Reza Pahlavi

Speech at Johns Hopkins University, in Baltimore, Maryland

Fast forward to 02:10

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Chubby is good+ W better than Bush1+ PrChubby winner = Ingenius!

by Anonymouse on

He was such a winner that he squandered all his AND Farah's money!  He couldn't even hold on to his money so he is a "winner"?! Ingenious!


Everything is sacred


Slow To Come Around

by AlexInFlorida on

Iranians are slow to come around...

That said, when they do finally come around they will prove to be great defenders of Reza Pahlavi.

Especially because this guy has winner written literally on his forehead and Iranians have a love for winners.  I see people literally competing to say, I recognized this guy first, I saw the potential, while others were still myrred in the past.

With Interviews like this he is rightfully earning Fans and changing the ground for skeptics and nay sayers.  That's what I call real hope, based on reality.

Congrats to those that see the writing on the wall and are busy participating because of his message, rather than reacting in regards to the messenger.




Easy to make fun of people, hard to find good leaders.

by AlexInFlorida on

Do you remember watching George W. Bush and how bad he was at speaking?

Compared to his dad he was 10 times worse.


What makes Reza Pahlavi so special ishe as an individual is 10 times better than his father, when it comes to being well rounded and able to debate ideas.

I feel sad for Anti conservatives, Anti-Traditionalists, AntiMonarchists and AntiCulturalists since in Reza Pahlavi and even his brother and other relatives they have a tough battle ahead.  They are good leaders, no matter what side you take and will be a tough force to oppose because of what they offer the next generation compared with the alternatives.

Traditionalsts, Monarchists, Culturalists Conservatives are very lucky to have Reza Pahlavi.  He gave a great speech here and powerful argument at the end to have an alternative to diplomacy and war.


Chubby is Good

by AlexInFlorida on

When you think of the most successful female talk show host who comes to mind?  Chubby Oprah Winfrey

When you think of the most successful investor who comes to mind?  Chubby Warren Buffet

How about most sucessful Iranian Leader?  Chubby Reza Pahlavi

Who care anymore about the chubby part.  We Just Love being associated with the "most successful" part.

He will make a great king.



by hirre on

It is interesting that the son of a king can become democratic, it must have meant a lot of inner challenges...

Iranians abroad must understand that there are a lot of potential leaders. Most of them are unfortunately in jail in Iran. Reza Pahlavi should build up a united democratic power structure based on existing democratic politicians in Iran.

Most iranians don't want to see foreign powers setting or changing the course of Iran, they just want to be able to do it themselves. If Iran is going to have a system change, it will become extremly dangerous if RP2 himself leads the system change, because not only will this gesture (no matter how noble) be a reminder of when his father came in power, but it will lead Iran in the same old idol-worshipping path as before in history...

It is funny how the path to democracy changes:

1) Ahmad Shah is overthrown by Reza Shah Pahlavi

2) Reza Shah Pahlavi is overthrown by western powers in favor of Mohammad Reza Pahlavi

3) Mohammad Reza Pahlavi overthrows Mossadeq after first granting him powers (first chance for democracy is lost)

4) Mohammad Reza Pahlavi is overthrown by the people in 1979

5) Islamic Republic of Iran is overthrown (by the people and/or western powers?) in XXXX????




Prince chubby has as much chance to power as a Qajar prince.

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred



by afshinazad on

I was wondering who do you like to be the leader? If RP2 is not your chooice then who do you know that makes him or her to be better leader.every one needs to have a mentor or someone could lead them for right path. and even leaders need someone to guid them in their daily life and work. cheers hamvatan this is only a question.  



