Az Yaar Ta Diaar

Parvaz Homay Mazandarani, Farbod Mojallal Mehr (Homay)

Video: Albert Lamorisse.

Az Yaar Ta Diaar - Farbod Mojallal Mehr (Homay) Remix from farbod mojallal mehr on Vimeo.

از یار تا دیار افشانده قاصدک عطری ز نوبهار

اما بر چنار...
اما بر چنار...
کر بانگ قار قار...

سوسن نماند و بر لاله نیز کی بماند این داغ روزگار


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"The Lovers' Wind"

by aviator on

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Music on your way to Heaven. Or in Heaven. Leaving Heaven! This song could work with anything to do with Heaven :)

And the video makes everything more powerful. Note that towards the end, you see a large mosque with tall minarets and you hear the words "chenaar" and "baange ghaar ghaar"... coincidence?