Americans Skiing in Iran

Warren Miller and his team hit Dizin slopes

Warren Miller's film crews follow pro skiers Chris Anthony, Dean Cummings, and Spencer Wheatley as they hit the slopes of Dizin, northeast of Tehran.


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Esfand Aashena

Warren Miller is an adventure/estreme skier production.

by Esfand Aashena on

The history of Warren Miller ski films is rather long, you can find more about him here or their website here.

This was a great video and area to ski and getting on Russian helicopters like that is an adventure by itself!  When I skied in Dizin I always thought what it'd be like if I could ski in those areas where there are no lifts, now I know!

I can never be an extreme skier but sure like to watch them conquer those mountains! 

Everything is sacred


Great images!

by Arj on

Especially towards the end which BTW comes quite abruptly! What is with the irrelevant music at the begining?!!


Amazing. I wish they showed

by alx1711 on

Amazing. I wish they showed less chadoor and molla and more of the nice things in Iran.




by yolanda on

Nice video! The skiing part reminds me of the scene from James Bond's movie! It takes a lot of faith to get on a helicopter in Iran!



by Fatollah on

very nice  :-)