by afshinazad on

If some of us concerned about our countries future and our nations freedom, we must have leader who has the democratic agenda and if some worried about after math of regime change and what will change the leaders mind about freedom and democratic country, frankly no one knows that and we must not challenge ourself before any outcome and if there is a eveidence of such a motion about RP2, I would think would been clear by now and with todays information nodody is been able to hide that and unlike 1979 which 99.9% of people had no idea about khomenie and no one knew about his first book and his satanic ideas and no one in Iran was aware of reality of Islamic laws and how could effect your every day life and  governing the country and political and social and our personal life and there was no information period. So let's put all the negative issues a side and let's help RP2 or some one to lead every other groups and Iranian people to democracy and I belive personaly no one is credible enough and we know RP2 who he is and he could be huge force in foreign arena. we have the country with history of kingdom over 2500 years and in todays world having king or the queen with only title and for ceremonies could change a lot about our image in world view.if you are not for RP2,It is fine but you have to be for freedom and democracy and if you are for all that, it makes no different in your life or the countries politic because still you could have your party if it has more vote to govern the country by following the if we use our ideas under one umberla we could get rid out these akhoonds, otherwise we could argue for ever and make excuses for silly reasons. may your mind and hart be with motherland Iran and Iranian and our family still suffering from these charlatans. 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Insulting RP2

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


is hardly an argument. He weight is also not a measure of his abilities. There are plenty of very good people who happen to be fat

I would like to read some real criticisms of RP2 rather than cheap shots. I gave my take on his pros and cons. How about a real discussion based on facts that matter. I would much rather get peoples reasoned responses.


There is NOTHING prince chubby can do or say = gone for good!

by Anonymouse on

This "discussion" about Prince chubby is a re-run, going over and over and over and over again.  There is NOTHING new.  Nothing he can do or say to bring him to power, not even a Chalabi style coup.  

But if you want a fake leader who dresses better than the mullahs in Iran who "represents" YOU, knock yourself out!  You can also correct people and say you're from Persia!

JJJ knows how to pit people against each other!  Just throw in a clip about prince chubby and watch the same nonsense over and over and over and over .... ;-) 

Everything is sacred

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


You bring up another very good point on how we turn our leaders into monsters. We tend to corrupt our leaders by Khayeh Mali. We get someone half way reasonable; then tell them they are God. Over and over until they turn into a megalomaniac. 

This is the one best argument against having a powerful monarch. A ceremonial monarch on the other hand is a possibility. 

As far as I am concerned RP2 could do everything I suggested as a private citizen. In fact he will *increase* in popularity and be able to do more. However that is up to him. He is a good option either as prince or private citizen. I hope he does something.



by MM on

In at least one interview, RP2 has already stated that he is not worried about becoming a king and his intention is to bring democracy to Iran.  However, as I said earlier, his ACTIONS regarding guarrantees against a possible pre-1979 type tyrrany (via signed declarations/amendments) will go a long way in calming the fears of those who remember the days where Iranians had social freedoms under MRP but no political freedoms.  A fresh start, as VPK suggested, vis-a-vis supporting a new constitution drafted by David ET will be good too.

I agree with you that the demonstrations in 2008 started with "where is my vote" and soon changed to "independence, freedom, Iranian Republic".  But, RP2 can make himself more relevent abroad as well as in Iran by actions instead of speeches.

PS, I am neutral on the question of Monarchy as long as a secular government oversees the points I brought up in my last comment.



Re: bottom line, RPs task is very simple

by aynak on


Should his main concern be Iran, he can do all what you good folks say he can and is capable of, by

1-Saying:  He is doing this for Iran, and his role as an individual CITIZEN is more important than a devisive KING.

2-Say that he thinks the time for Monarchy is done and over, rather than saying I defer this to the vote and referendum.   In Spain, which for some reason Monarchists like to use as example, the Juan Carlos has been enjoying a steady 72-80% support.   Can you get 7 out of 10 people in Iran to support RP as the King?  For get that can you get 5 out of 10 on to support him.  (assuming unique IDS?).

3-Without such overwhelimg majority, the king in Iran will not be a unifying force but the opposite.   I know many, including myself, would look at him very differently, should he promote Iran rather than himself, by renouncing Monarchy.

4-What can RP as an individual granted with name recognition, accomplish that a RP as "heir to the throne" can not?   Think about it.

If RP renounces, that would be the end of suspicion.  Frankly, I am less worried about RP, as I have met him, but the Khayeh Mal, Leeches that would get to his head and make the next monster.   Please read memories of those who knew Khamaneh Eey in Jail and in the past --BEFORE-- he became the monster he is now.   

