Nose, Iranian Style

Reasons why every year 70,000 Iranians have a nose job Documentary filmmaker Mehrdad Oskouei considers the epidemic of nose jobs in contemporary Iran, the world leader in rhinoplasty with an estimated 60,000 to 70,000 operations each year. In a country that discourages personal expression and disdains Western culture, young Iranians eagerly change their noses to model images in European and American fashion magazines. With a light touch, Oskouei listens to patients and surgeons comment on this enigmatic phenomenon. "A surprising, compulsively watchable documentary" - Variety.

Nose, Iranian Style from hrh.namira on Vimeo.


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here is the swedish princess and her nose job


here is the swedish princess with her pug nose which was operated on.


 Top plastic surgery by country:

The top 25 countries: 

1. United States
2. China
3. Brazil 
4. India
5. Mexico
6. Japan
7. S. Korea
8. Germany
9. Turkey
10. Spain
11. Argentina
12. Russia
13. Italy
14. France
15. Canada
16. Taiwan
17. United Kingdom
18. Colombia
19. Greece
20. Thailand
21. Australia
22. Venezuela
23. Saudi Arabia
24. Netherlands
25. Portugal 

Source: //

Where is Iran? It doesn't even rank in top 25!

I live in US six months and in Europe for six months.  I have seen many ugly hook nosed blonde blue eyed Americans that could have benefited from surgery as well as many Europeans with ugly noses.  So, guess what, a good 70% of anglo saxons have ugly noses and more than 1 million nose jobs are being performed. So, ugliness or big noses are a characteristic of Iranians and Europeans.

In America in 2008 there were 150,000 nose jobs. This is just in America. If you include South America and Europe the number is well over 1 million.


If you look around you, you will see the anglo saxons have big ugly bony noses, some are bulbous like a turnip as in this swedish princess. Among the upper middle class and rich Americans, having nose surgery is a rite of passage. 

So, lets leave our Iranian sisters alone. Let them beautify themselves. 



Angelina Jolie before and

by vildemose on


alaaf: people are insecure; nose surgery is pervasive everywhere


Iranians are NOT the only ones getting plastic surgery. Nose jobs are commonly done in Europe. Almost all European girls and rich Americans have their noses operated on by the time they are 16. Even, KATE MIDDLETON soon to be wife of Prince William has had a nose job. She had hers at age of 16. Go Figure it. All the movie stars in hollywood with those chiseled noses have had a nose jobs. Too bad the Iranian plastic surgeons are not as adept as the Hollywood plastic surgeons.  I found the Iranian girls refreshingly honest about beauty. Looking good is the first step... then of course one develops the rest of ones personality.

Plastic surgery rates in South America, America are even higher than Iran. Most Jewish girls and boys have had nose jobs. 

Lets face it, some people keep it secret, like the Brits and Jews, but Iranians are open. 


Shazde Asdola Mirza

قوم یاجوج و ماجوج

Shazde Asdola Mirza


یکی‌ از خواهران چادری زینب رو دیدم، که پس از تنها شیش ماه در کانادا، همچین شورت کوچیک و کوتاهی پوشیده بود، که نصف باسن مبارکش به تموم تماشاچیان چشمک میزد. از عقب، یه عکس تلفنی واسه داداش پاسدارش فرستادم ... که کلی‌ به به و چه چه تو جوابیه نوشت. بیچاره خبر نداشت که اون سفید‌ قلمبه ها مال کیه :)


Their misconception

by statira on

is that they think with  just a rhinoplasty they are gonna get "Khoshgelo todelboro". Awww... I don't think so.


Excellent documentary and

by alaaf on

Excellent documentary and really good interviews too. Iranian's are unfortunately the most shallow and insecure people on the planet. 


The Problem Within!

by Demo on

The "Elephant's Nose" or the "Sky's Ass" drops feeling personalities of most Iranians & their very false pride of "superiority" is much more serious that could be taken care of by a simple nose job! They simply can not realize that the real beauty comes from the within & not from the mirror on the wall! 


Damaghe bozorg

by aziz on

Well said hirre, I had the impression that having "Damaghe bozorg" while a distraction on a beautiful face, indictive of a bigger base, i.e. brain.LOL



by hirre on

Disgusting... You can wonder from which parts of the world the ideal nose models come from... If people in the west looked like iranians and iranians looked like people in the west, everybody would want to have bigger noses... It's like during the dark ages where being fat was considered a good sign, because rich people were mostly fat...