Music's Bad Influence on Children

According to Hojatoleslam Panahian


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Soosan Khanoom

well you keep reciting your team song and me mine

by Soosan Khanoom on

as long as we have an honest heart, make wise decisions and try to be just to others then no matter what we are singing we are in the right track  ... but if the heart is not what it should be then we are in trouble even if we spend hours and hours singing songs praising the lord.

If there is a God up there he sure understands the vlaue of honesty ....  let us hope that we, both you and me, are among the honest ones...  

: ) 



I know, I know, SK

by Cost-of-Progress on

I know most people are scared to accept the realities of life on this planet and religion makes it easier. Sort of covering you ears and saying naa naa naa bara boom, bara beem... Besides, how can anyone defend the indefensible? 





Soosan Khanoom

COP ...

by Soosan Khanoom on

Clergies, in any religion, as soon as they reach power they kill God and put on devil's dress .... Unfortunately for us, the Iranians, this has been a case for quite some long time ....

I do not want to enter into the nature of anything discussion here cause then I see the nature of things differently than you and I am in no mood to talk religion this morning... or actually defending anything ...

If there is a God up there he better soon starts defending himself cause devils have taken over the universe  




by Cost-of-Progress on

About the 5 year old with the kafan.....Dear lady, this is the culture of Islam - or Shiasim, if you will, and it is the No 1 reason why we are where we are today. Everthing else is ancillary !




Soosan Khanoom

He makes me sick like any other mulla over there

by Soosan Khanoom on

Music is bad for children but then having them chanting death to this and death to that as soon as they start kindergarten till the day that they graduate from high school are good things to do?     I remember when I was attending school in Iran the death chartings were part of the morning routines before the classes..    I assume that they still do that at the schools over there......   Poor kids ... 

Just imagine a five year old, for example, being prevented to sing the Barney song but being encouraged to put on a KAFAN and wish death upon her/himselff and chants death to the others .... these mullas are unbelievable and yet still we have some people over there who listen to this kind of BS .. PEOPLE OF IRAN TIME TO WAKE UP ...  

G. Rahmanian

Doesn't This SOB Know?

by G. Rahmanian on

Doesn't This SOB Know Koraan is rhythmic?


Experts in B.S.ology!

by Arj on

That is why IRI is helbent on eliminating the human science studies from the university curricula, so that akhoonds could get away with their psychobables and B.S. w/o anyone left to call them on! This guy doesn't even know what he's talking about, for he's getting the music played for the beef cows mixed up with the one for dairy cows (forte vs piano)!


والسلام نامه تمام


حق با امام است و بس. اصلا بحث و منطق بیخیال


We go nowhere by undermining others.

by comments on

They are expert in misleading public thought.  They know how to influence many people who live in Iran.

Iranians are inclined to empower their own skills and undermine others.  This is what happens to Iranians all over the world including several users in IC.  They are usually new users, new comers or game players.  

Immortal Guard

Good-looking Magi!

by Immortal Guard on

Good-looking Magi!


i need my daily dose of mtv

by choghok on

i have huge headache and feel like vomiting, have not listened to music in 3 hours and feel sick, need my mtv.


It is amazing

by MRX1 on

That these guys are an expert in every field from Music to Family to Nuclear stuff!