Sarah Shahi

"Fairly Legal" tv series

Sarah Shahi says she never has had a master plan for her acting career. “I have no idea what is in store,” she said. “I just hope that, whatever it is, I keep surprising people in a good way. I know that I’ve been attracted to the roles before the money, and I hope that that attitude will take me to where the two will combine nicely.” That attitude — plus her looks, talent and hard work — has taken her to the leading role in a new American network TV show, a first for an Iranian-American actor. Fairly Legal premieres January 20 on the USA Network >>>


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Red Wine has done some deep, deep research on her.

by عموجان on

Good info to have

I am imagining her running around in IRI’s courts and defending the innocent just like in the clip but with Chador.

She is Shahi and hot her acting, we have to wait and see.

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

Many people do not know her that family is, but we do and that is important to us. is a matter of a family , nothing more.


The Lovely "L" Lady???

by Tavana on

Playing (or for real, perhaps) as a "L" Lover in the "L" World Series:


Do we still need to be proud of her as a Fathali Shah Qajar's decendent???

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

She is one of the granddaughters of Hazrat-e Bozorgavar Fathali Shah Qajar.She is a very Lovely Lady.

God bless Her and also Her dear Family .

13th Legion

She's good...

by 13th Legion on

She has a nice spark about her, look forward to the watching the show.

Sargord Pirouz

G Ram

by Sargord Pirouz on

The Iranian part is indeed spread out: Tehran, Geneva, Lausanne, Paris, La Rochelle, Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, Pennsylvania, Rwanda, Washington DC...

And the Iranian part that's here in the US is going on fourth generation American. It's in the works! 

Sargord Pirouz

Lol w/Arthimis

by Sargord Pirouz on

Yeah, I knew folks would be incredulous at yet another family story coming from Sargord. But hey, what am I supposed to do? That's my family for you. 

And you wanna know the worst thing about it? There are those in the family, particularly among the older generation, that are critical of one another for the most stupid and petty of reasons. I'm guessing this is stereotypical.  


lol @Sargord... :D) You are

by Arthimis on

lol @Sargord... :D)

You are indeed "killing us" with so much laughter here... :D Sir, I used to get angry reading your comments, but now I realize how entertaining you are here... You should get into writing some serious comedies professionally and not just here! You are good... :-))

Jonny Dollar

Bavafa, I was just kidding.

by Jonny Dollar on

I have been happily married for a long time and have beautiful kids. Don't you think? Atually, I have never dated an Iranian since I was warned about the same thing that you mentioned. That was never me. I am very khaki, and i don't care for shallow girls whom I met many when i used to do fashion photography as a hobby. Take care!

"God is love!"

G. Rahmanian


by G. Rahmanian on

SP: No offense to dogs, but your relatives must have bred like them. You seem to have people all over the planet!!!


JD: If it is any consolation

by Bavafa on

"it is killing me"

You are not the only one....join the crowd and get in the line and wait your turn.  There is many of us here.

Good comment though about being "shahi" but I got to warn you about the "shahi", they are high maintenance so be careful what you wish for.


Jonny Dollar

Is she really Shahi?

by Jonny Dollar on

At least we got one who is brave enough to admit it! I wish her lots success and happiness! KHOSHGELE!

Oh Sagord, you and your imaginary iranian connection is so repetitious, it is killing me! KHODA YE AGHLI BETO BEDEH YE DOKHTARAM LENGEH YEH IN be ma!

"God is love!"

Sargord Pirouz

Leading role as in a

by Sargord Pirouz on

Leading role as in a regular? One of my Iranian cousins was a special guest star on a prime time show back in the 90s. Her American husband was the show's leading actor.