Ill American taken to Iran hospital

After Emirates flight is diverted

AFP: An American man who suffered a heart attack on a flight from Dubai to Seattle is receiving medical treatment in Tehran after the plane diverted to Iran’s capital, the ISNA news agency reported on Saturday.The mid-air emergency occurred on Friday as the Emirates aircraft was in Iranian airspace, Abbas Mosayebi, public relations chief for Iran’s Civil Aviation Organization, was quoted as saying.

“Yesterday (Friday), an airplane belonging to the Emirates airline, flying from Dubai to Seattle and while passing over Iran’s airspace, contacted the control tower and announced that one of this flight’s passengers had suffered a heart attack,” Mosayebi said. The plane landed at Tehran’s Imam Khomeini international airport and a medical team took the 52-year-old American to a hospital in the capital, he added.

“Despite international sanctions against the Iranian people which also endanger their lives, yesterday we helped an American citizen in our country,” Mosayebi said. The Swiss embassy in Tehran, which handles US interests in the absence of Iran-US diplomatic ties, declined to confirm or deny the report to AFP, referring enquiries to US officials in Washington >>>


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iranian plastic surgeon are the best and cheapest.

by mousa67 on

my nephew who flies jet fighters for living intends to drop in for a nose job on his way back from his  next mission which is somewhere outside the holy city of qom.


Despite much hostility between these two nations…

by Bavafa on

Both countries will take any opportunity for humanitarian help if not just to make a PR point.  Not too long ago, we saw the American navy rescuing Iranian sailors and likewise we see this by Iran which I would think it is not that extraordinary effort.


However, this is one case that not only these governments are coming ahead but the people who are benefiting from the good-will gesture are also benefiting.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 


Nader Vanaki

خدا به دادش برسه

Nader Vanaki

بیمارستان از پذیرش خود داری می کنه و میگه تا هزار دلار به صندوق واریز نشه، بستری نمی کنن.  حالا اقوام این آقا باید از آمریکا روز یکشنبه پول حواله کنه به ایران.  حالا آخر هفته ای بیا صرّاف ایرانی در امریکا پیدا کن که میخواد ریال بفروشه.  حالا همۀ اینها به شرطیه که توی راه از فرودگاه امام خمینی به نزدیکترین بیمارستان قلب که حدود چهل کیلومتره تلف نشده باشه.  لابد یکساعت هم توی تشریفات گمرکی و پاسپورت روی برانکارد معطل شده.

G. Rahmanian

اقاي شميراني

G. Rahmanian

That was a great one. I'm still laughing.



by Shemirani on

Good !!! hope he is feeling better, Please don't tell him he is in Iran he will have a second one :D dade bi dad bia dorostesh kon !!

iraj khan

What Iran Did

by iraj khan on

was good deed, indeed.

Peace is the way. 

G. Rahmanian

Imprisoned on fabricated charges!

by G. Rahmanian on

A former colleague of mine was imprisoned on fabricated charges when he refused to give grades to Baseejis who never showed up for his courses. He was not the only one who was harassed and persecuted, one way or another. Many educators lost or "left" their jobs for the same or similar reasons.

And here we are dealing with members of Pro-IR Camel Jockeys Inc. who write about how great things have been under the rule of Islamist murderers in Tehran.



by yolanda on

Lately too many heart attacks:


1) A soccer player died of heart attack today in Italy.

2) The Argentine miracle baby (Luz Milagros), who resurrected from her coffin, suffered a heart attack a couple of days ago and still fighting for her life.

3) This mystery man had a heart attack on the UAE's plane.......50% of chance he is Iranian American....if he is Iranian American, 50% of chance, he is an IC reader!




by Ferdos on

I am with you on that Khebedin. Some of our so-called ham vatans here are so consumed and intoxicated in their westoxification and their hatered of the IR that they seem to mock everything within Iran of IR, including the talented, intelligent Iranians who happend to choose living and working in Iran. It's a shame that some of the members here use all kinds of clowning just to put down their ham vatans in Iran, not realizing they are putting down themselves.

G. Rahmanian

Baseeji "doctors" purchasing their degrees on line!

by G. Rahmanian on

Most probably the great majority of these Baseeji "doctors" have never seen a medical college in their entire lives. And many have purchased their degrees on line!

Oon Yaroo

Malpractice Statistics in IRR by Gholabi Docs!

by Oon Yaroo on

Malpractice Statistics in IRR by Ghollabi Docs!

  1. 62% wrong amputations (e.g, left leg is amputated while the right one should have!)
  2. 48.25% wrong applications of tools for basic check-up examination (e.g., the flash light intended to look inside ear erroneously used to listen to heart beat, etc.)
  3. 72% misplacement of organs (e.g., kidney instead of bladder, etc.)
  4. 32% wrong graphing of wrong body parts to other body parts (e.g., attaching thumb finger to big toe finger, etc.)
  5. The list goes on and on...


Next time you fly to Iran to get a medical operation done please make sure you triple check your doctor.

If he is graduated from any of Rafsanjani Azad University I would think trice!

Good luck!


Americans have heart ?

by Sialashgar on

Right there you should have known is a spy....

G. Rahmanian

Humanitarian gestures from Islamist murderers in Tehran?

by G. Rahmanian on

Humanitarian gestures from Islamist murderers in Tehran? As if the same criminals ruling Iran are not killing Iranians every few hours.

