Impact: Iran and Middle East

Discussion: Hamid Dabashi, Mansour Farhang, Flynt Leverett and Robert Malley


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David ET

درسی‌ از مردم تونس، مصر و لیبی‌ برای ایرانیان:

David ET

شتر سواری دولا دولا نمیشه

G. Rahmanian

عبدالكريم سروش يك شارلاتان بيش نيست!

G. Rahmanian

امثال سروش وقتي نتوانستند به مقامهاي مورد نظرشان در جمهوري اسلامي دست يابند، به غرب امده وبه اصطلاح خودشان به مبازره با نظام بر خاستند. اين اقا به ملت ايران خيانت كرد و با همدوشانش ده ها هزار دانشجو واستاد را از تحصيل و تدريس محروم كردند! اين دجال در يك مصاحبه در سالهاي أخير ادعا كرد به دانشجويان خدمت كرده وانها بايد قدر اين خدمتها را بدانند.


Old discussion, see the new ones

by maghshoosh on

The above discussion is from almost 2 years ago.  Here are more current punditry from Dabashi & Hashemi:



نامه افشاگر دکتر عبدالکریم سروش


Mash Ghasem

دباشی : طبقه کارگر ایران را به بی‌ حقوقی مطلق کشانده اند

Mash Ghasem

حمید دباشی در گفت گو با اشتراک: طبقه کارگر ایران را به بی‌ حقوقی مطلق کشانده اند
- آنچه امروز در شمال آفریقا شاهد آن هستیم، بسیاری از تحلیلگران و مفسران سیاسی را غافلگیر کرده است. ارزیابی شما از علل بروز این جنبشها چیست؟


Empty Headed Pundits

by bahmani on

The bottom line is that not a single one of these people know what Iran is going to do, or what is going to happen.

I'll say Dabashi is the best out of the bunch, Farhang is too old and too pissed off to make any kind of coherent point, the others are irrelevant self taught pseudo-experts who don't get the region's nuances, never mind be able to post a coherent opinion.

Iran is the genius in the bottle. And has been let out. Now the region will have to contemplate this key point:

Allowing Islam into it's political process. The danger is that Islam tends to promise the poor money and food. This is hard for democracy to deliver without becoming communism. Islam can safely espouse communist ideas, without any risk. Because regardless of what anyone thinks, Islam has god on it's side.


that everett

by shushtari on

character is still around??!

wow, I thought he would be hiding in syria by now.....the rest of the rats are jumpin ship ,so should he LOL 

Artificial Intelligence

Typical Garbage

by Artificial Intelligence on

By typical radical leftist fossilized IRI supporters and defenders. Defending IRI because of America, Israel and the Neocons. Yeh right.

Darius Kadivar

Why Libya Gave Up on the Bomb by Flynt Leverett ... LOL

by Darius Kadivar on

Why Libya Gave Up on the Bomb by Flynt Leverett (NY TImes) January 23, 2004

No Wonder They Don't Need it ... Quaddafi is Already Bombing his Own People:

Warplanes and Troops Besiege Protesters in Libyan Capital (NY Times) 21 Feb 2011  


Now You see What Reliable Scholars these Clowns are ...



Darius Kadivar

Simeh Akhareshooneh ;0) Only Dabashi Got One Thing Right ;0))

by Darius Kadivar on

On The Twitter Revolution in Iran and the Arab World ...

As for the Rest of their Bankrupt arguments They will soon End in the dustbins of history. 


The whole discussion is irrelevant

by ghalam-doon on

I don't know the date of this discussion but considering what is happeing in the region today, all these discussions are irrelevant.

These guys and other talking heads should make a radical paradigm shift.


Dear Doc-Mohandes

by masoudA on

Theses people get paid via grants and awards!!!! Here is what Farhang's own college website says:

.....Mansour Farhang and Literature Professor Ahmad Karimi-Hakkak of Maryland University have received grants from three different foundations, including $50,000.00 from George Soros Foundation's Open Society Institute, to convene a conference on “Toward a Culture of Civil Liberties, Human Rights and Democracy in Iran,” ......






by masoudA on

George Soros boys Farhang and Dabashi on Aljazeera !!!  how predictable - Mansour Farhang talking abouty converging interests of AN with US Conservatives and Israeli Warmongers !!!!