Eide Ghorban

Short film by Raha Razavi


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there is animal cruelty

by alx1711 on

there is animal cruelty involved in this video and its absolutely pathetic!
Where is the respect for these animals.
This is barbaric arab - islamic ideology and it has nothing to do with Persian culture. BOYCOTT


Simple, yet powerful!

by Arj on

Excellent juxtaposition of sound/music and image (or lackthereof, black frames)!


old mcdonald chokh guzal

by Gerdekan on

old McDonald had a farm what a beautiful useless video- chokh guzaldi. tashakor gardash.


Old McDonald Got it Right!

by Faramarz on

As Old McDonald said, if you treat the animals right, you will get the blonde, the brunette and the dark haired one!



Lots of vegeterians here

by abusaleh on

Lots of vegeterians here today.....


Charitable donation makes

by koorosh10 on

Charitable donation makes lots of sense. But do not forget this is a business and make some people lots of money. And there are some sick people who enjoy this.  

Anonymous Observer

Why can't this barbarism be changed to a charitable donation?

by Anonymous Observer on

Or at least an option for charitable donation?  Why no reform?


The scene of killing a lamb

by statira on

is the most disturbing scene I've ever seen. The way they bababa before their death, it shows they know what's gonna happen to them.I hope Someday people will realize this is not okay to torture and kill an innocent animal for the sake of their religious ritual.


This is a shame. I hope the

by koorosh10 on

This is a shame. I hope the what ever form the future government in IRAN has, it implement one of the best animal right law of the world in its law. I still has bad memories of killing animals in whatever F ceremony. One of them was witnessing it as a 7 years old at my school. I ask my parents to transfer me to a different school. I hate whoever brought these barbaric acts to our cultures.


Thanks JJ

by Truthseeker9 on

We need to see the brutality of these disgusting customs in order to open debate and make positive changes for the future. 



by MRX1 on

how F* Iranian culture has become that it's eid revolves around sacrifising inocent animal for no reason what so ever and it's art and culture is  making video's and movies about it.

Tiger Lily

JJ, in che no kermiye hala(l)?

by Tiger Lily on

Plus next to some antisemitic thing I haven't seen yet. lol!

questions now would be, if the lives of those sheep were  happy ones and if the method of slaughter is preferable for both sheep and human consumption. 

 P.S. If anyone is wondering why they remember the tune (rendition), but can't remember the name of the song, it's Two Guitars.