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Mola Nasredeen

They've just joined the line

by Mola Nasredeen on

just a while ago

but they wanna go


Look! 'Demonization' does not work here anymore.

Look! 'Distraction' does not work here anymore.

Trita Parsi is not the Shah of Iran

but look at his accomplishments

as a positive force among the Iranian Americans.

Q: What have you all whiners done for us?

Q: What have you given us but 'kashk'?

Simple and easy.



by oktaby on

Your support of TP is similar to your earlier support of Mousavi et al. It will evolve.

Good comment and link RG



What parazit (VOA), parsi type, brzezinski type have in common?

by Kashk on

Make sure the secular voice of Iran is muzzled, Zahra Bahrami and hundreds of other voices that have been silenced for the phony crimes of drug smuggling, affiliation with mojahedin khagh and/or shahis.

IRI enablers like parsi/hooshang amirahmadi/reza aslan are a bunch of opportunist that are puppets of brzezinski (a fellow john hoppkins of parsi).

Here is brzezinski 30 years ago lecturing taliban: god is with you, go back and get your mosques .... and now his tofaleha can't separate islam from iran in one sentence.





Zahra you will not be forgotten

by AlexInFlorida on

Amazing we have people like this get killed


powerful speech is why they killed her not for having drugs.


So many secular Iranian Americans abroad passionately hate Parsi

by Kashk on

Just like his beloved IRI, according to him all his oppositions are either mojahedin khalgh or shahis. Marginalizing his opposition by branding them all under the same umbrella, is this his body’s Brzezinski’s idea? 


The reason Zahra Bahrami was executed.

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

See the video below:


To me, a single hair of this "drug dealer" whith her courage, patriotism and love for people of Iran and uncompromising defiance of the enemies of Iran, the fascist islamist regime is worth more than  an entire battalion of terrorist sepah and bassiji thugs.

Roohe in shahide  rahe azad shad. 

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


fussygurila, this is not Iran, we need proof

by Kashk on

and when I say proof, I don't mean kayhan or ahmadinejad's words ... why the stupid Parazit program didn't mention any of her drug related crimes along with her execution news? Link please ...


kashk's worry!

by fussygorilla on

Kashk is worried about the execution of a proessional, lifetime drug smuggler.  He should have read the biography and tragic life story of this woman who had been convicted several times and jailed for trafficing and selling drugs in Europe(not in Iran, mind you). Her own son is a drug addict(thanks to his mother's profession) and still in prison in Holland for theft and drug sales. 

just becuse you hate Iranian rulers, you should not forget your conscience and justice and use phony claims of "human rights" as a pretext. Dumb, dumb, dumb.


Re: NIAC & human rights in Iran

by MM on

For someone that was out of Iran when he was 4 years old, Trita did pretty well in a Farsi interview.  However, ACTIONS speak louder than words and the following is a brief summary of NIAC ACTIONS on human rights issue in Iran:

* NIAC has taken a stance with regards to the following bills and influenced them with voter awareness followed by electronic writing campaigns that were hand-delivered to the Congressional offices as well as talks with the Capitol staffers/Representatives:

Stand With the Iranian People: support The Stand With the Iranian People Act (H.R.4303), support Iranian Digital Empowerment Act (H.R.4301), oppose Iranian Refined Petroleum Sanctions Act (H.R. 2194), oppose Comprehensive Iran Sanctions, Divestment, and Accountability Act (S.2799), support Reduce Iranian Cyber-Suppression Act (H.R.3284 / S.1475), oppose Accountability for Business Choices in Iran Act (H.R.3922), support Iran Human Rights Sanctions Act (H.R.4647 / S.3022), support Travel Ban (H.CON.RES.256)

Defend Human Rights: support Religious Freedom Resolution (H.RES.33), support Granger Resolution (H.RES.888), support Baha'i Resolution (S.RES.71 / H.Res. 175), support U.S. Hikers Resolution (S.CON.RES.40 / H.Con.Res. 189), support Robert Levinson Resolution (H.Con.Res. 36 / S.CON.RES.4) .

* 2007-2010: Twice a year, NIAC holds a major policy conference on Capitol Hill to examine the most significant and timely issues facing the US and Iran & NIAC and Amnesty International held a joint conference on Capitol Hill titled "Human Rights in Iran and U.S. Policy Options.

* 2007:  Even the real rats got envious: Why has Amnesty International invited a stooge of the Iranian regime to a Congressional hearing on Iranian human rights abuses?  By a jealous Kenneth Timmerman.  

