Beh Name Khar

From the "Rajazzalin" album

Beh Name Khar
by Ballgard

"In the name of the donkey" is song from Ballgard's Rajazzalin album, "another humorous work of art by Ballgard. In this album, Ballgard employs humour to voice its point of views. Those who are fans of Ballgard's first album, Zigiland, will find Rajazzalin having a depth that requires attention."



Sentimental rationalizations!

by Arj on

Ironically, those who call our nation "khar" for their emotionally-charged reactions, are doing so out of sheer emotionlity themsleves! Otherwise, a rational critique would enquire the reasons as to why people act "irrationally," rather than reducing a whole host of underlying socio-political causes to "people being khar!" What they don't take into consideration in their nostalgic reationale, is that modernization process has to involve a viable political development without which any attempt in that regard would lead to an erruptive, tempestuous backlash on the people's part!

Such an outright dismissal of the root causes of such popular uprisings, not only fails to address the sources of the problem, but only helps perpetuate such chronic cycles. For instance, peoples of Egypt (perhaps Libya and Tunisia too, unless Islamic extremism gives way to a practical poltical discourse) could also be considered "khar" by the same standards, since they toppled a secular undemocratic regime (that like that of Shah, allowed social, non-political freedoms that could be targetted by Islamists) in favour of an unclear venture with the next available opposition force -- not suprisingly, Islamists, which practically puts them 30 years behind where we are!

However, the critical question is what makes these people (Middle Eastern nations, with the possible exception of Saudis who haven't yet reached the crossroads of modernity and traditionalism) such "khars?" Is it that they are after Sharia law, or that they just like any other nation, want freedom and democracy, but what is left at their avail are religious groups that their former dictators did not have the nerve to persecute easily as they did secular/democratic oppositions! 


Babak you may be a candidate for raising your conscience

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Obama is the leader of the worlds greatest international tyranny ever, to who dictators like hitler and stalin can not hold a candle, on an international level. However perceptions and games would, certainly have most people believe otherwise.  Example he came back from the Summit of the Americas with Canada as the 2 leaders in all the countries blocking an invitaton for Cuba to attend.

Excerpt below from the news


US President Barack Obama said that, unlike the other
participants, Cuba "has not yet moved to democracy, has not yet
observed basic human rights."

He said he was hopeful a transition would begin to take place inside the country.

"I and the American people will welcome the time when the
Cuban people have the freedom to live their lives, choose their leaders,
and fully participate in this global economy and international
institutions," he said at a news conference after the summit.

But "we haven't gotten there yet", he said.


2 Points,


1) he is correct on the human rights and democracy for Cuba, but 2) he speaks in such a disingenuous way so as to allow those with a low level of conscience to think that those are the US elites Reasons or that the elites of the USA give a damn or even care about democracy and human rights for others.  That is not what a dozen aircraft carrier battle groups and the largest military budget on earth are used for.  And No its not for defense either that the USA terrorizes/scares US Citizens into supporting Wars. 

Clearly the USA does not even show the slightest care for these issues, human rights are far worse in many place that were not blocked in their invitations for example Haiti.  Human rights and democracy have no influence of the US support for Saudi Arabia, Bahrain & even Kuwait. 

So those with a conscience go to find the real motives, not the ones that are thrown by those who's job it is to mislead people again and again. A collectve conscience will seriously increase the number of Iranians that seek a better understanding and will reduce the population of USA brown nosers. 


Check it out the above link and comment when you have a chance we need to raise collective conscience together.  Definitions are important or else the mass controlled media and the politicians who's electability they influence will be far too impressionable on you.

Notice how Obama managed to detach himself and the USA from any responsibility for the political and human rights situation in Cuba, while also having a role in it.  As if economic and military domination of the Carrbean by the USA has no impact on Cubans politically or the US responsibility.

Babak K.

Dear Anglophile,I really

by Babak K. on

Dear Anglophile,

I really have no personal problems with these dictators, my problem is with their stupidity and kharyat, and the fact that they never learn.  I want to know why they are so stupid and khar.  Also, with so many Khayeh-mals around them they never get the chance to see and understand the realities exist around them.

Reza Shah was thrown out of the country like a rat,

      M-Reza Shah had his father's faith,

                 Khomeini's son was murdered,

                    Saddam was pulled out of a rat hole and then......

                           Ghadaffi was sadomized (by a stick) and then.....

                          Chales Taylor is getting rodden in Hage......

                                  Sadat was punished by the same snakes he was raising (Sadat made the public praying madetory for Egyptian government workers),

Mobarak has lost his mind,......................

Romanian dictator and his lovely wife were not so lucky either....

Do you think Khamanei and Basshar Assad can be a little less stupid than the people above?   


Babak Jaan, I wrote an article that has gone viral

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

I keep getting all these messages from facebook users I don't know, they must be friends of people that posted a link up.


It is, a concise answer that will help ICers realize why "we need to raise our collective conscience."  Its not black and white thinking, but requires wisdom. If you believe the late shah was a dictator, then you definetly need to read the article because that is at the heart of why "we" are seen as Khars/unwise.


عجب سوال خوبی‌ کردی بابک جون



جواب: دوتای اول خر نواز  بودند و آخری بود خر  سوار 

Babak K.

If we are Khar , then what

by Babak K. on

If we are Khar , then what are dictators like Reza Shah M-Reza Shah, and Khomeini? 


نفهمیدم چرا وقتی‌ من همین حرفو زدم خجالت کشیدین بگین درسته؟



 وقتی‌ چهار ماه پیش من از قول هادی خرسندی و میرزاده عشقی‌ گفتم "بس که این ملت خر است" اکثرا گفتین به ملت شریف ایران توهین شد ولی‌ وقتی‌ از دهان بالگرد میشنفید میگید 
به به  چه چه؟ بابا ایولله!



Babak said it well

by Liberated on

Hope we dont have to wait 200 years.


Not to worry

by Manam_Babak on

After 200 years of Arab occupation, Iranian freed themselves, we will do it again. Iranians will crush Arab loving murderers once again. All we have to do is get rid of Islam from our land.


this is

by fidelio5 on

damn good


Lol, Halah ke khar shodim, bia in kar beconim ke dar biyaym

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on


Beh name Khoooda , na, Khar is better

by عموجان on

Its look like new genetration remember old times bettre than old generation.

good music 

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

terrific song with a fantastic video. vaaghean dasteh hameh dard nakoneh.

heyf keh khar shodim... doodam? hastam?