Siberian Tiger

Dies from eating diseased donkey meat

AFP: A SIBERIAN tiger delivered to Iran by Russia in a swap deal last year has died from a disease which one official said it contracted before it was given to Teheran, reports said on Monday. The tiger was a resident of Teheran's Eram Zoo since April 2009 when Russia gave it to Iran along with a Siberian tigress in exchange for two Persian leopards. Hooshang Ziaee, an adviser to Iran's Environmental Protection Organisation, told ISNA news agency that the tiger had been infected with Feline Immunodeficiency Virus (FIV) but it was unclear when it died. 'The final cause for the death of the Siberian tiger was that it and other felines fed on diseased donkeys,' he said >>>


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Abdy Sadri

Siberian Tiger's sad death

by Abdy Sadri on

How can we expect the system in Iran to look after the life of an imported animal when they are incapable of looking after the life and well being of their citizens? Environment, Wildlife, human wellbeing are words which have no meaning in Iran. Just look at Tehran’s pollution and the number of people hospitalized as a result of respiratory diseases. Neither the government nor people can understand the importance of wildlife, vegetations, clean air, and their effects on each and all of us. Just look at the traffic fatalities since revolution, 700,000 death and 15 millions seriously injuried. Look at the traffic in Tehran, it has turned the city into an unpleasant and unliveable city. And yet its architect Karbaschi who turned Tehran to this “ City of Hell is free with millions of bribe cash he received from developers to allow to do what they did to Northern Tehran, and the destruction of all gardens and vegetations. The very place where the old regime had formulated restrictions on development, and the city had boundaries where developers could not build beyond that. Only recently I came across a website where I found people in Tehran now talking about the pollution: ttp://

It is all just a sad case, no matter which way you look at it


Jonny Dollar

Good eyes Irooni! Tehran gooshteh kharesh khoob nist!

by Jonny Dollar on

Indeed it is him! How is he back in iran? khar to khar 

For superior goosht they should have taken the tiger to Zanjan area.



"Mofsed e Fel- Zoo"

by Mehrban on

Now that is funny! :-)))


Mofsed Fel-Zoo

by Milan on

the tiger had questionable activities in the past!



by Irooni on


این آقای دکتر


این آقای دکتر پیام محبی (دامپزشک) همون دوست پسر رکسانا صاربریه که وقتی برگشت آمریکا توی فرودگاه فارگوباهاش بود. ما که نفهمیدیم این مملکت کی به کیه



Which is more pathetic


Being taken for a ride by a so called ally by being given a sick Tiger or having a an incompetent system in which  rare tigers die?


solitory confinement

by statira on

Hatman az ghose o tanhayee morderh. Eena ba adamash chejoor raftar mikonand ke heivoonash bashe. Even the tiger didn't wanna live in Iran.


آدمها رو نکشن،


سیبرین ببر پیشکششون