Afshin Ziafat: Former Muslim

Finds Jesus


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Madeup stuff

by statira on

He's making up all those charandoparand to fool naive people and make his sermon more interesting. I live in one of the supposedly racist places in America, and have an unususal name but never had any of the problems he mentions. Most of the time, they think our names are cool unless your name is Ahmad,Mohammad or Mahmoud.


Where in the world....

by UnitedIran on

Where in the world you got a man with a low self esteem out of this sermon? Just because he had the ability and the courage to make the choice and follow his own path....he has low self esteem? If you are that much of small minded person that chastize someone for believing what he wants in his heart....then you should go back to Iran and enjoy all the limitations that will be placed on your heart and mind! What the hell are you doing your eyes!


A man with a very low self esteem

by statira on

I don't think any American even knows the origin of his name. His name is not a  common Islamic name like Mohamad, Mahmood or Hasan o Hossein. He just does'nt like his name and assumes everybody else thinks the same.


Getting out of shit and falling into turd

by Ensan on

Need to say nothing more!




Easiest way to get it....I considered it myself several times during my darkest days.


If he keep talking so much and being so annoying

by Bavafa on

Jesus will run away again and he will lose him again. 

I second Faramarz suggestion, get a job and get the hell out of dodge (Texas), you will be doing yourself a lot of good.



from bad to worse

by asadabad on

He was never familiar with islam in the first place.  He's being very dishonest by calling himself a "former Muslim" who converted to Christianity.  If his family left Iran due to the revolution, then they probably weren't a religious famliy in the first place.  My guess is that he comes from a very secular background.

On top of that, he admits that a Christian woman introduced him to the bible in 2nd grade!  If he started studying christianity at that age how was he ever a Muslim?  If mohammads "revelations" aren't believable--then using the same standards of logic--how is some man/god any more believable? 

He just wants attention.



by yolanda on

LOL! Persian cow-boy

He does sound like a Texan!

Wow! Iranians are very versatile! They can play piano and some of them can preach in Christian churches!

This morning, I had some free time.....I watched the entire 40 minutes of video......he said that he trained other Muslim Iranians.....later these people will go back Iran to evangelize Iran.....well, he does not want to do the dangerous job himself! I hope nobody will get into trouble!

hajj khnom

سرم درد گرفت.

hajj khnom

  بیچاره تقصیری نداره . تقصیر باباشه ! خودش گفت ' باباش آخوند بود.


What does "Thomas Jefferson" say about all this?

by jasonrobardas on

"Christianity is the most perverted system ever shone on man", Thomas Jefferson

"light houses are more useful than churches",Benjamin Franklin

"This would be the best of all possible worlds if there were no religion in it", John Adams

   Our deluded "Persian cow-boy" apparently did not heed the forefathers'vision of enlightenment!!


The Scam Artists!

by Demo on

Do 'anything' for the love of 'fat' $. The below is another one & with no surprise, his name is 'Afshin Javid.' No laughing matter! Put them together & you have 'Javid Ziafat!!!!'




What's in a name?

by maghshoosh on

I only listened to the 1st couple minutes of it, and his explanation of the W. Virginia incident doesn't make sense to me.  He claims that at the airport in W. Virginia his hosts thought someone dressed in Islamic garb must be him b/c of his name, Afshin Ziafat.  But I don't think an average American who's not familiar w/ Iranian names would automatically interprete his name, which is not a Muslim one, as from the Middle East.  The hosts chased after a Middle Eastern/Islamically-dressed guy b/c they must have already known that their guest speaker is a Middle Eastern ex-Muslim convert, not b/c the name cued them off.

I figured his explanation of supernatural phenomena in the rest of his speech would probably be no more convincing than the above, so I cut my losses.



by yolanda on

Wow! a very talkative guy!

He has 3700 followers on twitter and 4400 friends on face-book!


He said his dad wanted him to become an MD, but he decided to become a preacher......his dad is ashamed of him! I hope he and his dad have reconciled!


The Yellow Rose of Texas!

by Faramarz on

This is so bad that I could only watch about 5 minutes of it.

I understand that everyone has to make a living and feed his family, but not like this. He is overplaying his name Afshin Ziafat as if it is Osama bin Ladan. Please get a real job and move out of Texas!

Afshino Ziafatti, uno Cowboy Americano! See, that's not too hard!