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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Wait a minute?

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Are you people telling me that Santa and Tooth Fairy are not real? Getting to Zoroastrianism there are several important issues about it:

  • Historically it has deep roots in Iran and related nations. Many of our festivals are from either Zoroastrian or pre-Zoroastrian times.
  • Its impact on Judaism is huge. Since both Christianity are based on Judaism influence of Zastorsh is paramount. The intermingling of Iran with both Islam and Christianity but particularly Shia is also very important. Many Islamic rules are practically right out of Vandidad. The concept of Imam Zaman is right out of the Sayosant of Zoroastrians. By the way a "new" one not in Gathas.
  • The basis of modern Persian is Avestan. I believe Iranians should have Avestan as an optional course in upper grades of high school and in university.

Regarding spirituality that is a personal matter. People should be allowed to join it if they want to. Nobody should be forced to a religion or excluded from it. Specially no Iranian should be disallowed to rejoin their ancestral faith.

Personally I have no interest in organized relgion. I am out. But other people who want a religion should have the choice. I am very interested to know what "Soma" is or was :-)



by Rea on

..... still has that romantic appeal. Maybe because it's more or less extinct. 

Most of us tend to be attracted to what has gone irrevocably, be it our youth or otherwise. Think about dodo of Mauritius. ;o))

Tiger Lily


by Tiger Lily on

Judging by the comments, there is one great thing the IRI has done: most of us are fed up to the teeth with all cults and hocus pocus.

The only ritual that still fascinates Iranians and other nations, in overlapping consensus, is Nowrooz with its (for want of a better description) 'pagan' symbols of  fertility, birth etc..


When Religions leave their spiritual foundations that create

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

happiness and instead pursue power and become corrupt religous authorities like we have in Iran today, they ruin themselves.  I see how nice bahaiis are today because they can't afford to be corrupt and they are small and relatively powerless, if they ever grow they'll be cra# just like all the rest.  They are very fortunate though come to think of it.  The Bahaii's were created at a point in human history where Religion itself is in the process of being washed away and flushed down the toilet of human creations.  In the next 200 years I bet Religous ideas will not be able to cope with reality.  


Just another

by fidelio5 on

Stone age superstitious, man made, myth.

Don't need it for anything.

All of these cults are equal and equivalent glimpses of the same untrue. The Saassanid Magi were no different than the filthy Akhoonds of today.

Different Robes, different title, same ending.

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The real harm was done by the Sassanids. Because they made the Mobeds too powerful. The Mobeds added various rituals to the original faith turning it on its head. The real faith is in the Gathas.

The rest specially Vandidad are much later additions. In fact Vandidad is very much like Shia. Probably because the Mobeds became Mollahs and simply changed the rituals. If you are really interested in Zoroastrianism read the Gathas.

There is Zoroastrian Assembly based in California. You may also go to "bozorgbasgasht". They have got a list of books that you could get. 



Great documentary film about Zoroastrian.

by gol on

Great documentary film about Zoroastrian. 

Zoroastrian  teaches  tolerance and good deeds.  A good addition for us to improve our views of life for the betterment of ourselves gaining earthly salvation or our soul if there will be one.     Are there centers for studying  Zoroastrianism  in NYC area ?  



by cyrousg1 on

In essence there seems to be some genuine virtue to the Zoroastrian faith, but the masses of this wonderful generation of contemporary Iranians unfortunately tend to bastardize it (just like B.M.Ws, Gucci hand bags etc) and turn it into a cheap fad that means look at us we’re so great we are better than the stupid Muslim Arabs and the pakis and god knows who else.

The trend of Fatemeh changing her name to Golnaz or Ruhollah changing his name to Khashayar is symptomatic of this new sexy revival of the pure Persian culture from 1400 years ago before Iranians were made victims by the baddie Arabs who destroyed everything. This is by no stretch of the imagination a particularly substantive phenomena and the extent of its depth is merely Ruhollah changing his name to Khashayar and every other haji bazari replacing their allah symbols hanging from their necks with Faravahar symbols hanging from their necks.

Its just to say f*** you to the regime and say we’re not terrorists to the west, that’s the extent of this revivalist movement no real substance to it. It’s not an actual attempt to embrace some ancient religion, its not genuine Zoroastrianism hence I coin the term ‘Faravaharism’. Good words, good thoughts and good actions, the only thing those who adhere to Faravaharism have adopted is good words. Forgot about good thoughts or good actions from these self-centered self-serving self-obsessed pompous peacocks with their grandiose sense of self-importance.   

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on

Monotheism breeds intolerance. One God; one voice; one rule. It is the basis of intolerance. Polytheism; agnostics or atheists live and let others be. However monotheists know it all.

They KNOW their God is the one and only. No other has a right to exist and to be. Anyone not worshiping their god is damned to hell. The "nice" ones try to make others "see the light". This may be kind or forced as in Islam.

The nasty ones just kill the heretics as done by Christians and Muslims. Why not let people decide for themselves what they believe. Why do people have a need to force others to think as they do. Give it up and let people do their own thing. 

Tiger Lily

Persians, root of all evil mono-cults!

by Tiger Lily on

Ewwwawwww, look at them leaving bodies lying around spreading diseases in the name of recycling, when Greek gods were having fun raping each other.

Yeah, really " amazed at a Mazda"

Maryam Hojjat

Iranians must Turn to AHOURA

by Maryam Hojjat on

for guidance and forgiveness after 1400 years.