Hassan Abbasi: Early Marriage Prevents Natural Disasters

IRI's top thinker on wet dreams and sexual maturity


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maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

babak khan

I was going to say the same things.

Tehran with an improve comedy show!!

In the other hand ; we say in those circumtances : Daste khood ra k*** nemodeh     mennat az ko**** nakesh.



Allameh Helmi?

by Arj on

Or Allameh Horny?!!


Stand up Comedy

by Manam_Babak on

Although it seems as if he is uneducaded, and doesn't know what he is talking about, but be aware of his intention. He is working on corupting young minde of today and tomoroow, He knows what he is doing. We know what he is doing, but thoese poor young and un-informed don't. He is a well informed enemy of our young society in Iran.


Hassan Abbasi is pure EVIL!

by Arthimis on

Hassan Abbasi is pure EVIL! He proved that here once again! I'm sure he got this particular instruction from the leader himself ! They are trying to compete with Global Modern Life Style which has caught up with the young Iranians (majority of Iran's population), including their own joojeh hezbolahis...  They are trying so hard to control the masses with such ridiculous stories, to stimulate them sexually and consequently increase the population (mainly the number of their own followers) just like they did after 1979 devolution !!! His (their) ultimate goal is two kill to birds with one stone!! And that "Stone" is "Sex" , something that everybody in the world likes , especially these psycho sex offenders, these scum bags who are so sick and prevert that they would do anything for sex, including raping the under age and killing people for it ...

Free Iran from these Evil Douchebags!!! 

Immortal Guard

This is interesting too!

by Immortal Guard on






Why are Edward Bernays and Noam Chomsky both Jewish?

Why is it that those who look down upon people as mere cattle to be manipulated are mostly Jews? Could it be that they regard themselves as the chosen people?


Daily Affirmations

by Cost-of-Progress on

And there are a bunch of folks sitting listening to this cockroach.

Is it any wonder  why our motherland is in the hands of these so called Iranians?


good candidate

by MRX1 on

He is a good candidate for a new show in Bravo network "islamists of tehran."


Khak Bar Shar e Bimokhat!

by Azarbanoo on

Your head is full of Pehen rathere than BRAIN.


The way this Bozo sees it...

by masoudA on

Marriage is a sex driven institution in which compatibility, experience, compassion,......play no roles. 


Animals have more respect for their kind

by عموجان on

Than Muslims have for each other, when it comes to sex.


حسن آقا عبّاسی: ضّد یهود، ضّد بهائی، ضّد سنی، ضّد کرد، ضّد بلوچ.


بی‌ سواد درجه یک و یک دکتر قلابی دیگه که متخصص همه چیز از "سکس اسلامی" تا تاریخ بشریت و شیمی‌ و فیزیک و غیره هست! ترسوی دهان گشادی که مراتب خط و نشان‌های پوک و مضحک برای آمریکا و اسرائیل و غرب میکشه، ولی‌ تمام پول هایی که از ملت ایران دزدیده در بانک‌های غرب پنهان کرده برای روز مبادا. و "استراتژیست" ارشد جمهوری اسلامی! 

بله حقا این آقا مظهر این نظام منفور، فاسد  و آدمکش اسلامی هست!

Ali P.


by Ali P. on

Neighbor knocks on your door at 3 a.m., wants to ask your daughter's hand ( and your daughter is, what 12?) in marriage, and take her, THAT EVENING for her 15 year-old son, because, after all, he had a wet dream.


What do you do? 

Tough question ...gotta tell ya...


دو تا نون رو بگذارین تو یک سفره!


That's the new definition of sex, two loaves of bread on a table cloth!

The flaw with his story is this. The time to look for a girl is before you had the "wet dream", not after.

After a "wet dream" you are trying to catch your breath and address other issues!

Jahanshah Javid

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