* 2008: Defeated a Congressional resolution that would have paved the way for a US-Iran war.

* 2009: Ensured human rights were on the agenda when the U.S. began talks with Iran.  This has, hopefully, led to the recent 2010 boycott of the 8 Iranian officials with the worst human rights record.

* 2009: Helped remove sanctions on vital online communication tools like MSN Messenger, FaceBook, and YouTube to ensure the free flow of information in Iran (Stand with the people of Iran Congressional Act).

* 2010: NIAC Conference Highlights Demand for Human Rights of Iranian People.

* 2010: Congressional Testimony of Trita Parsi on Human Rights in Iran.


So, what is your organization's record of accomplishments and please do not tell me about what someone is boasting to do, complain and especially playing the blame-game.   Thank you.


Zahra Bahrami’s execution – not in Parazit’s news segment!!!

by Kashk on

Parazit’s news segment  included news about  Navid Khangani, Khalil Bahramian ... prison sentences even Daryoush Homayoon's death and not a single reference to execution of Zahra Bahrami .... WHY? No respect for REAL human rights for Iran, keep the soup boiling but not to the extent that it overflows the pot. Democracy in the region and cheap oil don't mix.  Plus these guys are sooooooooooo loooos!

Mola Nasredeen


by Mola Nasredeen on

your hearts out Nay Sayers.

Trita Parsi along with 

National Iranian American Council (NIAC)

Is one of the few Iranian organization that truely represents us.

Some of NIAC's individual successes include:

-- In 2008, NIAC defeated a Congressional resolution that would have paved the way for a US-Iran war.

-- In 2009, NIAC launched a successful campaign seeking a retraction from California Representative Jane Harman, whose controversial statement regarding the "separation" of Iran's ethnic groups offended many.  In response to NIAC's efforts, Rep. Harman quickly retracted her comment and expressed regret for the concern it caused. 

-- NIAC successfully compelled the National Geographic Society to correct their 8th edition maps to read "Persian Gulf" instead of "Arabian Gulf."

-- NIAC successfully challenged's discrimination against Iranian Americans, compelling the company to give Iranian Americans a fair chance to compete in the job market.

-- NIAC sought and obtained an apology from MSNBC's Don Imus for a derogatory comment he made in 2004 about an Iranian airliner crash that killed 43 passengers.

-- NIAC worked with writer/director Wayne Kramer and the Weinstein Company to make changes to the screenplay for Crossing Over (2007). The film originally depicted Iranian Americans committing an "honor killing." Had the script not changed, the movie would have had similar effects for the Iranian-American community as the film Not Without My Daughter (1991)

--NIAC has registered thousands of Iranian-American voters.

--NIAC published the first-ever IranCensus, showing the make-up of our community.


Now ask yourself: What have you (and I mean all of you) done for us beside nagging 24/7 on this website? 


Trita Tazi again

by Ferfereh on



I get sick to see this guy , again here who he is :

Iranian regimes lobby in US - Part 1

Iranian regimes lobby in US - Part 2


hamsade ghadimi

human rights seems to be an

by hamsade ghadimi on

human rights seems to be an afterthought for this organization.  a few years back, a friend of mine who used to donate to niac asked t. parsi personally why they don't work for human rights in iran.  parsi's answer: "we don't especialize in human rights."  my friend totally withdrew from the organization when niac sent out letters to their members bragging about being invited to the white house to witness the signing of iran sanctions by obama (something that they, and my friend, had fought).  the invitation is a coup for a lobby group even it signified their lobby failure: to be invited, your "party koloft misheh!"  the notion that parsi denied in this interview. his double-talk about concept of lobbying is very troubling.  as if iranian americans are so naive that they don't know the role of lobbyists. parsi weaseled his way out of answering every question. he's against velayat faghih and against overthrowing it and did not clearly elaborate how he would resolve these notions.

overall, it was probably the weakest interview that i've seen on this program and a waste of 1 minute talk to the viewers.


Most Democracies do not Enjoy Freedom or Human Rights.

by AlexInFlorida on

Most Iranians when they think they want democracy it is actually the Freedom and Human rights they aspire to, like they enjoyed during the time of the Shah.

If Iranians knew what they will get with more democracy, like what 95% of democracies have got, like Haiti or India or Congo, the dream of a more democratic iran will disappear very quickly.

Fortunately we have a great Tradition of Freedom and Justice in our Non Islamic culture, which the Monarchy Represented for 2500 years very well.

