Ceremony in London to celebrate "maturity"


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Where is muhammad?

by Raoul1955 on

He is behind the scene salivating over his 'choice picks.'  :-)  I saw a PBS documentary about similar 'cultural event' in Afghanistan where they would parade a group of very young boys for muslim men who would then pick a boy...

I suppose one can say that this is the 'harvest time' on the islamic calendar!   :-)


Where is Muhammad?

by alx1711 on

I bet if Muhammad rasu-allah was there he would have loved to poke one of these incocent childs.

 I case if hes not there I am sure Mullah will finish off what he started!

maziar 58

J d

by maziar 58 on

thank you..

what a sad chapter for a young muslim girl be it in iran or else where Maziar


Look at those mature girls

by divaneh on

They all look very mature and capable of having physical and emotional relationship, to the criminal child rapists.

With reference to the few negative comments about England, it has to be said in fairness that the law is not broken here and there is no reason for the authorities to stop this party. The very same country however defends these girls' rights with the full force of the law if they decided to enjoy their equal human rights at any point in their life.

And with respect to the first communion, you would be pleased to know that the church in Germany is trying to lower the age of the first communion to 7. That is of course an attempt to brain wash the child when even more impressionable. That is the same stench from a different rotten cabbage.


About Lauren Booth's (Tony Blair's Sister-in-law) conversion to

by ahosseini on

Stick to codes of conduct, to the rules of Taliban
When you are in Palestine, in Iran or Lebanon


From now on in your life, you can't-have hanky pankies
No exception for Brits,  European or Yankies

You must go up to the north, to visit Ashtiani
So you don't do silly things, nothing of the sort honey

And you must ask your daughter, to see Azar Bagheri
The teenager who got caught, betraying an elderly


Azar Bagher was about 10 whe she married a 70 years old man. She got caught playing with a boy of her age. She is awaiting execution by stoning.


بیا و حقوق بشر را ببین


 بیا و حقوق بشر را ببین
افاضات این جانور را ببین


به عقد خود آرند نه ساله را
تجاوز کنند طفل بیچاره را

کسی‌ نیست پرسد ‌ز جانی لار
تو را با خدای سکینه چه کار


بیانداز توی لجن این دو شر
بزن بر سرشان حقوق بشر



by yolanda on

I agree with Afshin and Vildemose,

    1st communion is totally different from this "Maturity" party!

It is sad to call a 9 year old girl mature! They should be left alone and enjoy their childhood!


The Malignant Hearts!!!

by Demo on

The 3 views right below are the typical of malignant hearts wondering in blogosphere! Like their predecessors on earth thousands years ago their frustrations are going to last 40 years or more due to their blind ignorants!


Poor Girls, Islamically-ready-to-be-Raped-Party

by IranFirst on

 As per the fine example that was set by the Child-molester Mohamad (after molesting Ayeshe at 6 (Thighing) and later raping her after she was 9). These poor girls should be playing with toys and other kids their own agae. Their only crime is being unfortunate to be born into an Islamic family and not allowed to get out of the cult of Islam, even at a later age when they find about the horrible truth about Islam.




@Afshin Azad

by vildemose on

well-said, These girls are to be married off sooner or later and their virginty sold to the highest bidder in general....



by afshinazad on

are you comparing this to First Communion, you must understand that they are two different things, in Islam they are ready in such a age to be some ones bitch and have a sex. but in christianty there is no such a thing. I don't think in this century these kids should be thought such a stupid things.

These are Islamic regimes poodels kids and those who living with our money and rasing the Islams baner in england. 

Soosan Khanoom

This reminds me of the

by Soosan Khanoom on

This reminds me of the Catholic school I attended before revolution in Iran ....  not much difference ...... 

here is a  poem on the occasion

Making my First Communion
by Kimberly Guyette 

She is 11 years old and a sixth grade student at Proctor Elementary School in Proctor, Vermont

Feeling nervous, scared, special, like I was getting married.
Wearing a white poofy dress with shoes that gave me blisters.
Walking down the aisle next to my partner between pews full of people. 
Holding a white candle.
Listening to the sounds of talking, pictures snapping, and the organ playing. 
Smelling perfume, cologne, and burning wax. 
The host, dry in my mouth.

