Khamenei: Ruler for Life

BBC feature on Supreme Leader'slife


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Mr. Joe (I like that name very American)

by عموجان on

Western media will always influence Iranian as long there no free media in Iran. Where do you suggest we go to look for the facts? All those who look for facts or even ask for it in Iran they end up dead or are in jails and those out side face assassination. After 32 years force teaching of Arabic and damaging Farsi in schools still kids and adults prefer English (symbol of western) so of course western media is where you go to find facts about Iran. And who are that powerful opposition outside that you don’t know about? They are very smart, well-educated,inventive, creative who are doing every thing they can to keep a live Iranian culture traditional or modern, like this site.

So you tell us what are the facts Mr.Joe Did Kamiene ever spend one day in his entire life attending any kind school (or any school) to teach him about modern politics or economy? And why he orders to execute or fired any body that disagrees with to him?


Joe L.

As far as I know

by Joe L. on

His power has been exaggerated by mostly western media. i am not saying he got no power, i am not going there. all i want to say is that when you have enemies that enjoy extended soft power, you are going to hear a lot of stuff that they want you to believe. are you going to check all the facts for yourself? probably not. many things about iran and its "harsh" society and "harsh" government" and ircg has been way too exaggerated. there are elements of truth but not all truth. Mostly opinions!

my suggestion, if worth anything, would be to calm down and take it slow. dont jump to conclusion without checking all the facts. i guess i am saying what i had been saying all along that iranian society is very different than western societies. their warmth and great culture is struggling to cope with modern times vs traditional norm. it's hard for any society to go through all these changes and its not all mullas, khamanai or this or that. all are chained together as a whole: picture of iran today. secular iran would only add some elements of western looking image in some parts of the society currently living that style!!! the rest will be the same as long as the society hasn't found its answers as what role traditions play in coming modernism. Zooming out you would say iran is a sophisticated society that some of its parts still lives in past. To rush or as Iranians say become “jav’ geer” is the biggest mistake that Iranian enemies are betting for you to do. Correct me if I am wrong but isn’t the most aggressive “anti” government movement comes from the players of current regime? Or is it that there are some powerful oppositions outside of iran which I don’t know of? Use this as a hint!



by vildemose on

 Extremely vicious fanatic with dangerous beliefs


"Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly and applying the wrong remedies." - Groucho Marx


Impartial, professional and

by Khebedin on

Impartial, professional and well presented. Well done BBC.Aren’t the English good at what they do, especially putting a documentary programme together?. I think they are. I am impressed.



by hirre on

This shows how dangerous it is to give religious leaders absolute power... If you only have to answer to god, then who are the people...


bone chilli'n and evil, but

by alx1711 on

bone chilli'n and evil, but the ligh will shines through!



by yolanda on

How to make his supporters cry? Just say,"I have a poor soul, a broken body, I will sacrifice it all for the revolution and Islam"......and then his supporters will start to wail!



"Men never do evil so

by Arthimis on

"Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from religious conviction" - Blaise Pascal

Free Iran & Iranians from this monster and his followers. Amen. 



by MB2 on

Once we as a nation wake up and realize what islam is all about, then we will see that the emperor has no clothes, or aba.  




it forgot to mention

by shushtari on

he used to beg for money in mashad and used to be a 'dancer' also.


ali geda, aka ali ye dast aka ali raghaas, was a low-level akhoond in mashad before the revolution. dr milani was in prison with him before the revolution....

what a farce that a no-good akhoond claims he knows what is best for iran....and he is god's representative on earth!!!! that's the biggest batch of horsecrap I have ever heard of ! 


It is up to us

by Benyamin on

We can take him and all of his cronies out.

All we need to do is to want something that is common in all of us.

Ali P.

The Most Dangerous School of Thought

by Ali P. on

"It is to God alone that the Supreme Leader feels, he must answer."


What I love about him

by عموجان on

He showed the real blood sucking face of Islam to the modern world since he lacks blood running in his body. Unfortunately He will be with us for a while longer because God delaying his death, God is afraid khamenei wants to take his place. My prayer goes to people in Iran.