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Bahai rights respected, Mohammad Javad Larijani says


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Maryam Hojjat

This Criminal Iraqi Thug is So STUPID that

by Maryam Hojjat on

he thinks with all his lies he can fool IRANIANS.  ALL Islamists of IRR/IRI are criminal liers to the bone.


Watching things like this is

by YazGalt on

Watching things like this is boiling your blood! An obvious insult to any Iranians intelligence.


This post may have been mislabeled

by bparhami on

The YouTube video says it is Sadegh Larijani speaking in this video, not his brother, the Majlis speaker.

Lover of Iran


by Lover of Iran on


Immortal Guard

I prefer honest discrimination!

by Immortal Guard on

I prefer honest discrimination.

I lived in Germany and when I look back I appreciate their brutal honesty.

The Germans openly said that Germany is not an immigration country and that foreigners are not welcome. (Geh wo du hingehoerst)

It is far better than to live in a so-called immigration country and being treated as a second-class citizen.

What is the worth of a university degree? I saw Iranians with Ph.d degrees in engineering driving taxis or living a miserly existence. It would be better to be spared that useless degree and being told: "You drive a taxi or work as a real-esate agent and that's it!"

Here in the West the dreamsellers dish out misery!


The growing sympathy...

by alborz on

... amongst the masses, for the plight of the Baha'is has reached the point that this topic is being addressed on national television.

His reference to the human rights resolutions against Iran on the treatment of Baha'is further informs the viewers that may not be aware.

In a bizarro world, like Iran, where everything is the opposite of what is reported, Mr. Larijani has confirmed Iran's pogrom against the Baha'is.

Thank you, Mr. Larijani.


Immortal Guard

Yaa right the West is perfect!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by Immortal Guard on

I worked for both a Jew and a Christian and I was discriminated against by both of them.

If I am compensated then I will believe the Western Hypocrisy!

Even hyndred years ago the Persian high-ranking were far more open-minded and generous than todays Christians and Jews in the West!


khar khodeti

by maghshoosh on

I'm no expert on Iran's various election laws, but what Iran's noble human rights official points out about minority representation in the Iranian parliament actually shows the extreme limitations the system places even on the recognized religious minorities.  Someone can correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that according to IRI laws, a parliament candidate who's from the recognized religous minorities (Christian, Jewish or Zoroastrian) can only get votes from religious minorities and not from Muslims.  On the other hand, religious minorities are allowed to vote for Muslim candidates if they so choose.  If so, there's an inherent ceiling (which is very low compared to the general population) on the number of votes a minority candidate can possibly get.  Hence, his comment about him getting a million votes to get into the parliament, whereas a Jewish candidate did so w/ only 20K votes, is highly misleading; the system makes it impossible for a minority candidate to get anywhere near a million votes, even if his platform were popular w/ millions.

Relatedly, the 3 recognized minorities are by law entitled to only one parliament member from each of Jewish and Zoroastrian backgrounds, and 2 or 3 (not sure which) from Christian background.  In other words, if Zoroastrians manage to field two or more candidates whose views and platforms are so popular w/ the masses that they could get enough votes had they been Muslims, only one of them can get in.  Obviously, a distinguishing feature of a super-democracy.  E.g. there are no laws preventing the entire membership of the US congress from being Muslim.  Of course, when you go to higher levels in the Iranian government, by law no minorities need apply, just like other democracies.

Then there's the IRI's definition of a"cult," which conveniently includes the Baha'i.  I'm not aware of any known democracies having exclusion clauses for "cult" members, or even making "cults" illegal, which would require a definition of "cult" that would not contradict freedom of speech and association.  But, according to IRI's definition, ideologies whose mythology Islam has adapted from, are divine religions.  Otherwise, they're cults whose members cannot possibly have views worthy of a vote.

Although I'd agree that racist anti-Muslim sentiments are prevalent in parts of the West, Larijani's exaggerated description of it is ridiculous. But we'll skip that part.


Not that it matters...

by P_T_B_A on

I believe this one's name is Javad.  Sadegh is head of the Judiciary.  It doesn't matter which one is which; all three brothers are criminals anyway. 


برم این خواهر بسیجی و ایپد اسرایلیش رو!


 با اون لبخند ابلهانش. که اونجوری کله پوکش رو تکون میده در عکس العمل به مزخرفات و دروغ گویی های حاج آقا لاریجانی، انگار هدفش صیغه یکی‌ دو شبی‌ شدن حاج آقا و لیسانس دانشگاه آزاد هست!


سنگ پای قزوین


خوبه مجری پرسید که دانشگاه میتونن برن؟ ایشون هم راست راست دروغ گفت

Imam-e Zaman

They lie to their teeth

by Imam-e Zaman on

If a mullah makes  similar claims it is more understandable, after all most of them have not been outside Iran, and indeed some may be even sincere in what hey say. But this guy livd in the US for a while. He was a Ph.D student at Berkely around the time of the revolution. (He never finsished his degree, although they call Dr.) These people do whatever it takes to hang on to power.


وحوش فرقۀ اسلامیست


تنها زمانیکه وحوش فرقۀ اسلامیست دروغ نمیگویند؛ زمانی است که حرف نمیزنند.