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Film captures the emotions of several Persian immigrants living in Greater Toronto Area. It differs from the usual drama series in that it is structured as a performance art rather than a straightforward drama series. Directed by Roozbeh Mihankhah. Written by: Leila Moslemi. With Leila Moslemi, Adel Ghorbani, Cinematographer: Nima Orang. Assistant Director: Mona Ketabian. Shot on Canon 7D in 3.5 hours.

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Give them credit for their

by Arthimis on

Give them credit for their efforts, but it is not my cup of tea personally... With all due respect it seems to me that it is gone a bit excessive in over trying... Simply not very "natural" and "effortless" for a viewer like me to connect to the real meaning of the story... That's just my view, take and taste! But as I wrote before, I definitely think they deserve a praise for their efforts... It's not easy to make any film... Good luck to them... Love and Peace.


No communication


No communication!..liked the atmosphere though. 

Nader Vanaki

هموطنان گرامی یه سوال داشتم

Nader Vanaki

دوتا اپیزود اول رو نیگاه کردم یکه کلمه حرف از دهن کسی خارج نشد. راستش اپیزود دوّم هم این دلنگ و دلنگ گیتار قاطی پاتی با دستگاه ماهور یا دشتی، یه خورده حوصله ام رو سر برد. از هموطنان گرامی سوألم اینه که کسی توی قسمت های بعدی حرف می زنه؟ ادامه بدم؟

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Very well made. A bit too abstract. But the acting is great. Nice cinematography... this could be the foundations of a compelling soap opera.