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Agreed with MM

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on



I agree that RP2 needs action not words. That is what I mean by his mild temperament. He needs to get off his rear end and start organizing. Work round the clock to gather together opposition. Go around America and Europe holding meetings. Talk to Iranian people around the world and take down their points. Build a team and an umbrella organization. Write op-eds. David, MM and I tried to write for Washington Post. They said we were not well known enough. Well RP2 *is* well known. His op-eds will be published.

RP2 is in a position to make a difference.  This is his chance to help rescue Iran. In doing so prove his detractors wrong. We know he cares but needs to do more. Yes he is not able to change the constitution by himself. However it is fine to *propose* a new SECULAR bill of rights for all Iranians. With the rights he is talking about. Get detailed and have freedoms guaranteed in it. Model it after David ET's fine document. You got to start somewhere.



Re:RP2 needs action instead of speeches

by aynak on

"It is time for RP2 to show ACTION on his part via a written
declaration that amends the flaws of the 1906 constitution that gives
unlimited powers to the Monarch with unnecessary meddling by the clergy."

Dear MM:

RP has no such authority.   The flawed constitution of 1906, was the by product of a time where the meaning of a constitutional monarchy was not well understood, as indicated by the final documents.   The main flaws were in terms of a religous council that could essentially over ride Majless ! (not too different than Shoray Negahbah) as well as very unclear role for the Kings authority.  (Based on which in some articles role of king is symbolic and in others a full blown  dictator, with power to install/remove government ministers etc).

The constiution proved its flaws through many event including Reza Pahlavi (Senior) coup, which pretty much nullified the original constituion (as the original document explicitly calls for Qajar as the kings).

It was further reduced during MRP and 1953 coup.   And finally, it was removed as a relevant document after 1979 revolution and unfortunately replaced by an even worse document.

Even if someone wanted to change this flawed document, for whatever reason, there must be a legislative process, with the VOTE of people.   It is not a random event, where RP (with good or bad intentions) can "fix".

Sargord Pirouz

The political establishment

by Sargord Pirouz on

The political establishment can only snicker with confidence at the utter harmlessness of RP. 

The videography in this clip does well to cast him as a mere speck amid a bland, dirty brown background. How appropriate.


RP2 needs ACTION instead of speeches

by MM on

I agree with my friend VPK that that Reza Pahlavi II sounds reasonable and there is no other leader outside Iran with his credentials.  However, I think that RP2 has given too many speeches on what he believes in while the 1906 Monarchist constitution with all its flaws remain intact and that is the document that the Monarchists refer to for restoration. 

It is time for RP2 to show ACTION on his part via a written declaration that amends the flaws of the 1906 constitution that gives unlimited powers to the Monarch with unnecessary meddling by the clergy.  David ET has commented about the tyrranic flaws in a blog:


and another full blog at: //

RP2, in my opinion, should officially amend the 1906 constitution to remove the tyrranic articles as well as a signed written declaration on:

1. Full implementation of the UN charter of human rights in Iran

2. Separation of religion and government in Iran

3. Freedom of speech / expression with equal race, gender and religious rights in Iran.

4. Exclusion of Monarchy from running Iran, leaving that to the elected officials.

Only then, the people of Iran can decide, in a referendum, whether to go back to Monarchy or vote for an Iranian Republic as the next form of government.



Prince chubby is SUCKS! i.e. SUCKS to Canada!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

My take

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I just got done listening to RP's speech for a second time. He speaks sense and is quite remarkable. I ask you all: what other prominent leader do we have as good as RP?

  • He is respectful of religion AND wants secularism.
  • He has never called for punishing regular Iranians.
  • He does not have an ulterior motive.I believe RP will put Iran first.
  • Provides a force to unify various factions behind.
  • Has a level head and seems opposed to foolhardy and radical acts.
  • He obviously knows how to get good advisers and "gets" the issues.

I just do not see anyone more suitable than him. The main problems with him are not anything he has done. For example:

  • Actions of the Shah: Savak; cronyism and so on.'
  • His general mild temperament.
  • Not being active enough in opposition.

The first one is just guilt by association. RP has no blood on his hands nor is he responsible for Shah's deeds. I know some Iranians who react violently to anything associated with the Shah. But they are a minority. Most people have enough sense to not confuse father and son. The mild temperament may in fact be what is needed at this time. After all the radicalism of IRI maybe we need someone a bit less radical. The last one follows his mild temperament; he needs to improve there.