My First Communion.  




by yolanda on

The little girls wear the sheet for the ceremony only, right? Or they will wear the sheet to their 3rd grade class? How can they participate in PE class?


Akhoonds' Jobs Security!!!

by Demo on

If a boy comes of age at 13-years-old he could become a "bar mitzvah" and is recognized by Jewish tradition as having the same rights as a full grown man!!!, then why not a 9-years-old girl become a "mow kalaf" and is recognized by Islamic tradition as having the same rights as a full grown woman!!!????

Please pay attention on the key word "tradition" or "culture" here ladies & gentlemen of the jury!! It is all but made up by the "Doctors in Religions!" & not by the one & only one creator of the univerese who knows well that the real maturity is a "gift by him" which only a few receive that & does not work by the humans' figures/standards!!! That is why Torah, Bible & Quran are devoid of such men made flaws!!!!  


Londonistan has really

by alaaf on

Londonistan has really become a Mid-East colonised thirdworld city. Very sad 

Jahanshah Javid

There's hope

by Jahanshah Javid on

I was just informed that my daughter went to a ceremony like this when she was growing up in Iran. She survived this non-sense. So there's hope.


It's an abomination to

by vildemose on

It's an abomination to brainwash these girls to view themselves only as a sexual object to please sexual needs of one man. Their entire idenitiy revolves around whether they have kept that piece of meat intact for the release of their future husband. Their entire self-worth is wrapped around their virginity and shame. It is such a travesity to be defined/reduced around a piece of flesh.


Child abuse

by Simorgh5555 on

Another generation of young Iranians inculcated with Islamic posion and forced to assimilate into Arabic culture. 3,000 years of glorious history and our women have now been relegated to nine year old "women" ready to be wed to a Haji three times her age. The ugly chador says it all.

I curse you Mohammed and your descendents! Death to Islam.  

Jeesh Daram


by Jeesh Daram on

دولت انگلستان برای حفظ و اشاعه اینگونه مراسم اسلامی میلیونها پوند خرج میکند که جلب رضایت دولتهای دست نشانده خود را بنماید

ما که بچه بودیم چیزی بنام "جشن تکلیف" و جود نداشت  و هرگونه علائم دال بر تکلیف شدنمان موجب خوردن پس گردنی از بزرگترها و معلمین نیز میشد


بهر صورت تعریف صحیح "تکلیف شدن" چنین است:  "کف کردن شاش".  اگر خاطر خطیرتان باشد میگفنتد فلانی شاشش کف کرده، یعنی بالغ شده است.  منتظر بودم یکی از این بچه ها به آن اشاره کند که خوشبختانه چنین نشد


حالا انگلستان بزور دارد ساعت زمان را برای مردم ایران و مسلمانان بعقب میکشد و هر قدمی که مردم ما برای نجات از جهل برمیدارند،  انگلستان ده قدم آنها را بعقب فشار میدهد. بهرصورت اگر قرار باشد جشنی در این مورد در ایران برگذار شود، بهترین شکل آن رفتن بچه ها پشت سفارت انگلیس است و رفع حاجت، برای آزمایش آنکه آیا بالغ شده اند یا نه


I think they ready to!

by عموجان on

Read Roxana Shirazi's Book (last living Slut)

Oh yeas also I think Muslim men are pervert and child molesters, 

9 years old????? 

 i could see the Akhoond was eyeing them closely.

hamsade ghadimi

حماسهٔ عایشه

hamsade ghadimi

تکلیف این طفلکا روشن شد.

Babak K.

To Everybody I watched

by Babak K. on

To Everybody

I watched this videos that I like to share with you, and I do not want to say too much,  you be the judge.  I know the video is not related to the topic, but I tought you should see this.  I do not know how to post a new topic on Iranian. Babbak K.



This is in London???

by vildemose on

This is in London???


URGING ALL UK residents

by ComraidsConcubine on

 Please, whatever your religious inclination, when you fill in your current Census form, please, for the sake of your children's education, tick the "NO religion" box, to prevent planning for more faith schools, which will lead to more segregation and prejudice.


These poor, sweet girls -  one could burst into tears. 

Let them all decide about their thought systems later in life.