When the dust settles, and the dominating interests over our country change, due to competition, it's clear what the majority of Iranias will expect and want from their country and government... Freedom and Justice for all as it has existed in persian culture and monarchy will emerge triumphant.

We are living the dark days of Iran today because of the misguided desire of a previous generation for democracy first, not realizing the political traps laid around them or the inherently democratic nature of the persian monarchy for over 2500 years, in contrast to western monarchies.


NIAC not caring about Human Rights and Freedom For Iranians

by AlexInFlorida on

This is a big noteworthy story.

Because if we can't prioritize Freedom for Iranians, the kind of Freedom that did exist for the first time in hundreds of years during the time of the Shah, then how can we expect Iranians to have the kind of protection that only freedom brings, which itself gives rise to secured human rights.

Most Iranians know they enjoyed Freedom during the time of the Shah, we should never forget that, nor the lies that were propogated to slander the regime in order to rob the people of their Freedom.  

In the past the west brought up human rights to lie about Shahs regime and have not prioritized it since.  What happened to our Human rights?

JJ in Iran most Iranians want Freedom First with human rights.

As many people as want democracy in Iran there are just as many that don't want it at all if not more, based on watching the USA and the inherent tyranny, despotism/dictatorship that is at the very heart of every democracy that has ever existed. People want freedom of expression more than democracy.

Dariush Kabir

No sir! I am sorry again JJ!

by Dariush Kabir on

So you agree that NIAC has not been pushing Human Right in Iran "consistently" for the last 15 years!

No they(NIAC) did not listen to people, they got on the Human Right wagon when they had no other choice, no one took them seriously. people were being beat up in the street right in the open, Mr Tirta could not help hide them anymore. There is a different between being a politician and being a fraud politician. He is a front for some segment of the regime, in particular the Sepah. He is doing everything he can to keep the commerce line open, even if he casually every now and then he would mention "Human Right" in Iran. He has never answered to the charges laid against him in particular to his connection to some of the companies attached to Sepah.

Democratic Iran will not happen until there is a constitution change, and democratic institutions be able to function freely in Iran, such as political parties, free press, and..... Under this regime with or without "Velayet" democracy does not mean anything.


T.Parsi: Por az khaali

by Shemirani on

T.Parsi: Por az khaali !!!!!!

Lobbying (also Lobby) is the intention of influencing decisions made by legislators and officials in the government by individuals, other legislators .....

i didn't understand why he felt ashamed about it (by saying its more like "educating") . its very cheap when people twists with worlds like if the audiance hichi saresh nemishe ! il faut appeller un chat un chat !... pietre orateur et discours très creux !

ye medal facebook behesh bedim gonahdare zahmat keshide :D


G. Rahmanian

What A Shame!

by G. Rahmanian on

It is a shame that Mr. Parsi finds it necessary to resort to the kind of language similar to that of the IR's in referring to his/NIAC's opponents. Calling his/NIAC's opponents members of PMOI--he did qualify his original statement, afterwards--only demonstrates his lack of confidence in his organization and its work. The regime in Tehran also labeled millions of Iranians who took to the streets of major cities of Iran after the fraudulent presidential elections of 2009, foreign agents. A person whose organization has sued an Iranian for what he believes are false accusations against his organization, should at least employ more caution when it comes to such sensitive issues as his opponents. Does he, indeed, have any evidence in his possession to support his claim that "many" of those who opposed this interview were members of PMOI? Was this a calculated attempt on his part to use this interview in order to attack his/NIAC's opponents believing in the instant, though short-lived, damage of such aspersions? 


NIAC counter weight to AIPAC/neocon has earned them some enemies

by Bavafa on

The fact remains that NIAC has done far more to advance and protect the Iranian-American interest and Iranian people in general then all other opposition groups outside of Iran combined. It is also noteworthy that the common denominator among those opposing NIAC stems out from NIAC's anti-war and to some extend anti sanction position. Not one has offered an [real] alternative to giving Iranians a voice nor they get involved to improve where improvement can be made.


Anahid Hojjati

Yes, NIAC listens to membership

by Anahid Hojjati on

Many Iranian organizations never listen to their members and leaders just go ahead and march their own drums. From e-mails that I have been receiving from NIAC, I see that based on the input they get from their members, they change what issues have priority for them, at least to certain degree. So here we have a group that listens to their members, what a novel concept in Iranian politics, quite possibly a first. I challenge everyone to show me another Iranian party or organization in history of Iran in past 7o years that the leaders actually did that. I am curious to know,and please let it be an organization that has more than 100 members so it actually matters.

