Alex Seifalian: Synthetic windpipe

University College London scientist creates world's first

BBC, Fergus Walsh: I've held a few strange body parts in my hands over the years - all I should stress, in the line of work. They have ranged from mechanical heart pumps to hi-etch prosthetic limbs. But none more life-like than the synthetic trachea manufactured by scientists from University College London. The team, lead by Professor Alex Seifalian, have patented a nanocomposite material which was used to create the first completely synthetic windpipe >>>


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by afshin on

If PressTV were to put out a report saying the sky is blue, I would go out to check and make sure.  Not sure why are we regurgitating news pieces from that crappy, state-run fascist propaganda machine in the first place.  These are the same people that were present when Maziar Bahari was being tortured.  What a disgrace of an outfit. PressTV!!!


Thanks to this doctor and

by Khebedin on

Thanks to this doctor and thanks to University of London, who both are helping humans in many ways. I wish Iran good luck in receiving the benefit of University College of London. In my view the Brits have in the last 40 yeras contributed a lot for Iran, scientifically, culturaly as well as socially, where the Germans have only benefited from the Iranain medical doctors who play a significant role in the medical professions in Germany. Without the Iranian medical doctors, Germany will face a serious shortage of medical doctors.