seeds of hatred between the
two nations for decades to come, and this is contrary to the future
strategic and political alignments in the region. So, it is extremely
unlikely to see an attack on Iran, nonetheless, Israel and the US will
continue to plan for it, and to a great extend publicly so, if they do
not, Iran will not take them seriously. The threat is to be there so
that it would force the Iranian regime to spend billions on defense,
hence going bankrup (like what happend to Soviet Union), and also it
would enhance the infighting amoung different factions within the
regime. My prediction (I have to predict) is that when Iranian regime is
absolutely convinced the attack is imminent (and believe me, American
will let them know they are coming), regime will buckle and make huge
changes in its structure and stance overnight, just to survive. Don't
underestimate the flexibility of the Mullahs to survive.

Arash Kamangir

best time to hit IR

by Arash Kamangir on

With sanctions weakening IR as well as loosing the grip on Syria, it is the best time to hit IR. The fire that IR strated in 1979 now is going to burn the ground under its feet. IR is very stupid to think they can rule over Middle East and impose their backward idealogy over other nations in that region. All I can say is all the best for Israel in fight against the Evil.


Lot of war mongering on both sides

by Rea on

Israeli and IRI' likewise.

Would be interesting to know what people think in the 2 countries?  Are they falling for war propaganda, themselves beating the war drums, or are they still sane knowing the outcome would be a regional disaster. If not worse.


Actual warmongering by Israel vs Rhetorical warmongering by IRI

by Bavafa on


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Israel should shut the hell up

by Thought on

Iranian government is not shaking in their boots reading the Israelis brave, pre morning coffe late, cyber threats EITHER!

Since we all agree that Israel can't attack Iran then they should shut the hell up.

P.S. I am pro Shah cyber baseeji not damn mullahs.



by hirre on

Simply said, Israel can't attack Iran and do much damage by themselves, therefore they want the US to do most of the work...


Israel will not attack

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

I'm sure that the israeli government is shaking in their boots reading these brave , pre morning cafe late, cyber Fatwas, ignoring the pathetic attempts of ahamdinezhad begging the Wahabi king to protect his hojaatist shiat rear end in case of a US attack!!

Israel will not attack. Not because of these cyber Fatwas!! But because US of A would not allow them to. Period.

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Israel should shut up

by Thought on

Israel should shut up or be ready for the consequences.

With or without US help in case of any ant-rael attack, they should read their ending prayers.

Iranians won't tolerate their petty state's rants and they should just shut the hell up.