Persian Circles

Photos by Martin Zilka

The principles of unity, abstraction and harmony with nature and the heavens, as fundamental to Islamic art, are symbolized in this circular geometry of the plane. The square and the rectangle have harmonious proportions, and the circle is the ultimate epxression of unity.

Persian Circles from FotoFilm production on Vimeo.


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Ey baba,

by Milan on

Saremoon geej raft!



by bambi on

What a terrible video.  Someone manages to make these beautiful photos look worse, by forcing them to get distorted to a circular shape.  Possibly heard of the role of math in these designs, from friend of a friend,  and decided to make this?!  Superficial  and dim-wit statements and video do not even begin to describe this.  Does not touch on  how these designs come about and the amazing math, and the beautiful ratios involved.  I only understand if a child of 5 or 6 made this.  Like being fascinated by the circle lense, and made everything fit into that, and then used the spin button, every so often, how interesting!!!