Yazdi: Hoveyda Murdered, Not Excecuted

Former prime minister was shot during trial, Ebrahim Yazdi says


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sheila k

by shushtari on

with all due respect, but how can u even ask for 'respect' for a bloody murderer like yazdi???!!!

it doesn't matter now many million times he says he was wrong.....you can't wash off the blood of the brave souls he killed when he and the goons took over iran.  

I think you should talk to gen rahimi's widow, before you comment 


Revolution was an act of Masochism from Iranians point of view

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Iran became a thwarted power at the hands of the USA above all.

It is obvious why Iranians long for their monarchy to return, one by one those that participated against the shah are now seen as participating against the best Iran had to offer its own people and the world.

The internal traitors to this day are all those that participated, including the mullahs, the tudeh and MEK.  The main external traitor was the USA.  For now there are still plenty of Iranians that want to see Iran become like the USA, a corrupt and self masochistic society based on inequality before the law, with representative in government that are able and capable of lying and misinforming people, with help from the man stream media.

Thankfully within Iran, Monarchists are the majority alternative.  A reminder of when peace and freedom delivered more beauty, joy and sweetness to the lives of all Iranians.



Sheila K

people change- among them Yazdi and Abdul Karim Soroush

by Sheila K on

Abdul Karim Soroush: Once a hardline revolutionary who turned reformist lecturer in Tehran university and was loved by the students and now in exile.

Even the US Ambassay hostage takers have admitted to being wrong, after couple of decades passed.

Many of the revolutionaries changed including Yazi among them. He has been imprisoned and harassed by IRI many times. I think he deserves a little more respect.

This just shows that most people involved in orchestrating the revolution and post revolution of Iran were incompetent, ignorant, and narcissists. The country lacked (and lacks) real compassionate patriotic intellectuals.




by statira on

I think it's a total justice for people like Yazdi to stay alive, get cancer, stay in mullah's jails and knowing that ordinary people cursing them on the daily basis. He has a guilty conscience that  is worse than any type of torture. I remember this boozineh was even more mean and rude than Khalkhali. Everybody remebers his televised interviws with army generals. One would wonder when he treated his interviwees like that what he would have done behind the closed door. I heard he killed the brave general rahimi by cutting off his arms and thru torture.


bastard thugs are now reformists

by seannewyork on

the people of iran dont want killer like him around.  who the hell cares if he has cancer in prison.  he deserves to be there.

 my generation will blame thugs like him and will hold them accountable.

no one is going into the streets so killers/reformists can take over iran.


This Shameless Shyster

by Amir Normandi on

A new term is needed to be coined to define treason and sedition by these tri or quadric agents of foreign interests in Khomeini’s Gang that betrayed our nation. This shameless shyster still takes the people of Iran as fools.     

Amir Normandi

Anahid Hojjati

مثلث بیق

Anahid Hojjati

people in early days after revolution used to call Ghotbzadeh, Yazdi and Banisadr

مثلث بیق

and that shows how many felt about them. They were not liked.


Darius Kadivar

What is Next ? The Daily Show ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on

Anahid Hojjati

What is next?

by Anahid Hojjati on

video of Yazdi talking about communist leaders of soviet union were the ones who actually tortured Tudeh leaders? I don't know which one is worse, Banisadr's video or this one? they both speak out of their a..


the sad thing is

by shushtari on

that this piece of filth is a so-called reformist now!!!!


I wish a bunch of these murderers would be put to a horrifying, and painful slow death- so 'jeegaremoon haal beeyad'


I don't see the justice in having illiterate, filthy spies like this idiot living to be 80 while brave iranian patriots like dr. bakhtiar, shahriar shafiq, gen oveissi, and so on have be taken from us at such a young age.!!!


we shall have justice soon.....soon 


What is he trying to prove?

by statira on

That Hovyda was killed by monarchists? Yekee nist az een mardake aldang beporse, hezaran gatle digeh ke be daste khodesh va Khalkhali soorat gereft ham zire sare deegroon boodeh. Ajab reyee dare een martikehe jenayatkar!



by MRX1 on

Yazdi is a murderer and he knows it.Like other fello islamists he is charlatan, dooroughgoo va poor roo.  He just plays with words now to make people believe he was innocent by standard and he had nothing to do with all the killings including hoveyda. I only wish some one would shoot him and get it over with.



by Vattan on

You are right this guy shot Mr. Hoveyada, I heard he has  expressed of proud shooting Mr. Hoveyda.  God Bless his Soul . he was great Iranian.


Yazdi is a murderor

by mahmoudg on

just like the Ayatoilet Ghaffari, who was the one who shot His Excellency Hoveyda before the mock court was finished.  The entire apparatus of the Islamic Regime including this moron, Yazdi, are guilty and will be tried.


جنایتکاران ایران


چرا ایشان از جنایتهای خودش و دارودسته اش چیزی نمیگه ، این مردیکه یکی از جنایتکاران است که هیچ موقعه قابل بخشش نیست. این مردیکه با پول ملت و کشور رفتن خارج درس بخونند ولی عوضش رفتن با تروریستهای لبنانی و اخوان المسلمین و فلستنیها دوره ترور دیدند و امدند ایران برای نابوذی کشور.


vatan froush

by iamfine on

He was an agent and sold his country.


The Last 'Shots'

by Demo on

A 'trator's' last desperate efforts to leave this world clean! But how is he going handle the next world's 'Supreme Court' where none could argue all the evidence against him/her & where all witnesses become resurrected to testify against him including his own heart/hands/mouths/feet?