$10 Million Bounty for "Iran-Based al-Qaeda Financier"

Yasin al-Suri "Syrian national operating from Iran"

BBC: The United States has offered a reward of $10m (£6.3m) for information leading to the arrest of a man they say is a key al-Qaeda facilitator and financier.

Officials said Yasin al-Suri, also known as Ezedin Abdel Aziz Khalil, was a Syrian national operating from Iran.

The bounty aims to disrupt a financial network that, they said, had operated from within Iran's borders since 2005.

The state department said it was the first time a "terrorist financier" has been targeted in such a way.

"He is a dedicated terrorist working in support of al-Qaeda with the support of the government of Iran," spokesman Robert Hartung said, according to the Associated Press >>>


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Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Who done it

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


This is ridiculous! America is not responsible for all the world problems: duh? America is only ~235 years old. And became a global power after WWII. And the colonial powers were only active for a few hundred years.

Do we want to blame all the past problems on them? Yes America interfered with many nations. Some took advantage of it and did well: Japan; South Korea; the list is long. Others are still whining about 1953 even after Clinton apologized for it.

What do you want from them. Recent mistakes are by Iranians. Not all of us as you know I do not blame any individual so don't take it personally. But those groups marching for Khomeini were Iranians. To my shame some from my own family.




by iamfine on

I Agree totally



by iamfine on

I Agree totally


Once again, the Great Satan is lying

by AMIR1973 on

The IRI does not support terrorism against anyone, least of all the US. 


The USofA is Now Officially The BSofA.

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

US Policy is BS.  Plain and Simple.

Now Al-qaeda is officially a real self created "enemy" organization, because the same liars that defined the late Shah a Dictator say so.  Payam I would correct your statement on the CIA attempting to fulfill impossible to achieve US's BS Plans, To be Pathetic It requires a BS Leader to run it.  This Policy and Media is run like a leaderless mob. It's Beneath Pathetic.

iamfine Saudi's are the USA's dictators, though if the people in Saudi rise up which may be likely it will be tough for the usa to openly support them.

Payam, so close to nailing it, it's beneath pathetic because it proves the usa has no real political plan, khar-to-khareh-kamel. By having No consideration for culture or history of the people in the region US Policy looks like IC with no culture tab or comprehension of its importance. 

IRI has to go, but no Mullahs or associates to replace them. Secular Only.


Payman is correct and FG is too naive

by iamfine on

Al Queda is a man made organization by US government. By now everybody should now that. The propaganda machine by American government is now so clear that even average American realize it is nothing but lie.FG - you should go and talk to average Americans. They will tell you about 9/11 and other sceneries that CIA used in order to create problems in other countries. If US is concerned about human rights, how come they don't say it loud and clear to Saudis.


Anonymous Observer

Yes, yes, everything is America's fault...

by Anonymous Observer on

There's a vast "Western" conspiracy designed to invade the Middle East, colonize its people and ride them [like the donkeys that they are].  Nothing is ever IR's fault.  It never does anything wrong...

Seriously, don't you people EVER get tired of this Third World conspiracy theory crap?  It's really about time that you leave the intellectual caves that you have been in for the past century and start looking in the mirror to find out why you are the Third World nation that you are--after 3000 years of recorded civilization.  Hint: the answer is not the "West."  


maziar 58

TK 9

by maziar 58 on

The reliable source must be MEK according to Mr. fishy's!! statement.

NO thanks.

But IRR must go.



If US is serious about the financiers of Al Qaeda…

by Bavafa on

They need to look no further then Saudi Arabia.


Apparently the only ones that do not know their source of finance comes from Saudi Arabia is the US government and my grandma.  Well my grandma passed away long ago so the US government now is the only one with their head in the sand.


Saudi Arabia and Pakistan, two of the allies of US, have been the main instrument in financing and teaching this cult. 


Some one need to knock at these guys head and check… Hello, anybody there!!!!!



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



The West is  playing and

by Khebedin on

The West is  playing and plotting a dirty plan for Iran. I just hope Iranian realize this. Don’t rise to the bate and don’t get drown into this trap. Iran has fought AlGhaedieh ever since Al Ghaedeh killed the Iranian diplomats in Pakistan when Taleban took over. Remember, the only countries who officially recognized Taleban were: Pakistan, Soudi Arabia and UAE, all 3 were and remain USA poppet  

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

BS or not

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


The problem is these days we get so much BS nothing is believable. This is particularly bad on IC. We got one guy claiming USA killed Shah. Another one saying USA had no hand in 1953 coup even though Albright apologized for it!

Then we got people invoking "Hitler" at drop of a hat! All of this with no proof; no reference and based on who yells more. Does anyone remember "the boy who cried wolf story". Bush pulled it with Iraq and now Americans are cynical.

Folks, stop this innuendo and back up your claims. If there is no proof say "I guess but I have no proof". Not that it is an "indisputable fact". Now a days news; IC and pretty much anything is just 90% BS or more.


More claims about him

by Truthseeker9 on

They claim Al-Suri is an important fundraiser for Al-Qaeda who collects money from donors and fundraisers throughout the Persian Gulf region, funneling significant amounts of money via Iran to al-Qaeda’s leadership in Afghanistan and Iraq.

Apparently he works with the Iranian government and also arranges the release of Al-Qaeda personnel from Iranian prisons and has also taken custody of some of those operatives and coordinated their travel to Pakistan.

Last July, the U.S. Treasury Department designated al-Suri under Executive Order 13224 as an individual with whom U.S. persons are prohibited from engaging in commercial or financial transactions.  The move froze any assets al-Suri had flowing through American banks.

Eytan Fisch, assistant director of terrorism and financial intelligence at the Treasury Department says that they have reliable information indicating there is an agreement between the Iranian government and this al Qaeda network.


Re: This is all BS

by Souri on

Yes, we all know that!


payam s

This is all BS

by payam s on

How can someone buy into this crap? US is trying to resurrect al-qaeda in the mind (or lack thereof) of american public and link it to Iran and Syria to justify covert operations and sanctions in those countries, as they did to Iraq. This is pathetic.


It shows how Iran regime plays both sides of the street in Iraq

by FG on

Pretty cute: Kill Iraq Shia and then aid them at the same time.  The ruling clerics in Iran--the ultimate schemers--have never been very moral when it comes to doing what it takes to augment their own power.

First, it promotes a Shia /islamist dicatatorship similar to that in Iran--a brother regime.  Iran is behind Maliki's hard line since the US left.

Secondly, it assists the man who is financing many of the Al Queda bombings in SHIITE areas of Iraq, partly to stir up ethnic divisions which favor the majority, partly to limit Iraq's future power and partly because Al Sadr and his Al Mahdi army can profit much as the Nazis profited from the Reichstag fire which they set and then blamed on Jews and communists.  After the fire, Hitler demanded and got parliament approval for police state powers and that was it for democracy in Germany.