The funny thing is members of the Pro-IR Camel Jockeys Inc. pretend they haven't heard about Iranians in IR dungeons being denied medical attention by the same regime.

Shame on hypocrites!


Good point, Khebedin

by Reality-Bites on

Those Iranians are just as repulsive as the IR supporting hypocrites that hate the West, but like living there.


Iranian doctors.

by Farfromheaven2002 on

One wonders why Iranian doctors are not able to be qualified as a doctor or even a nurse in Arab countries or other unfortunate countries.

The best Iranian high school graduates go to medicine, and then they found themselves as a grocery store cashier inside their home country, Iran.

The Iranian doctors who are accreditated to work in advanced countries are real geniuses.  They are not just university graduates from Iranian Universities.  They are genius, socially and professionally by nature.  And, they are very limited in numbers.

Some of doctors in Iran became experienced because of lots of experimental mouse from Iran-Iraq wars.  Anyhow, a country with almost no contact with the rest of the scientific and technical world including India and China cannot excel in medicinal research.  The time passed that Bu-Ali Sina independently invented laboratory glassware at home. 

Emergency sections of average-level hospitals in Iran are informative to drop by if one is curious about Iranian doctors. 

"Everyone will give more when they feel appreciated."                        No Safe Place, Deborah Ellis


Why do many Iranians

by Khebedin on

Why do many Iranians ridicule themselves on this site?. Why do they see themselves inferior and slave of the West. I am shocked of the quality of some comments by some readers, Are they all MEK guys disguised in different names?. Do they realise what they do to themselves by writing such ridiculous comments?. Iranian doctors are amongst the bet in the world, they have shown and have proved this over and over again, both in Iran and in the West. I see many of you coming to Iran ( from UK, USA and many other countries) for medical treatment at a fraction of the cost you can’t afford in the West. Shame on you.

Gharibe Ashena

& Circumcised prior to release.

by Gharibe Ashena on



I really think

by Reality-Bites on

The guy should immediately convert to Islam and volunteer as a Bassiji as a sign of gratitude.

Oon Yaroo

IRR will reemphasize American part and deemphasize Iranian part!

by Oon Yaroo on

Rest assured!



by yolanda on

Is the patient Iranian American or American?

I hope he will tell us how he was treated in Tehran after he recovers.

Oon Yaroo

I hope our fellow American citizen gets

by Oon Yaroo on

I hope our fellow American citizen gets the best and most correct medical care from the IRR!

I hope the sub-standard IRR doctors don't perform wrong operation on him (e.g., he needs a appendectomy and he gets kidney transplant or some other wrong organ replacement!?)

Also, this smells fishy! Do you folks recall the first couple of days after the 911 when a group of people conducted candle light vigils on the streets of Tehran in sympathy with Americans?

I am not suggesting that was staged and well choreographed by the IRR's "advisers" but it certainly came across fishy as though IRR was behind it in fear of reprisal from the Bush administration!

In fact, the Friday ritual of "Marg Bar Amrika" had stopped for a few days after 911 and then resumed again faithfully and on time like a Timex clock in a few weeks after (once Tony Blair promised Khatami and Khamenei that Bush was going to go after Sad'dam and not them!?)

I wonder if IRR is behind this incident too in order to buy sympathy from the American public specially on the eve of the nuke talks in Turkey and the possibility of a US strike on its assets.

Beats me! Anything and everything is plausible when it comes to Akhoonds!



خوب بگید غلط کردیم خواستیم بمب اتمی‌ بسازیم، و راحتمون کنید دیگه


it took only the sight of a couple of US aircraft carriers and a few hundred USAF F-15 in persian golf, for khaamenei to eat the "humble pie" and sit down and negotiate away his wet dreams of nuclear bombs.  Giving free medical care to any sick american flying over Iran's airspace is all part of this big humble pie eating orgy. A lot more to come, watch the space.........


Win Win situation.

by Farfromheaven2002 on

Win-win situations always exist.  It needs both brain and bravery. 

"Everyone will give more when they feel appreciated."                                  No Safe Place, Deborah Ellis


Thanks God.

by Farfromheaven2002 on

Thanks God that Iranian nurses are beautiful and always well groomed. They are beauty models in some ridiculously expensive private hospitals. Otherwise, the American man would have had a more serious heart attack to see lovely Basiji ladies (maybe, your sisters not mine!).

"Everyone will give more when they feel appreciated."                        No Safe Place, Deborah Ellis

Shazde Asdola Mirza

hey IRI took care of 55 Americans for 444 days: free of charge!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Actually Iranian people ended up paying $10 billion for that "hospitality".

Bad Stories for Bad Kids



by yolanda on

I am glad that the guy's life is saved!

So, this is "heart attack" diplomacy!



by yolanda on

" blogger and famous cardiologist "ILoveIran" is the one who examined the American passenger and determined that his heart is just fine."

That is a good one!  :O))))


A Mossad Assassin!

by Faramarz on

He is probably a Mossad assassin that faked a heart attack to get into Iran and assassinate Basiji scientists. But the intelligence forces of the Regime blew his cover and are getting valuable information and confessions from him. blogger and famous cardiologist "ILoveIran" is the one who examined the American passenger and determined that his heart is just fine.

More to come from Press TV.