Khamenei: Police Academy

Students, trainers decorated


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Is it a requirement for all

by BacheShirazi on

Is it a requirement for all Iranian army generals or head of police to never have a shower? Does the smell help to oppress the Iranian people?




Of police

by پندارنیک on

The IRI must learn some lessons from the so-called democracies in the world.

Police in Iran should not be considered a part of the Armed Forces anymore, but a "law enforcement" agency, under a civilian supervision. 

The passé structure which is reminiscent of the Pahlavi era, is dysfunctional.

Oon Yaroo

"If Rahbar* does he perform his Taharat with aftabeh?"

by Oon Yaroo on

This function requires an assistant! It is performed by the GhoochAli look-alike 2-star general (Ass)istant-Aftabeh Firoozabdi^ standing to his right!

This is purely a conjecture on my part! I deduced it by correlating the color (brown) of his(^) hair to the Rahbar's (***t!)

Soosan Khanoom

Godfather ?

by Soosan Khanoom on

Jirandoust , this does not remind me of that movie but this ... 


Police Academy 



If Rahbar has only one functional hand,

by JavoonDeerooz on

how does he perform his Taharat with aftabeh? That is what inquiring minds want to know

maziar 58


by maziar 58 on

grading proccess is like

 you pass boshkeh = you're 2nd Lt.

3 more years of active boshkeh duties= you're sargord.

after that depends on needs of shab jomeeh and on call basis and you may reach full colonel!!



Very funny

by RostamZ on

I can't stop laughing.


Reminds me of...

by jirandoust on



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Oon Yaroo

Some of these guys are both PhDs & full colonels...!

by Oon Yaroo on

full colonels! I wonder how they managed to obtain these degrees and ranks together? What training did they receive...!? A sadder thought than the clowns themselves is how low a nation should get in order to be ruled by these low-lives!


کاشکی‌ یکی‌ از اینها میزد تو تخم رهبر




those goose steps

by fidelio5 on

looks so stupid. They did that during the Shah's era too.

Looks moronic.

supposed thats the idea morons in god/shah's service.


I just noticed Seyd Ali's

by afshin on

I just noticed Seyd Ali's right hand is out of order.  It made me think.  What does he use to choke the chicken?  Surely not the same hand he uses to wipe his rear.  

Anonymous Observer

Is this an episode of "Biggest Loser?"

by Anonymous Observer on

God help us if our country is attacked.  With these chelo kabaob bellies, the enemy doesn't even need to fire a shot.  These representatives of ommat-e-hezbollah will all drop dead from heart attacks after running half a mile to get to their posts.  



by Fatollah on

what was that about?


This is the best opportunity.....

by Bavafa on

For these new policemen to conduct their first arrect of the grand criminal in the country.

Should hHandcuff the "rahbar" right there.

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Police Academy 3

by Faramarz on

Looks like the casting call for the next Police Academy movie!


Leader worship

by maghshoosh on

Upon receiving their decorations from Khamenei, the students yell "Alah o Akbar, Payandeh Rahbar," which is uncannily reminiscent of "Javid Shah."  The 2 most praise-worthy entities, to which the graduates are to dedicate their services, are the deity and his earthly shadow.  And the former is meant as a justification for the latter.

The honored police students and teachers don't seem to be carrying any weapons (except for the last student in the video w/ a flower up his gun barrel). Probably, part of the precautions against any potential harm to the leader.  Who knows if one of those students may be harboring seditionist/deviationist tendencies and may pull a Sadat treatment on the object of worship.


some of those

by azadi5 on

commanders and medal recipients looked totally out of shape. I guess they eat too many chelo kabab every day.


I wish I knew

by عموجان on

What is the number of civilian they must beat in the name Islam and Rahbar to get one of these decorations? it Look like it been a good year for Mafia's hit men and women. And if they kill a civilian, what do they get?