Europeans Splitboarding on Damavand Slopes

Freeriding in Islamic Republic of Iran

Ski resorts: Tochal and Dizin and climbing Damavand.

Splitboarding Iran from Vale Sauer on Vimeo.


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Number 1 on my wish list

by zztop on

To ski slopes of Dizin , Tochal and Shemshak.

Some day....

Soosan Khanoom


Soosan Khanoom

Don't hate them because they know how to snowboard !!

and probably you'll only get impressed if they come to your country and ride on a camel  ... is that what you see as your culture ?

get used to it ..... there are many who ski in Iran ... 

I actually loved the entire video... presentation , music and ofcourse beautiful scenenery of Iran .....



The cultural downhill

by پندارنیک on

I don't understand the significance of the moment when a European enjoys the natural beauty of the land which I happen to call home. So what?