Iran shoots down U.S. drone: state TV

"little damage, seized by the Iranian armed forces"

Reuters: Iran's military has shot down a U.S. reconnaissance drone aircraft in eastern Iran and has threatened to respond to the violation of Iranian airspace, a military source told state television Sunday. "Iran's military has downed an intruding RQ-170 American drone in eastern Iran," Iran's Arabic-language Al Alam state television network quoted the unnamed source as saying. "The spy drone, which has been downed with little damage, was seized by the Iranian armed forces.">>>


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by yolanda on

This article says IRI commandeered the plane and brought it down to her territory:


at the same time, IRI accuses US of violating her air space!

If IRI shows the plane, it will refute the "fact" that the plane was shot down. The plane is probably intact!


Hope, it didn't crash on its own

by Rea on

..... like the Israeli one in south Lebanon, just recently. Incidentally, ended up with a big explosion in a Hezbollah arms depot.



by yolanda on

Thank you, Joubin, for posting! The 1st ariticle is very interesting and technical!


Technology Transfer, NWO Style

by Joubin on

Mr. logic

Down by accident my A – – –

by Mr. logic on

US probably wanted the spy drone to go down – it probably has some hidden cameras and microphones to see where it's going to go, who's going to inspected and learn more about secret places. If any – it is funny that they indicated it went down without much damage – I'm just saying! PKz

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


  • They plan to launch a donkey not a camel. The monkey did not work out but maybe Khamenei is next.
  • The plane was not shot down; as I said it was ordered from .



by yolanda on


MSNBC said that there is no indication that drone in Iran was shot down!

Oon Yaroo

VPK Jan, but you don't understand!?

by Oon Yaroo on

The IRR aerospace scientists are going to leverage & convert this plane for future space explorations! Who knows, maybe they will be bale to launch a camel to the Mars!

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Pendar part II

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Don't get all excited about it. RC planes are mostly make in China to start with. It was probably this that got "shot down". Or more likely ran out of battery.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


All those able to analyze the plane are living in the West. Got ran out of the nation by Islamic Republic. Now they are working at various American and European businesses. The Islamic Republic has only its own miserable being to blame.


Yolanda: While one can hardly take IRI word at face value....

by Bavafa on

Not every time an aircraft is shut down, it is blown to pieces. 

There are thousands of aircraft that have been shut down and yet managed to land.  Also, don’t forget little damage is a subjective term.

The important part is that if this report is true and the drone was in Iran's airspace, all peace loving and law abiding people should condemn it just as we condemn IRI thuggish and illegal attack on the UK embassy.

It is a fact that what US has been doing with these drones (in Pakistan and other nations) are illegale and deserves condemnation.  It will be not long before other nations will have this technology and the world would turn even uglier with they use the same tactic and means against the US. 

'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Once again, you can see

by Khebedin on

Once again, you can see idiots leaving meaningless messages on this site. They seem to have strong hate from anything coming from Iranian side. This is very sad. 


Has anyone seen my kite?

by divaneh on

I have been looking everywhere for it and I can't find it.



by yolanda on

Thanks, Raoul!

I look forward to IRI's evidence!


Yolanda has a very

by Raoul1955 on

Good point!  :-)


Watch out, Jing........

by پندارنیک on

It's so sad that those who were probably capable of analyzing the drone's electronic hardware and its software lost their lives in Mallard's explosion.........It shouldn't be surprising, if the drone's remains are now on their way to the Chinese embassy..........which reminds me of the bombing of the Chinese embassy by the American Air Force in Belgrade, following the downing of a Stealth Fighter.........



by yolanda on

Well, they said that plane was "shot down"......and then, they said the plane has little is amazing! Either the plane is indestructible or IRI's firepower can't cause any severe damage!

Please show us the plane!

Let's see the plane!