Daryoush Rezaei Nejad: Scientist Assassinated

"Nuclear" researcher shot dead in Tehran

BBC: An Iranian scientist believed to have links to the country's nuclear programme has been shot dead outside his home in Tehran, Iranian media say. Isna news agency named him as Daryoush Rezaei, 35, adding that his wife was wounded and rushed to hospital. In 2010, nuclear scientist Massoud Ali Mohammadi was killed by a remote-controlled bomb in Tehran. Iran blamed that attack on Israeli secret service Mossad. Israel has long warned about Iran's nuclear programme. Some reports said the latest attack involved assailants on a motorcycle, who shot him in the neck in front of his house >>>


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Assassination facilitating the blame game

by maghshoosh on

The economist Fariborz Raisdana has received a 1-year jail sentence for merely criticizing Ahmadinejad's subsidy cuts in a BBC interview.  And here's Mokhtari, a pro-Ahmadinejad political commentator in Iran, directly mentioning to a foreign news agency the Leader's poor judgement in the Moslehi affair as a factor in facilitating this assassination that's blamed on foreign enemies.  This may be an indication that the Ahmadinejad camp intends to use this incident to score points against the Principalists & the SL.  And is Mokhtari gonna face repercussions for such an indiscretion?


mamlekateh darim

by mehrdadm on

دانشمندهامون رو یکی‌ یکی‌ ترور میکنند، براشون یک دونه پاسدار نمیذارند مواظبشون باشه مملکته داریم، ملته شهید پروره داریم


An act of terrorism regardless of who was behind the act

by Bavafa on

My condolences to his family and friends

'Vahdat' is the main key to victory 



Iranian commentator blames SL's bad judgement for assassination

by maghshoosh on

At around 2:55 min into the above video, in response to the interviewer's question on Iran's nuclear ambitions, the Iranian commentator, Mokhtari, brings up the dismissal affair of the Intelligence Minister Moslehi and criticizes the Supreme Leader's reinstatement of Moslehi as a bad decision that contributed to the latest assassination.  Mokhtari brings this up even though it's not directly related to the question he's answering.  Mokhtari is a pro-gov't commentator that's appeared often on PressTV.