Sexual perversion in pre-Islamic Arabia

Hojatoleslam Sharifani explains


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This in not pre Islamic,

by alx1711 on

This in not pre Islamic, this is actual Islamic period and how it is continuing in today Islamic world.
He knows the story too well and leaves no gaps open. It is not hard to imagine that this is his actual experience in real life!

Dr. Mohandes

you guys

by Dr. Mohandes on

HAve no ideas about the amount of Poo Poo... Kaa kaa. and the pure crap -analysis we have to put up with on a daily basis. Sad rahmat be "dissecting the Gooozzz atom" this is much much worst...

I would say u'd get the feeling to shatter your TV screen... hmm..about 50 times a day... Yeah..something like that. 


Re "pre-Islamic" caliphs!

by Arj on

There were no "pre-Islamic" caliphs! Divaneh is right; caliphs were the rulers of the Islamic world in the post-Mohammadan era! That means all these acts have taken place under the rule of Islam, and in most part, by the Islamic rulers themselves!


کجا قبل از اسلام


از حرفهای مجری معلومه که این بعد از اسلام بوده. اگر اشتباه نکنم ابن ابلحدید نکبت که این چیزها را سر هم کرده همان است که نهج البلاغه را درست کرد. یک مشت حکایت راست و دروغ را جمع کرد و بست به علی. این آخوند ابنه ای هم که یک عمر خودش و برادرش سوار همدیگه شده اند و معلوم است که خواهر و دخترش دائم در فانتزی های او هستند از فرصت استفاده کرد و بده و بستان مسلمانان اولیه با اعضای فامیل را بست به ریش ایرانیان. 

Oon Yaroo

Is this mullah talking about his experiences in...

by Oon Yaroo on

Boshkeh in Hozyeh Elmiyeh Qom?



The Hate Mongering Avalanche

by Tavana on

Talking about resentment towards Muslims & especially of the 'good muslims!' See the avalanching comment below. A total disgrace on IC.


I guess this forgives the rapes in Evin

by bahmani on

Meanwhile every day, "good moslems" like this animal are raping prisoners in Evin, for fun and prophet.

To read more bahmani posts visit: //


The Cultish Cageyman !

by Tavana on

The cage in the background tells all about the 'Brain Caged' man! Better not to bother about what he & his alike utter at all! No wonder they are called as 'Cageymen' or 'Sex Moolahs' per their cults! Dishonoring Arabs/Muslims.


Loolks like It is time to

by Khebedin on

Loolks like It is time to turn against the ARABS. They have woken up so late.


I thought he is talking

by farzad53 on

I thought he is talking about the IRI leaders.



Of course

by Ensan on

You all know that it takes one to know one!!!