Sidebar rant: I do wish the moderators would learn to say "Iran" as "EeRaaN"; not "I-Ran". I know a lot of intelligent Americans who just don't seem to get this.


Darius Kadivar

Samsam Jaan Thank you for making my day ! ;0)

by Darius Kadivar on


I guess some people will NEVER Learn !



Dear Aynak

by Mehman on

shomareh aynaket chandeh?

Azarin Sadegh

Nice speech!

by Azarin Sadegh on

Thanks for the links! For me, he is the most sophisticated among all the opposition groups/options we have, and the best speaker by far!




Dear Mehman

by aynak on


"Ancient Iran was great in every other respect (in scientific, economical
and social welfare areas we were superior to the Greeks of the time)
except in these three areas, and this as you can see has made a
significant difference after 25 centuries of historical time!"

Don't know if you have had a chance to read Katousians: "The Persians, Ancient, Medieval and Modern Iran". 

If you have not I strongly recommand it.   He argues that we have been going through the cycles:   Good leader-->good times  prosperity advancement followed by a bad one -->going back, wars ....   So it is really a cycle, even though these days some may depict a uniform picture of all that time as very good.  His point was the randomness of rule and absence of laws!

My own observation in reading Ferdosi and the picture he depicts of the kings, is really someone above all with power to make you happy or sad, prosperous or poor ......

There is of course an economic back drop, that allows the promotion of a single individual to such promienent position, to essentially determine the fate of a whole country.  If for instance we had feudal class the way they have it in Europe, very independent and strong, and in some ways CHOOSING the king, instead of the King ruling all over everyone, then you can see a very different system and relation will emerge.

This is why anyone who gives the example of Monarchy in Europe, as a model for Iran, either does not have a very good understanding of economic backdrop which made the Europeans kings the kings they are in 20/21st century, or they are really trying to sell Sparrow as a parrot, if you know what I mean.



Dear Aynak

by Mehman on

I have spent much time reading about the Greek history and literature due to my field of study and interest and I let you know this:

Comparing to Iran's ancient glorious history under the Hakhamaneshy Dynasty in which indeed Iran was a super power in all fields of contemporary technology, warfares, socio-economic progress etc., The Greeks had 3 factors which discerned them and made them distinct from the Absolutist but progressive ancient Iranians, These 3 factors were:

1- Belief in some sort of elections and senate-form governance, an oligachic/aristocratic form of  nascent democracy which was indeed the precursor to the idea and practice of modern democracy in the western world.

2- The idea and practice of free theaters and annual festivals for drama and plays in which the famous writers of the time, under the pretext of drama and theater could in fact criticize the dominant ideas, beliefs, laws and political practices of their times and this factor was extremely important for the intellectual development and maturity of the western society.

3- The theorization of free philosophy as a precursor to free secular thinking and independent rational meditations which in fact was later on resurrected by the Renaissance and Enlightenment philosophers.

All of the above factors which were practised also to certain extent by Romans up to the dominance of Christianity in Europe, were again resurrected in the Renaissance era in the 16th century which ultimately led to the intellectual enlightenment and rejection of fanatical thoughts and political Absolutism from the European life.

Ancient Iran was great in every other respect (in scientific, economical and social welfare areas we were superior to the Greeks of the time) except in these three areas, and this as you can see has made a significant difference after 25 centuries of historical time!



"Just because current

by Bavafa on

"Just because current regime is losing its legitimacy doesn't mean we have to go back to Monarchy! Theocracy and Monarchy are not the only choice in front of Iranians"

Amen to that

"Even beyond that, in this day and age advocating Monarchy is really reactionary. The top-down management, having a king or supreme leader are medieval concepts"

Double amen to that

"Reza Pahalavi can best help Iran by renouncing monarchy"

Triple amen to that.



Well SamSamIIII....

by Disenchanted on


     I don't have a political manifesto to send you a copy. The message is clear though. A Democratic governance is not possible when the citizens of a country are ignorant.

