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Joke on "Family Guy"


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Playcard Ferrari Testarosa

by choghok on

I remember Testarosa card, you always won with that card.

 In Europe I do not think BMW is the car for Iranians, here It varies a lot more I think. But I guess BMW is one of the ones up there. And to hirre I am shocked that V70 cost 10k more than a BMW. I would have thought the opposite. I think you made a wise choice. An audi Q5 is also nice.


This is ourragous!!!

by Benyamin on

Although I do drive a frankly I though Benz is more popular with Iranians.


I have a confession

by hirre on

I just bought a BMW X3 :/ Second time I have ever bought a BMW, was aiming at a Volvo V70 but the volvo costed ~$10k more :(


I just love it

by rtayebi1 on

when they make fun of us with class.

Anonymous Observer

JJ - Lancia is nice. Also made by Alfa Romeo

by Anonymous Observer on

There's a Lancia luxury sedan which is really nice. I think it's called Delta.


Mr. Javid,

by CallmeRed on

those card games were really really funny!!!! as far as I remember everyone was in love with the yellow Lamborghini!

Anonymous Observer

I have to confess

by Anonymous Observer on

That I drive a German car. Not a BMW, but still a German car. They build good cars, and seriously, nowadays a Nissan Maxima costs you about the same as a BMW 3 series. So why not get the better quality car?


white BMW ...

by Fatollah on

but why white colour, anyone?



by ali_aaa on

You have to come down to Toronto and hang around Super Khorak to appreciate this clip!

Esfand Aashena

JJJ Alfa Romeo's coming to US in 2012 or 2013

by Esfand Aashena on

If you stay in US long enough you could get an Alfa in 2012 or 2013.  Fiat is now focusing on the 500 model in the US and perhaps you can get a Fiat to tie you over until the Alfas come along!

I can actually see you in a Fiat 500!  If not and you must live in Europe then you can get a used one over there! 

Fiat delays Alfa Romeo's return to the U.S.

Everything is sacred

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on


Jahanshah Javid

beeb beeb :)))

by Jahanshah Javid on

Hilarious! i think BMW should give a special discount to Iranians for being such loyal customers :)

Personally, I've always wanted an Alfa Romeo, not for any good reason really. As a kid I used to play these card games where you compared the speed and power of various cars and somehow I developed a strong bond to Alfa Romeos. Go figure!