Fared Shafinury

Classical Persian Indie Rocker

"I Will Build A Boat" is a short documentary I directed for my RTF 318 class giving the tiniest glimpse into the life of Iranian-American Fared Shafinury, a thoroughly talented, down to earth musician living in Austin, TX. His 7-piece "Classical Persian indie rock" band, Tehranosaurus, recently signed a record deal, and their first full-length album, "Behind The Seas," will be released later this year.

I Will Build A Boat from Shayan Ashgharnia on Vimeo.


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Thank You Shayan!

by e-eilkhani on

I have been following Fared Shafinury's work for about a year and it's simply amazing! I was delighted to hear about this documentary...and I must say JOB WELL DONE! Thanks Shayan!!


bravo, shayan!

by kfravon on

we know fared rocks!

shayan jan, thanks for the wonderful short documentary...
keep up the good work!


NoAvari in Persian music, very good attempt!

by Khar on