     Ignorance is the root of our political and social grievances. We are culturally under developed. It may hurt your sense of nationalism but that is a fact. Ignorance comes in form of religious fanaticism or some other forms of superstition & myth.

     Bad news is till that problem is addressed (and yes it takes time) no matter how many revolutions and reforms we undertake we are not going to get it right. We have tried 3-4 times in past century. Haven't we?! And see where we are today!!!

     And yes I don't think going back in history and grasp some myth or flag or whatever that is, is going to help us much. Human history has an intrinsic asymmetry in it. Past is always ignorant compare to future. We need to look ahead and learn from collective human achievements and culture in science, humanities etc.

So much so for a post turkey manifesto! :-) 




by aynak on


Dear Mehman,

"Absolutism is the source of all (or most) evils in
Iran's history."

Very true.  The absolute power is source of much of our histories seemingly repeating itself, without progress.   So long as power is held absolutely, it will corrupt and fail, absolutely.   Tyranny and lawnessness, are all the result of this absolutism.   Instead of society revolving around LAWS, it revolves around INDIVIDUALS with absolute power.   You have to beg the Rahbar or Shah for mercy.   Instead of clearly defined laws and process to make the rules clear.

Once the absolute ruler is removed, we start all over again.   This sensless cycle repeat itself.  

Knowledge and the progress that comes with it, is a function of gradual and incremental improvment.   Every time one absolute ruler reaches the peek of its corruption, it is forcefully removed.   Therefore the discontinuity that prevents progress.


Rea, I shall decode it for you ;:))

by SamSamIIII on



"We are not sheep in need of a shepard ..."

yes good, no shepard needed.


"We need to educate our people...."

oops sorry... sheppard needed to educate the sheep. notice the "We" part.


"That would take time though...."

they gotte wait

"It will inevitably arrive one day but that takes time..."

they gotte wait for a very looong time :)


"we have to limit the suffering. We have to contain the tyranny. "

Follow the reformists for IRI version II


"Shah was next to god.. Remember "Khoda, shah, meehan"

No, shah was next to Meehan

"How does it feel to throw away your "iphone" and go back to original phones in 50 years ago.."

IRI is Iphone & Shahs were Alexander Graham Bells Earphone


"Again, true salvation for good Iranian people comes when most of us become educated with the modern science and technology.."

So only when %99.99 of Iranians are either Doctors or engineers we shall have salvation (hint; we already have 10 millions of em like engineer Ahmadi & Architect Mousavi or Doctor Velayati & its not enough, we need more math & chemistry for our salvation)..who shall drive the taxis..afghanis, indians or shahis may be..?


"Iran rural areas are a drag on county's progress. These are people that allegedly voted mostly for Anejaad!"

Yes they need a sheppard & we the smart people who voted for Imam worshiping Mousavi must guide them sheeps to version II.



Yes, we need education ,yet not in math or Quantom physics but self-rediscovery and that is the true salvation.



Path of Kiaan Resurrection of True Iran Hoisting Drafshe Kaviaan // //


Dear Aynak

by Mehman on


Absolutism is the source of all (or most) evils in Iran's history.

Political Absolutism manifests in different disguises: Secular Monarchy or Religious Sultanism.

Absolutism and the worship of King or Sultan is what has made our glorious nation a slave to dictators of various types and clothings.

I summarize the causes of our historcal degeneration and backwardness under three main reasons:

1- The belief in Absolutism with different variations and names.

2- The extreme belief in Religion and religious practice in all and every corners of life (for Iranians religion is not a personal matter but rather an overwhelming social canon encompassing all realms of life and reality).

3- Foreign infiltration, invasion and manipulation from the time of Alexander to Arabs to the most devastating Moghuls to the colonial and neo-colonial dominance and manipulations.

These 3 factors I conisder the most important factors for our historical demise and backwardness.




Reza Pahalavi can best help Iran by rennouncing monarchy

by aynak on


That's when you can say he is serious about democracy.   He can run for president.   The most important thing is, no one should have permanent power.    All citizens of Iran must enjoy equal rights, regardless of gender, ethnic background, religion.   The concept of Monarchy in the context of Iran is a step back.    Iran already has a Valeeh Fageeh which is a form of Monarhcy.