Jahanshah Javid

Dariush Kabir!

by Jahanshah Javid on

So NIAC did not highlight human rights abuses in Iran a few years ago. So what? People complained, they listened and they IMPROVED their stance. What's the problem?

And he said he's against Velayate Faghih and for a democratic Iran. Isn't that what we all want?

So he speaks the language of politicians, which is not as straight as the average person. I don't hold that against him or any other politician.

Dariush Kabir

NO JJ, I am sorry!

by Dariush Kabir on

Mr Parsi was not into Human Right until a few years ago. I remember he directly answered a question a few years ago that NIAC cannot get into Human Right, and Human Right in Iran is not NIAC's issue (I think it was when KHatami was president). NIAC and Mr Trita Parsi are IRI agent in USA, He would love to hide behind "Mujahidin My enemy", but that is not going to fly. It is convenient for him to say we do not want "Velayet Faghieh" in Iran, but he would never answer what would IRI be without the "velayet Faghieh". and why not regime change, how could reform work in this kind of brutal and criminal regime?


Seriously speaking though

by Doctor mohandes on

WHy could not Both sar dar refight doost and the host wipe the smirks off their faces all along the interview? Vaat vvazz goeeng on?


He doesn't know what "bar

by vildemose on

He doesn't know what "bar andazi" means?? I doubt it....

Artificial Intelligence

More proof that Trita is up to no good

by Artificial Intelligence on

I loved the questions that was asked of him as it shows how bankrupt his ideology is . The guy helped keep google and facebook alive in Iran? Great job Trita!

Also, the guy can not speak well. He has terrible mannerism and delivery. Fix the ugly teeth and stop dancing around your failed solutions for Iranians. There is no way that you can democratize this system. He says he is against the Velayat. How the hell are you or how are Iranians going to get rid of it by peaceful means?    

NIAC is up to no good for Iranians.

Mola Nasredeen

چه قدر جلفو لوسه این پسرک گوینده!

Mola Nasredeen

چرا این قدر شعار میده؟

چرا اینقدر داد میزنه؟

آنقدر داد زد

مجبور شدم بزارمش روی 'puase' تا بعد.



by Doctor mohandes on

The entire interview was conducted so professionally in my view , and No one can or should blame Kambiz for going over the line. His job is to Get answers to questions, Clear and articulate ones, Not something Vagues and Middle of the roadish. Mr. Parsi Should have been more specific about what This ideal "positive goal" really is about, given that now he has clearly stated his position ragarding VF.

I think he should be considered for a position in the ministry of culture and art or something! he ain't look or sound political!

Ayatoillet khan

Agha Jan. Saying anyone who does not get the reality of the situation is a supporter of IRI is a very serious charge. For there are some who may understand the realities yet are unable, due to various reasons to act up on it.



by ali_aaa on

As Karmer  says, it sounds made up. No disrespect, I don't know this  guy, but he look sooooooo much like "Agha zadeh" -I hate that ring on his finger which is a trade mark of "Hezbullahi" and "Sabzullahi"


shab khosh 


Swedish Head of the NIAC!! WHAT?? WHAT??

by ayatoilet1 on

NIAC stands for National Iranian-American Council ..and this dude founded it, runs like a trust fund for himself and he's - yes you guessed it - Swedish Iranian!! I don't have anything against him, but NIAC is a business, he milks it, and he's not even Iranian-American...and he is also President for Life! Like Idi Amin. If we want democracy - then let there be free fair open voting for the Presidency of the NIAC. By the way Iranians want Freedom and Democracy - not just democracy Mr. Parsi. They are not the same thing. Democracy is an external-collective process for decision making, Freedom is about individual rights ...freedom of speech, freedom of religion, freedon of Expression, etc etc. Iran's constitution is fundamentally flawed, no attention was paid to the concept of Freedom and the rights of individuals. Iranians want freedom as well as democracy. I disagree with Trita on the way in which the regime will be toppled. I believe there has to be an armed inssurection. With the Pasdars having guns I don't see how Iranians can win fighting them in the streets, I am for the concept of an attack, an invasion or at the very least a supported revolution - where the people end up having guns too to fight the regime. Anyone who doesn't get the reality of the situation, in my opinion, is supporting the Islamic Regime. Iranians can fight and win their freedom - but they need guns from somewhere!