Parazit: Trita Parsi

Interview with NIAC president &...


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Anahid Hojjati

No, Trita Parsi does not sound fake

by Anahid Hojjati on

He was Parsi before Iranians in facebook who live in Diaspora all got scared and they became all Parsi. This Parsi has been Parsi as long as I have heard of him and you criticize someone 's name since your name is fantastic and not fake. I hear "alaaf" is very common name in certain parts of Iran :).


I've always thought "Trita

by alaaf on

I've always thought "Trita Parsi" was a fake sounding name. 


haha he started NIAC to stop sanction on Facebook

by seannewyork on

Does this guy really think anyone buys what he is selling.  What a liar.  He is like we stopped the us from having sanctions on Iranian internet that would hurt the Iranian ppl.  What about your actions that have hurt the Iranian people since you started NIAC.

 This guy is a complete liar and has been defaced by the green revolution because he looks foolish saying negotiate with this regime.  He also became a human rights expert after the greens took to the street.  Lets see what other hats he will wear.

 Hashemi is very appreciative of his work.

Also he is a buddy of the Leverettts.


I was LMAO

by Benyamin on

This episode was very funny. Great job guys.


To Fred (the Person NIAC has sued)

by IranFirst on


Here is a recent video update and request for donation by Hassan Dai (the person NIAC had sued).



Here is his site with updates  and documents about exposing IRI lobbyists


Jahanshah Javid

Human Rights

by Jahanshah Javid on

I've been following Trita Parsi for almost 15 years. He's one of the few Iranians you can describe as a textbook politician. He has consistently advocated peace, dialogue, human rights and democratic values.

Good interview. Although I wish Parsi had put emphasis on human rights, especially in his closing statement.



by Fatollah on

کامبیز خان
با نوکر یا کلفت خونۀ خان بابات صحبت نمی  کنی که؟
این که شد جورج بوش وار عمل کردن


Most disappointing interview so far

by Bavafa on

Kambiz need to learn on disguising his bias and hostility better. But then again the founding of his program may very well depend on such bias.





اینکه همیشه میگفت لابیگر نیست، ولی فعلاً تمکین کرده که لابیگر است. باشد در آینده نزدیک در باره رابطه اش با نمایندگان جمهوری اسلامی که مدارکش موجود است هم تمکین کند.


راستی کار شکایت از یک ایرانی که گفته بود اینها لابیگر هستند به کجا رسیده؟