Persian Spanish Fusion

Kermanshahi musician


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Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Si hay tanto sentimiento por aqui,hay que crear un grupo iran-o-español y dar conciertos por todas partes :) . . .


love it

by Sialashgar on

more more ..... anchora anchora!!



by afshin on




by divaneh on

Thanks for sharing Mehrdad, enjoyed it very much. Anyone knows where the full video can be found?

Tiger Lily

Ey vAi! So gorgeous

by Tiger Lily on

Big bang omretoon bede

Ari Siletz


by Ari Siletz on

The intro is a Rumba Gitana (Spanish gypsy rhumba). Agreed it's not true fusion, but the musician is pointing out that both forms can be danced the same way (same number of beats, same accents).The Kurdish tanbour  has, among other things, the rasguedo technique  (sweeping the fingers across all strings) in common with flamenco.

start this flamenco Rumba video with the sound off at, say, about 0:12 and start the tanbour video at, say, about 0:40 with the sound on. If you time it right (takes a few tries), occasionally you get a pretty sensuous dialog between dance and music (and sometimes not!). In particular, the dancer makes the note-stretching by the player more meaningful.   


Two of my most favorite instruments/music...

by Bavafa on

Setar and flamenco guitar, combine in one here

 How delightful and talented.

'Hamastegi' is the main key to victory 


Red Wine


by Red Wine on

تلفیق باشد یا خیر (که نیست ! که دانستنِ هر نغماتِ موسیقی‌ِ اسپانیایی را خواهان است و از بر دانستنِ زیر و بمِ موسیقی‌ِ اصیلِ پارسی،اینجا ستار !) کارِ هنریِ زیبائی است که نشان دهنده خلاقیتِ هنرمند است.دانستنِ موسیقی‌ کارِ هر کس نیست و ۶ دانگ حواسِ عالیه خواهد و قلبی پر از احساس.


Fusion Confusion!

by Faramarz on

But Enjoyable Nevertheless.


not playing a fusion

by bambi on

He is playing spanish in the first part and continues iranian in the second part, keeping the same tempo, but the elements of one music are not fused to the other.   

However, the fused musical instrument itself seemed an interesting combination of strings and percussion (daf?).  I wonder if anyone knows more about that.