Mohommad Favaxeh

"My life in America vs. Iran"


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Ali P.


by Ali P. on


به چه معناست این نام؟

کسی عقلش میرسد؟

Nader Vanaki

ممد اقا دمش گرمه

Nader Vanaki

خوب صحبت کرد و بامزه بود مثل همه شیرازی ها.


The Point is

by HHH on

No matter how much education you have you end up driving taxi cabs and "Espeek weet pershean" accent!



by yolanda on

He has a very interesting way of talking......he has an elevated voice throughout his kind of cracked me up!...He sounded really formal and started his speech by quoting Chinese Philosopher Lao-Tzu, "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step."

I like his joke "Maria discovered America!"

and then he talked about his marriage went down with his business.....but he had a smile on his face.......amazing! I have to say that he seems to be very sincere and honest!

Thank you for sharing the funny video...

I watched twice!


i know this guy

by shushtari on

he's from oc


This guy talks too

by majidmajid on

This guy talks too much,....people are waiting for their dinner serving!